Found a guy who builds custom sticks with sanwa parts near me, need peepopinions

Discussion in 'Joysticks and Other Controllers' started by Rez, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Rez

    Rez Member

    Sooo... im looking for my first ever ps3 stick and since i live in a fuckhole, i have trouble buying one without being ripped off. Amazon and ebay, while i could spit around 175$ now for qanbaq4, shipping and taxes would be a gangrape, so i cant afford it yet with that in mind, even if i could i dunno if i would, its ridiculous.

    The only one that they sell here for ps3 is hrap3 and its around 200$, but the buttons are not sanwa ;(.

    Anyway, i stumbled upon this guy who builds arcade sticks, and i could get a custom one for 150$+. With my poster, dimensions, number of buttons, color and much more :))).

    These are the ones he already made,

    These are the parts he use to build them, i can translate if its necessary

    Electronics: mediatech
    And he builds them with some quality wood apparently leeeeel,

    Even with sanwa parts, does this this guy really know what hes doing?. Maybe i should just wait it out until i have some more money, buy mad catz, qanba q4 or something. Even if it will cost me 300-400$ or more lol.

    I dont have too much choice anyway, really.
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  2. MakiLeSushi

    MakiLeSushi Well-Known Member Content Mgr Vanessa

  3. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    doesn't seems there's need to translate anything, but in the parts you didn't mention any board. That's the most important part (everybody can buy sanwa parts from all around the world in these days) because that's the one that gives you the input lag.
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  4. Rez

    Rez Member

    thx for the reply, reading more from his website, i think i can choose a board myself, it will affect a price ofc

    but even with that im still a little skeptic, part of me would rather play on a pad until i can buy something decent, there is a guy who can sell me mad catz te2 when it comes out for 320-350$, buying qanba4 or older mad catz would not be any cheaper (including shipping costs and all that), so i should go for te2

    so its either i buy this shit or a cheaper non/half sanwa stick (and maybe mod it), or i wait it out
  5. Stl_Tim

    Stl_Tim Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Go with qanba fusion, amazing! I've tried almost everything and qanba plainly dominates.
  6. Tha_FeauchA

    Tha_FeauchA Well-Known Member

    Dam, that's rough bro.

    One thing you should really consider, is being able to use your stick on a PS4 (I'm guessing that'll be your next console). From what I know, and someone correct me if I'm wrong. It's up to game developers if a PS3 stick will be compatible with x game on a PS4. It would be a shame to spend that much on a stick for your PS3 and not be able to use it 2-3 years later on a PS4. It may be best to get a stick that's made for use with the PS4 (again, assuming that's your next system). But, that also throws the price of a PS4 on top of the price of your stick, plus the game (s), using a pad until then, and wether or not another VF game is coming to consoles (not sure if you play other fighters).

    I can't speak much on sticks since I've only used and owned two of them. All I can say is I've been using a MadCatz SF4TE stick that came stock with sanwa parts for around 5 years, and it still works like the day I got it.
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  7. Rez

    Rez Member

    luckily, mad catz te2 works on ps4 too :) ->

    and good point, i didnt thought about it but im not planing on buying a ps4 soon, unless vf6 comes out which i doubt will happen lol, at least not in a few years

    i will probably just play vf with it (usf4 too maybe) and im very determined to become good with a stick (even though i played an arcade only once in my life, when i was little), so i wont be one of those guys who gave up after a while and gone back to using a pad, no matter what it takes

    im still a vf beginner too and i was never into competitive fgs play before, so i have plenty to learn in these few months while waiting for my stick, this will be the only fg that motivated me to become better at it, since i get bored very fast no matter what i do, its like a miracle, i dont care if i never become decent at it, im having fun
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