FUN with Shun's stage

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Dec 6, 1999.

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    Hey guys, try this out...

    Ya know Kage's f,f+K?

    On Shun's stage, knock down a character of your choice (I used Taka) with Kage's f,f+K. Make sure the opponent recovers by rolling towards you. During the rolling, do another f,f+K. Keep doing this until K.O, R.O, T.O, Draw, Sudden Death or anything else. This may work on other stages but I haven't tried yet.

    I could only do this move with Kage on Shun's stage

    d+K+G, f,f+K, f,f+K

    Lastly, can this move be done anywhere else with Lau

    uf+K (MC? mc?), ub+K against Taka?

    And I believe everyone here has tried the overturning the raft trick with the heavies...

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