general questions about akira, kumite, and 100 win item

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by bobewin, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. bobewin

    bobewin New Member

    wasup everyone,
    ok, just have a few questions
    1)Dural--i know you have to beat her in kumite mode to get her in versus mode...but when exactly does Dural appear? are there any specific requirements needed in order for her to appear?
    2)100 win item--ok, are the 100 consecutive wins in kumite mode only? can i get a loss in VS? for that matter, can i just get my 100 victories in versus mode?
    3)Akira-- and finally,
    a)any cheap ways to get akira through kumite(so far, i found that constantly doing d+P works against Lion, Wolf, and Jeffery)?
    b)the KNEE! "K+G(relase G after 1 frame)" <--- wt heck does that mean?! i cannot exectute that move for the life of me...please give me pointers!

    thanks all, laters...
  2. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    You'll see her after you start seeing high kings. I haven't seen anything regarding specific requirements for her to challenge you. Remember to save your system file after you beat her.

    2)100 win item
    AFAIK you can do it in vs. mode. You can get other kumite items by going to vs. mode and doing the required things like letting Sarah do her flamingo 270 throw on you, so I don't see why not the 100 game winning streak wouldn't work too.

    I haven't used Akira much so I don't know. I'd suggest using the charge attack b,f+P+K, and figure out what's the most damage you can do after the CPU tries to block it. Also, figure out which throw combo does the most damage. Remember you can usually pounce on kumite opponents in situations where most human players would get up in time.

    Re: Akira's knee
    Search the junkie's jungle and character techniques forums for info. It has been discussed to death. There are a few different techniques that work. Basically you have to hit both K and G at the same time and then release G while continuing to hold down K. G can only be depressed for 1 frame, 1/60th of a second. Most techniques involve scraping the edge of the G button to get the short duration time needed.
  3. bobewin

    bobewin New Member

    thanks yupa

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