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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by dynamic-league, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. dynamic-league

    dynamic-league Well-Known Member

    Central intelligence reports 5 players from France will attempt an attack on the UK central power base on Sunday 17 February.

    I would like to take this oportunity to let all the UK Virtua Fighter 4 fans know that the Dynamic League Casino fortress is impregnable to any fighters within a 10 hour flight radius of London Heathrow.

    We had an pityful attempt by the top Dutch Tekken 4 fighters just after Christmas.
    But Edam is a good cheese.

    The fighters from France will be defeated in style on Virtua Fighter 4.
  2. PPPK

    PPPK Active Member

    Oh Yes! Can I be the first person to make the "Waterloo" joke? Go On!
    Do you know how good they actually are? How big is VF over there?
    To the UK lads who are going into battle for Blighty - good luck. Try to resist the Trigger Happy TV temptations.
  3. PPPK

    PPPK Active Member

    Oh Yes! Can I be the first person to make the "Waterloo" joke? Go On!
    Do you know how good they actually are? How big is VF over there?
    To the UK lads who are going into battle for Blighty - good luck. Try to resist the Trigger Happy TV temptations, boys.
  4. PPPK

    PPPK Active Member

    Duplicate posting - Oops! ;-)
  5. virtualmist

    virtualmist Member

    Oh yeah up for the challenge...

    Major Hacker..
  6. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    sweet, im sure uk will ruin the french no problem, i went to paris in july an i couldnt even find a vf3!!! they was just in to snk v capcom an ttt! an they was rubish at it, funland level of play!
  7. Fishie

    Fishie Well-Known Member

    Le tete dans le nuages ( my favourite arcade in the world ) is where its at for VF4 .
    Paris has the highest concentration of VF4 machines this side of Japan and there are some good players goin to La tete .
  8. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    ok, well im going to paris again in the spring an will head down to that arcade, how many vf4s are in paris? i know of 7 in london!!!
  9. BEM

    BEM Member

    RandomHajile: Could you list the arcades that have VF, and maybe comment on the comp there? I know Goodge Street is the hotspot, but sometimes the players there are out of my league, and I want to go play somewhere where I actually have a chance...

    The arcades I know about are:

    Goodge St - Nice machine, 5 credits for £2, best of five rounds. Top players here, way out of my league.

    Play2Win Oxford St - Horizontal button layout, 50p a go. I play in here most often, and there is occasionally good comp on Fri/Sat. I play Aoi/Pai here, and I've seen a good Vanessa/Shun player in here a few times. There's an annoying Lau player who I can never beat, too...

    Gamezone Leicester Sq - Nice machine, £1, haven't seen anyone good playing.

    Namco Station - Nice machine, dunno cost or settings. Haven't seen anyone good play, just button mashing kids.
  10. virtualmist

    virtualmist Member

    Hey fancy some challenge....

    Meet in Namco this Friday.
  11. King_Kong

    King_Kong Member

    Hahahha France....!!!

    I would say Banana!!!
  12. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    well the play2win one in oxford street is where i 1st played vf4 back in mid dec! i hated the button lay out but still kicked every ones ass
    the casino one is cool, 5 credits for £2:) best of 5 rounds but i sware its set on easy!
    between picadilly circus an lest sq, near the kfc theres a arcade(i for get the name) that has a sit down 40inch one, but its on 2 rounds an is £1 ago! but the con op mech is f'ed up an 50% u can get a credit for only 50p??? i go there a lot as its near my work, but every one likes to play snk v capcom, an sf3(really defensive) but there are some peeps who like to chalenge:) i got battered by a good wolf player last week, the low punch counter should hav a shake out!!! las vegas has vf4, an funland/trocodero has it 2 but has pkg lay out!!! anyways if u see me there i play with akira,lau,kage,shun,wolf an some times jacky
  13. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    duhh, the one i go 2 is game zone! haha well ima start going to casino soon but im just 2 lazy
  14. BEM

    BEM Member

    RandomHajile: When is a good time to go there? I've been in on a Saturday afternoon, and its been dead, or no-one was challenging.

    virtualmist: I'll maybe head down to Namco this Friday, about 7ish maybe. I'll probably go to Play2Win Oxford Street first (6ish) to see if anyone is there and have a bit of a warm up.

    If you want some comp at Namco, there is an SFA3 tourney there next weekend (Saturday the 15th). I'll be playing in that, but I'll be playing VF in between matches. I know lots of the other SF players also play VF, so there should be plenty people to play.
  15. Yopiyao

    Yopiyao New Member

    I'am one of the 5 french players...well we don't go in london for the tournament we have an other tournament in paris the same week end during 2 days on vf4, soul calibur, virtua tennis 2 with a new french league...you will need to wait for a FRANCE VS UK...but sure it should be fun...well next time
    i want to meet ryan hart and uk guy back from japan...

    in paris there are maybe 10 cabinet sure...two (megalo and standard cabinet)in la tete dans les nuages(richelieu drouot station)

    see u...
  16. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    normaly after 530ish on week days im there! after work u see! but casino is the place 2 be!!! i'll be the one with earphones or big headphones on!
  17. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    is the frogs legs scared of a little roast beef? anyways im sure that in the west the uk has the best vf players!!! shame u cant/dont wanna come down, maybe next time:)
  18. virtualmist

    virtualmist Member

    I know you... We have met before. Lets try and meet up in Casino instead of Namco this Friday. Say around 5ish.
  19. virtualmist

    virtualmist Member

    If not Friday then next week instead since i know now when u come around....
  20. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    i was in today at game zone at 6ish, beat a pai player, im not working on friday so i will not be there tomorrow but will be there on my sat lunch break at 4ish, ive basicly left lau an starting to concentrate on kage but i cant seam to shake my vf3tb style play!:( the jumonji is what i need to learn an ive got his 6hit 10foot tose combo sorted now:) shun is what i wanna learn with also but as its only on 2 rounds its hes more advantagous on a higher round coin op!

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