FT10 Vs Snake Boss/BBS

Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by ExzetyXat1, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    The battle between ExzetyXaT and BBS aka SNAKEBOSS is here.

    SNAKEBOSS has defeated all of the greatest VF players around, Konjou, Shidosha, Wiseman, Cha-mame, GT. He is one of the top 3 on the leaderboards alongside TuchMaBaLLz( TEH BEST PLYR EVA!!!).

    BBS has almost been 1st place in the VF Circuit if it hadn't been for Shidosha taking his rightful place.
    BBS has been to many offline tournaments he tells everyone to ask akai he will show you the videos of him in the VF Circuit

    BBS has also changed to face and claims everybody likes him again.

    He has tried to start his own VF tournament after being being banned from the VF Circuit .

    With the facts I present to you, this will be no easy fight. BBS is a very tough opponent " I didn't even use all my skills on
  2. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    I would like to see Snake Boss in action
  3. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    There is going to be some rules in this FT10:NO LAG!

    BBS check your connection and make sure no one is using it while we are playing. I have played you before so I can tell if you are making it lag on purpose for your advantage.

    Character Switching allowed. I want to kick your ass in many ways.

    If you leave the room you automatically lose.

    You must use all your skills.

    You may play as a face or heel.

    If I ExzetyXat1 lose I will derank myself all the way back to hunter and praise and never talk shit or flame about BBS. I will make a formal apology to BBS about all the times I have bashed him. If SNAKEBOSS (BlackBeltSpartan) loses, he must write a complete 7 paragraph (with proper grammar) apology to everyone he dced on and to Akai, for bothering him nonstop. He must also take a picture of himself and post it to this thread. SNAKEBOSS must leave VFDC forever if he loses.Do you SNAKEBOSS agree to these rules and conditions ___________?
  4. MarlyJay

    MarlyJay Moderator - 9K'ing for justice. Staff Member Gold Supporter

    Why do you guys feed the monster? In vanilla there were a number of players people had problems with due to their conduct online. You know what we did? Laughed at them, then Ignored them, stopped playing them and let the situation die. Just carried on playing vanilla, there are always other players. Are you guys that bored with FS already that you can't just do the same?
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  5. social_ruin

    social_ruin Well-Known Member

    This thread is funny. That's why i like it.
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  6. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    Im sorry but BBS is too damm funny. His words are godlike. His words cheer me up "i wasn't even using all my skills on kamais"LOOL. Doing this FT10 aganist him will bless us with even more BBS quotes. I can't wait till this FT10 is over. FS online is dying, SNAKEBOSS makes it alive.
  7. Zekiel

    Zekiel Well-Known Member

    its not gonna happen bro. he's gonna duck. Trust me
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  8. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    You dare question the power o

    You dare question the power of the BOSS?
  9. Zekiel

    Zekiel Well-Known Member

    But is he really the "BOSS"? Or will you make him look like moldy wheat bread? LOL. Stay tuned

    SNAKE BOSS Well-Known Member

    Lol to all
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  11. Darksoul173

    Darksoul173 Well-Known Member

    snake [​IMG]
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    SNAKE BOSS Well-Known Member

    Thats some lame rules and thats why I dont agree to them. If you want these rules then I can make some up to like you cant use Kage and if you do even one time then you lose the FT10 match right away and you can only use characters that I tell you to use. So if you agree to my rules then I agree to yours, hows thats. If u want to do this for real then let me know and dont make up such garbage rules.

    SNAKE BOSS Well-Known Member

    Hey Marly jay listen I dont want all this foolishness on here u know, but these people on here they are provoking me so thats why I defend my self and its justified. If they stop talking foolish stuff and just be nice then I am all for that because I changed my ways online in vf.
  14. Darksoul173

    Darksoul173 Well-Known Member

    So he is telling you to use every character you want, play your best and use all your skillz ANNND you can be both face or heel
    and you dont like those "rules" and in return you're asking him not to play his main character
    unless ofcourse you're having problems with the "If you leave the room you automatically lose" rule?

    SNAKE BOSS Well-Known Member

    read the rest of his rules. Leaving vfdc if I lose, I dont agree to that unless he agrees to not using kage.
  16. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    Wait so you're going to tell me who am I going to use? Is the BOSS predicting his defeat already. I'll tell you what I will not use Kage. Like I said you can use any character you want. Why are you trying to give yourself an advantage, you said you would beat me. Im not agreeing to you picking the character for me because you'll probably pick a character I haven't used in ages.

    Bottom Line: I won't use Kage and you can't pick the character for me. Also why are rules unfair? It doesn't give neither of us an advantage.

    SNAKE BOSS Well-Known Member

    Ok if I dont pick the charecter for you then you have to take out that rule me leaving vfdc and I am not going to write an apology because I did that already and I am not doing anything wrong.
  18. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    Alright lets make a deal you can pick any character you want me to use from this list:

    SNAKE BOSS Well-Known Member

    You can pick all those if you want
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  20. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    The new rules are:

    We can only use our main in the first match.
    SNAKEBOSS still has to write the apology but won't leave VFDC.

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