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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by sta783, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. sta783

    sta783 Well-Known Member

    I was glad that I met up with some old faces, as well as new people. Even though it was really a Capcom tournament, I had some fun time playing with more than several VFers there.

    Rodney, I was truly surprised that you flew out from NYC. As you could tell, I don't play VF4 much, and it showed. I got an impression that you were still undecided about who your main character should be. But I would always associate you with Jeffry though.

    Kris, it's always a pleasure to listen to you talk. At point one, you asked me on how to improve your game in VF4, well, sorry I didn't have much to tell as I really don't know about the game, especially Shun stuff. But as a very general rule of thumb, "If you made a mistake, think so that you won't make a same mistake. And always try something different."

    Jesse, I was very happy that you came back to the tournament once again this year. I had one of the most exciting time watching you advance in the SuperTurbo tournament. Your Original Ken was not only strong but had some elements to glue people's attention. Your VF4 skill could not have been fiercer too. Too bad...I needed more of those beatup that's the only way for me to grow.

    Best of my wishes to you and your life in Japan!

    Neal, I could not believe you travelled so far from Arizona...with that huge controller cabinet!! I'd like to thank you for providing us with the environment, especially in the center of such busy arcade. And it had been a while for me since I met any new VFer in the U.S. I had been playing pretty much the same people for the past 5 years. Hopefully, when the opportunity arises, you can get all your Arizona crew to meet up somewhere. Or maybe I'll see around in the streets of Tokyo.

  2. Shou

    Shou Well-Known Member

    I would have gone had I known there would be some VF action. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  3. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the help Shota i learned alot from watching Jesse's Shun and speaking at length with you and Rodney . It was great eating and speaking with you and harold. Also very cool to meet Jesse his Super Turbo and VF were very strong indeed. A big thank you to all of you for helping me remember why i play VF.
  4. Kageh

    Kageh Active Member

    Rodney, Kris, had a blast hanging out with you peeps. Always a good time.

    Man, I should have figured we'd run into Jesse also because of Super Turbo. His Shun is STRONG. Holy shit. Last character I expected him to be using also. Good stuff.

    Eric, definitely let us know if you want to come to Chicago for some games.
  5. Nutlog

    Nutlog Well-Known Member

    I'm with you, Shou...never gave a second thought to the fact that some VF would be played...thoughts of Capcom weekends just don't do it for me. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  6. Rodnutz

    Rodnutz Well-Known Member

    WOW! what a weekend. I think I finally recovered from it all. The little vf action I got was soooo awesome. Shota, it showed that you have not been playing much. But still as usual I treasure every match with you. Even the ones where I force you into throwing a low punch so I can machine gun knee kick you /versus/images/commands/D.gif/versus/images/commands/DF.gif/versus/images/commands/F.gif/versus/images/commands/g.gif/versus/images/commands/p.gif/versus/images/commands/k.gif/versus/images/icons/grin.gif I am absolutely sure you will be a force to be reckoned with once vf action gets rolling on a constant basis. Hopefully it will get rolling soon!
    Harold, well there is not much I can say to the guy that dominated me at the chicago tourney some years back. Your vf skills is just absolutely remarkable to me man. You movement is so graceful and the decisions you make when attacking sometimes seem like you have esp. Keep up the good work. Oh by the way, could you create some kind of cool stepping routine for sarah so I can steal that too, because that jacky stepping stuff has just been officially jacked. Omaha style /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif
    Jesse, .................................................... /versus/images/icons/shocked.gif man I am still in awe at the sight of your shun. God *%$# it was insane! I would have never peg you to be a shun GOD. Nice job, but there is only one problem. I can't steal anything from you like I did harold, because shun makes no damn sense to me. /versus/images/icons/mad.gif hahahaha I can't wait to see the final product Jesse, good job.
    Kris A.K.A. LonelyWEAKazzFIGHTER! /versus/images/icons/cool.gif It's always a blast to see you man. We had some really good conversations. Sorry I abused flamingo stance on you /versus/images/commands/U.gif/versus/images/commands/UB.gif/versus/images/commands/B.gif/versus/images/commands/DB.gif/versus/images/commands/D.gif/versus/images/commands/DF.gif/versus/images/commands/F.gif/versus/images/commands/g.gif/versus/images/commands/p.gif /versus/images/icons/grin.gif But I didn't know you didn't know how to deal with it. But after I told you, you seemed to adapt well to it. Good job. Well get back into shape, because I am coming in 3 weeks foolce to beat that ass again. So see you till then.
    Neil, thanks for letting us use your sticks. They were awesome man. You are gonna have to make me a set of them, but I want mines VF style. Screw the street fighter layout /versus/images/icons/wink.gif just kidding. If I can afford to spend the cash it would be cool to have one done for vf, and one for street. We will see what the future holds.
    Well this posts is getting to long. So one big thanks to everyone just in case I forgot ya. Can't wait to see all of you guys again. Later!

    /versus/images/commands/DF.gif/versus/images/commands/DF.gif/versus/images/commands/g.gif/versus/images/commands/p.gif see what happens when you stand around to long or don't use /versus/images/commands/p.gif or /versus/images/commands/D.gif/versus/images/commands/p.gif to interupt.

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