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    I just recently began to love virtua fighter, i got it for dreamcast. I began playing with tekken, i consider myself novice/expert, and therefore i love in depth fighting games.. CAN anyone recommend someone good but not as hard as AKIRA, for now i just want to get the understanding of VIRTUA.. Oh, do u think soul calibur is better/ in depth than virtua?? Which characters rank the best at tournament level? sorry for the many questions, i'm new to virtua....
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    If you want to start with an easier character yet maintain loads of power, I have three words for you: Jacky, Jacky, Jacky. ;)

    Actually, you have quite a few choices in front of you. Best to check out Jeff's No dojo article in the Astro City section ( i think that's where it is)...

    As far as your other questions - Soul Calibur is indeed a beautiful game with lots of depth and fun fighting *however* VF3tb has a truly unique fighting complexity that places it leagues above SC. The rich and steep learning curve accompanied by excellent gameplay and loads and loads of yomi (the art of out-thinking your opponent) will provide one with much enjoyment - glad to see you like it..many people are turned off by this VF uniqueness. ;)

    Seriously though - check out Jeff's articles on the characters for people at your level of play (step 1, step 2 as he likes to call them). It'll be a good read to introduce you to what's available. Truly the last criteria comes down to who you *like* to play. Do not be discouraged by Akira's difficult (technically) moves, they can be practiced and learned well at the step 1 level. ;)


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    Tier rankings do not apply to specialists; all characters are pretty much equal at the highest level of play.

    If you're choosing a new character, can I make a few suggestions:

    1) Please don't pick Kage, there are too many of them!
    2) Jacky is a good choice to learn the game with, but there are also a lot of Jackys.
    3) I would recommend learning Lau. He is powerful but is not played by that many people.
    4) If you're brave enough, go for Taka, Aoi, two of the most underplayed characters.

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