favourite and unpopular stages vf5fs ?

Discussion in 'General' started by segasaturn96, May 14, 2020.

  1. segasaturn96

    segasaturn96 Well-Known Member

    hi, sorry for the boring survey...

    but how to know the most popular stages of vf5fs (without music) just stages...
    and the stages that gamers like less...

    I have already find threads on vfdc but old and it was for all vf or with music...and not lots of results.

    please vote...your 5 favourite stages (just stages not music) and 5 not favourite
    not in order...

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  2. Ali

    Ali Well-Known Member


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  3. Sonic The Fighters

    Sonic The Fighters Well-Known Member

    If i have to choose only 5.

    Best :

    Least :
    El Blaze
    Training Stage
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  4. Ali

    Ali Well-Known Member

    Yes.. I agree fully with your list.

    Eileen and Lion had by far the worst. Very outta place. I think they got lazy with these two's.
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  5. Tumbling Dice

    Tumbling Dice Well-Known Member

    I like the stages in VF5FS a lot; I think they're all pretty good and none of them cross the line into "bad" territory. Shun's River was definitely my most-played stage when the game first came out on the Xbox 360, but it's been eight years since then so let's see how a decade of watching Beat Tribe videos has impacted the list.

    • Dural -- every version of this one is cool, as is the fact that there are multiple backgrounds for it in the first place! With a couple of them, we get to see some fantasy-like environments we'd otherwise never see in VF, like SPACE! Maybe we can get a retro-space version someday :LOL:
    (pics courtesy of KLOV's Space Invaders page)

    • Akira -- While VF4 Vanilla's Fatal Fury-styled time of day changes and the snow in VF4FT were super cool, this is the coolest that the interior of Akira's stage has ever looked. I love the Buddha statue and the big pillars. I also like how the light shines in like in VF4:Evo.
    • Lau -- This great wall stage is so great, it's the only one that can come close to being as cool as the VF3 one. I know we're not discussing the music here, but putting on the VF3 Lau theme for this stage really pushes it to the edge :D The water on the ground is really cool here, too. I am a huge fan of the "One-Wall" type stages, so it's not too surprising that both of them are among my favorites.
    • Pai -- I like the breakable wall idea a lot, and also really like the look of this stage (especially when the walls are knocked down). It's very wide open and serene, which is out of the ordinary for a series like VF where stages are usually flexing their respective arcade board's polygonal muscles as much as possible. It's kind of reminiscent of VF1 in that regard.
    • Kage -- The "Low Fence" idea seemed a little silly to me when I first saw it, but it really grew on me after a while. It's basically just that you can't step out of the ring anymore, and have to actually be hit out, but it switched up playstyles when parallel to or near the edge of the ring in a unique way. I think that Kage's VF4FT stage might edge this one out a little bit on its similar appearance, but the stage here is still super cool and looks great. I'm always a big fan of the Temple backgrounds.
    Honorable mentions for me might be worth a paragraph as well. Vanessa's stage would have made the top five if it wasn't for the obnoxious bloom effect on the sky. I guess VF5R's version is better in that regard; I really like the plants and the waterfall. At least the bloom effect isn't as extreme as something like Wind Waker HD (where they just slapped the same geometry from the GameCube game into the renderer and cranked up the bloom to 11) and only applies to the sky itself. I actually like Lion's stage, so it looks like that's an unpopular opinion. If Wolf's stage had the windy snow like in VF5R, it would have made the list for sure. Sarah's stage is very cool to me because it combines her two usual environments, the city (VF1/3) and the Colisseum with its pillar aesthetic (VF2/4).

    • Eilieen -- I don't really mind this one's look, but I'm not the biggest fan of the fully-walled stages and this one is definitely more boring than the other.
    • Taka-Arashi -- Not a bad stage or anything, but I think El Blaze's is kind of the same concept, but way more fun. Taka's VF3 (Especially VF3tb) stage on the other hand is one of the best in the entire series.
    • El Blaze -- This one suits him very well, and I like how the scoreboard says players' slogans in the arcade version, but I guess that this one doesn't have anything too spectacular.
    • Aoi -- I like this stage on its own, but it seems like it's basically the same as the VF5 Vanilla one to me. A change of time, like nighttime or sunrise, or some different weather, like snow, rain, or VF5R's fog would get this one off of the least favorites list in a heartbeat.
    • Jacky -- I actually like this stage, but it is by-far the one I've seen selected the most, so I'm just sick of seeing it. VF3's Akira stage makes me feel the same way (except that one is picked even more by a landslide and is a less exciting stage). I am a big fan of the construction workers watching the match and of the subtle Shenmue reference with the MJQ neon sign in the background ;)
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  6. segasaturn96

    segasaturn96 Well-Known Member

    my two best are jeffry and shun

    jeffry: wow this color...i believe i am on holidays,just watch :)
    shun: love this raft,movement
    lei fei: original stage 6*16, the moon,night,lights
    pai: the grass,meadow are beautiful (but without wall, this would be better!) happy its breakable
    jacky: like witht the cars ,life in new york

    honorable mention: vanessa/dural

    my two worst are : taka and jean..

    taka:...boring...linear...dont like shadows of people behind
    jean: just dojo training, miss of imagination
    akira: same color,not original(same vf4 and others)
    kage: don't know why...dont hate but dont like...
    aoi: never like shrine (vf4 and others)

    honorabe mention: lau (dont like at beginning just see a wall behind)
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  7. segasaturn96

    segasaturn96 Well-Known Member

    not idea where i can find results of lots of votes?

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