FTP://VF.DYNDNS.ORG is back up.

Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by CreeD, Jan 11, 2002.

  1. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Now stop buggin' me!
    Juuuuuuuust kidding.

    www.feixaq.com/vf4/. You'll find everything ever put up on AM2's site floating around here, including those nice pix of every costume color on VF.net ... there are also some gigantic stage and character 3D renders. You've seen these before, but not at a resolution that dwarfs a typical monitor.

    6. Other things that interest or amuse me.

    Now the bad news: since it's been down for like... weeks, I expect a flood of people to come on. If you connect and get a 1.5 kbps transfer speed, don't be shocked. This is only a DSL connection, and not a commercial DSL connection either. With this in mind, I'd love it if people with download accelerators would not use them. Every slot you take up with the accelerator is a slot someone else can't use. Also, when my ftp gets truly bogged down, this PC turns into a monster paperweight that can't even handle IRC until some people disconnect.
    I fully expect one out of 12131543214 people to respect my wishes here.
    Please note that if your connection unexpectedly drops, it could be one of three things:

    1. I see an accelerator in use, and I'm killing the duplicate connections (I'm not likely to do this)
    2. My DSL connection dropped. (The loss of my connection is as reliable as sunrise)
    3. I've kicked everyone off to play some Quake. Quake + FTP at the same time = bad so FTP must go. This generally doesn't happen until about 1:00 or 2:00 AM eastern.

    Any questions, reply here or PM me.
  2. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    I've been meaning to sort out all the new clips that I've downloaded since I went on vacation (over 100 of them), but I haven't found the time to do so just yet. Hopefully I'll be able to organize them properly and put up a new downloads page at VF4fx this weekend *crosses fingers*
  3. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Can we still access them while they're unsorted in the meantime?
  4. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they're all there. All the nomercy, tbzone, daioh, battlefield clips (around 1.5GB of new clips since mid December). just haven't catalogued them on the website yet...
  5. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    As always guys, Creed, Chris, Cause, thanks for hosting all these clips, much appreciated!

    P.S. Where are the past Daoih clips stored?
  6. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Thanks. On my site I'm keeping them in the VF Archive folder. Everything that gets too old for the Recent VF Movies goes there.
    On Feixaq's it's in a daioh folder.
  7. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    3. I've kicked everyone off to play some Quake. Quake + FTP at the same time = bad so FTP must go. This generally doesn't happen until about 1:00 or 2:00 AM eastern.

    No wonder I never can get onto your site... that corresponds with my lunch time at work... =)
  8. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    quick! get on now while the gettin's good@!!@@!
    The recent vf movies folder has about a gig in it, aieeeeeee.
    The tbzone lei dance and tai step tutorial were sort of disappointing.
  9. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the TBZone stuff recently hasn't been anywhere near as interesting as Daioh... but, still fun to archive all the VF4 movies you can find out there! /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

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