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Discussion in 'General' started by Modelah, Jun 27, 2013.

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    This translation contains all of the details from the official Japanese version (http://www.virtuafighter.jp/characters.shtml)

    During the uproar caused by Dural’s sudden appearance at the final match of the 4th World Fighting Tournament, Wolf, who happened to present, caught sight of an inconspicuous symbol that had been impressed into Dural’s body. He had been plagued by recurring apocalyptic nightmares and to his amazement, the symbol looked just like one he had seen countless times in his horrifying dreams.

    Then, as if to validate the truth behind his anxiety somehow, the nightmares stopped and Wolf's fears of impending doom soon abated. However, after returning to his life in the professional wrestling circuit a new matter of concern came to his attention one day. It was a personal challenge from El-Blaze, accompanying an invitation to the 5th World Fighting Tournament.

    “Well then,” he thought to himself as he looked over the challenge, a wide grin spreading across his face. Inwardly thrilled at finally having found something as exciting as his match with Akira long ago, Wolf decided to enter the tournament.
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    Oh I like Wolf's story, he's a deeper cat than I thought. Pocket wolf incoming. He's like VF's version of T-Hawk except . . . Canada
  3. Stl_Tim

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    Could it be tsuki maru's family crest as the symbol??
  4. Modelah

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    Yes, quite possibly. I translated it as 'symbol' but the Japanese word kokuin actually translates to 'carved/engraved emblem/seal/crest'.

    I thought 'an inconspicuous carved seal stamped onto dural's body' (which is a more direct translation) sounded odd so I simplified it a bit. I also reasoned that Wolf, not being Japanese, wouldn't have recognised the symbol as being a Japanese family crest anyway. End geek-out lol
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