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    This translation contains all of the details from the official Japanese version (http://www.virtuafighter.jp/characters.shtml)

    The 4th World Fighting Tournament was like one big festive party to Brad. The thrill of facing strong and unfamiliar opponents, many of whom were seductively beautiful women, was an almost intoxicating mix.

    However, returning to his life after the tournament Brad was met with a great sense of emptiness. He was still unsatisfied by the lack of challenging opponents in kickboxing and even worse, he hadn’t heard back from any of the women he met at the tournament.

    One day while training, he received an invitation to the 5th World Fighting Tournament. Immediately upon seeing a woman’s name he didn’t recognize on the invitation, he decided to enter. “Well, looks like I’ll have to go and introduce myself,” he thought, smiling to himself.

    Thinking of the exciting matches that lay ahead, Brad practiced his trademark footwork several times before driving his elbow into the sandbag in front of him. Sand erupted from the bag with the force of the impact. Pausing to gaze at the sand as it quickly built up over a puddle of water on the floor, Brad grinned as thoughts of a very different kind of encounter crossed his mind.
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