Fledgling Akira player needs your help.

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by replicant, Mar 12, 2001.

  1. replicant

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    I have played VF off and on since it's debut, but have never played it seriously due to lack of competition. Well, it seems that VF is making a comeback in my area. Probably cause VF4 looks so sweet and people love new toys. Ok, here is the deal. I love Akira, but I suck harshly with him. What I am asking for is anything from beginner to expert strats with him and combos of the same ilk. He is my project character. I am a decent Shun Di and Taka player, but nothing to scare people with. Also, any tourney vids of Akira or the others in action would be nice as well. I have a good connection and can DL anything. I'm playing on the DC just in case it matters on strats and combos. Please, no strats versus computer.

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    Read the FAQ on this site
    Read the FAQ on this site
    Read the FaQ on this site

    DL the movie from this site
    DL the movie from this site
    DL the movie from this site


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