First Photoshop coloring job ever.

Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Guest, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hope you like it, im new to both photoshop, and the anime style, so im not really sure what to think of it.

    Angelfire doesnt allow any sort of direct posting, or else i would have just included the image right in this post, just follow the link.

    <a target="_blank" href=> Vanessa Drawing </a>
  2. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    hey, I meant to mention this while you were on irc... there's a trick that works on some of the freebie sites and it might work on angelfire. Try renaming your main .htm or .html files to .txt .... internet explorer will still recognize and translate the html in there, but because it isn't an html file, angelfire might not pop up ads when people click on it. I could be wrong then again. It's more useful for something like tripod, which sandwiches your page under a frame filled with ads.
  3. gaishou

    gaishou Well-Known Member

    nice pic. reminds me of the way jet grind radio is drawn. cel shading if i'm right.....
  4. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the pic looks great for your first effort with photoshop. Nicely done.

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