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Fighting Pai

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by b4k4, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. b4k4

    b4k4 Well-Known Member

    I have a friend who plays as Pai, and despite the fact that I have WAY more experience than him, and can beat him when he's using any other character, he can seem to just Pai-mash his way to victory almost half of the time... it's starting to get really annoying. Anyways, if anyone has any anti-Pai or anti-masher (or combination thereof) strategies they could share, I'd appreciate it.

  2. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    Step 1: Block low. You can punish punch strings or KPK easily, just by blocking all the low hits. If he likes sidekicks and uf+KK instead, just block high and take the low hit or two.
    Step 2: Dodge and counter. When you're mashing, the only circular attacks you're likely to get are K+G and d+K+G, both of which are easily punished. Dodge the pokes and float him!
    Step 3: Throw counter. Sooner or later he'll do a PPPK or PPPd+K... when he does, you get 60+ free damage.
  3. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    I didn't like the other dude's advice, so here's mine:

    1. Learn pai's moves and figure out which of them is safe and which aren't. Some of them when blocked give you a free throw. Others are safe when blocked. I'm not positive, but I think that if you block pai's PPP string, you get a free throw. So just throw him every time he does PPP, which is something scrubs do a lot.

    2. Block high a lot except for pai's PPPd+K combo (three punches and a sweep). This is another favorite combo of scrubs, just remember: always block low after PPP and you're pretty safe.

    3. One of the hardest thing to learn in VF is when it is "your turn" to attack vs. "His turn". When he does a big move, or a string of attacks, and you block it, he is going to take a second to recover. During that second it's Your Turn. Do a big move of your own. If you play jacky, sarah, or a wrestler, you can do a knee (f+K) and then go into a combo. The important words in that paragraph is WHEN YOU BLOCK IT. If you get hit by PPP, and then try a big move, his next PPP will stuff your attack. If you BLOCK PPP and try a big move, your big attack will hit. So learn how to block pai's moves and only try to attack after blocking. If you get hit, it's not your turn to attack yet, so you must guard.

    Finally, robyrt's advice about dodging is good. It's easy to forget dodging is in there, but it's super useful. The easiest way to start is to learn to use anyone's basic dodge attack: tap up or down to dodge, then quickly press PKG.
    If you land three or four of these in a row on your buddy, he'll start to get really miffed.
  4. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    Really depends on who you're using. I've found w/ using Lion, the best thing to do is be agressive, don't ever give that bitch any space, as she's got a lot of attacks that will gain ground quickly. Always attack when she's standing (throw, combo, leg sweep, whatever).

    Also remember, Pai has some pretty quick recovery time,some tricky combos that can be interchangeable, and worst of all, a fast as fuck floater, which a veteran Pai will waste you with. Most of all, you just need practice. :0
  5. lau_fists

    lau_fists Well-Known Member

    This thread is probably old as hell, but is appropriate for my problem:
    I'm using Lei and Aoi quite a bit, and Pai is causing real problems. Doesn't matter
    if it's human or CPU, though CPU training mode Pai on level 5 is actually
    the worst, since every time you punch or kick she reverses it with those weak
    little jive-ass moves of hers. Truly, Pai has become a major
    problem for my Lei and Aoi play...where do you begin blocking? It's as
    bad as playing against Lau or Jacky, but Pai is faster and I can't get a hit on
    her from Aoi's YY, because Pai recovers so fast. You block low, it's just sweep and
    then that bullshit double kick. And forget about reversing her, except on the high
    PPP...I can't react fast enough to reverse anything else...with Lei, her speed causes
    havoc to his stances and breaks up any rhythm. Any suggestions out there?
  6. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    If you're having trouble with the CPU pai, you should just cheese it to death with some simple pattern. I'm sure lei fei has one. He has a pretty good semi-combo that you can use to smoke tech rolls, I'm taking it straight from TOT's post -

    I have posted this long time ago but the most damaging combo is! I have posted this long time ago but the most damaging combo is!

    For Lei:

    b,f+p+k -> b+p,p -> (if the opponent did side tech roll) p+k+g+d, p+k -> f,f+K (hold k for independent stance) -> k -> k+g -> down attack

    This combo will finish Sarah(takes 100% of her life bar)!

    ... now vs. human pais, the trick is to simply know when to block and then counter. If you block PPP, or d/f+PPP, or any other seemingly safe series of jabs... pai is at a disadvantage, immediately do an u/f+K+G and pai may eat it, at which point do d+P, u/f+K+G, d/f+K. If the pai dodges or blocks the u/f+K+G, you can do a throw instead. The d/f+P+G throw is strongest as it leads to a fairly nice 3 hit combo.

    A strategy that will work vs. both kumite pai and real humans is to press d+P, then immediately throw when you're being pressured and pecked to death.

    Also memorize which moves of pai's are throw counterable and which are safe. You can use the movelist on this site or just figure it out by experience. I'd say about 95% of the wins I get vs. the CPU once I'm past 10th dan are accomplished by throwing blocked moves .. but only in situations where a throw is guaranteed. When a throw isn't guaranteed, I use d+P, throw and it works very reliably. Just remember to use a variety of throws or the computer (and real humans) will escape. Lei should use d/f+P+G and ...that one where he flips you with his foot. Aoi should mix up the from-crouch f+P+G, the d/f+P+G, and f,f+P+G.

    Oh, and go through the PS2's training mode. Even if you've already done it, remember it's different for every character.. so do it with both lei and aoi.

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