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Fastest Input help

Discussion in 'Wolf' started by Modelah, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    For the Emerald Flowsion variant, DD5 and Giant Swing. I just can't seem to get it.
    I only have the PS3 controller, can anyone pull these fastest input moves with one?

    btw what's the point of having a fastest input Giant Swing anyway?
  2. Combolammas

    Combolammas Sheep

    They are hard on a pad. I remember only being able to do them (inconsistently) from the left side back when I rolled with a pad. Not too bad with L3 but way too slow with the d-pad. At least for me.

    Point? I don't know. Making it more stylish and adding some skillfactor to it, I guess. I guess it kinda made a more sense back when it was his most powerful throw but I'm glad they didn't get rid of it.
  3. soke

    soke Well-Known Member

    More damage is why it should be done. If you're asking why did they put it in the game who knows, why did they give Akira's Knee that kind of input in the first place?

    Personally I don't have an issue with this on a pad. I say just practice more.
  4. YOMI

    YOMI not a legendary game designer

    Well, PGS is Wolf's strongest "real" 6 direction throw doing 75 damage since BH is so slow you can _sort of_ see it and escape it on reaction. Other than that Emerald Flowsion is the strongest universal "combo" you can get from head collapse moves.
  5. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf Bronze Supporter

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  6. Ben_Lord_Dur

    Ben_Lord_Dur Well-Known Member

    Ben Lord Dur
    Fast and really clean exécution. Means that you really have to be good and focussed for it to be a reliable tech. This really the kind of stuff you work on like game tactics optimization...

    But so many more aspects of the game to work on before concentrating on this!!!!
  7. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    This is so true it hurts, lol. I'm always looking to hit the flashy moves without concentrating on building a solid playstyle.:oops:
    Thanks for the advice though fellas, I'm hitting the Flowsion variants a little more often than before.
  8. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    I've noticed myself that I only can perfect giant swing from the left side on my dpad though strange because im not really conscious of when i do it if that makes any sense it just is the throw you're most likely going to see from me if im on left but i guess my advice what side can you or prefer to do half or quarter circular throws? from that side will come natural i guess the other side needs muscle memory/
    I never really understodd how stuff like 236 or 214 moves work on a ps3 dpad it seem like it would be harder because the pad inst disc shaped? but instead separate buttons

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