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General Rules and Guidelines

Discussion in 'VF Circuit' started by akai, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Akai JC
    Revision 2.1: October 2nd, 2013
    1. Be respectful, tolerant, and considerate to your fellow players. Please remember that the VF community is made up of many people from different cultures, age, and gender. Thus, some things that you think is funny and not offensive, others may think otherwise. Likewise, taking someone’s comments as being offensive to you may not necessarily be directed and targeted at you. You will likely find people that you will disagree with; however, you should still be respectful, have a certain level of tolerance, and be considerate to your fellow VF players.

    2. Be punctual – when an event states a specific time for an event to start, that is when the event will start. Being late for your turn can cause the entire event to be delayed for everyone else. In addition, signing up for an event and not showing up (without any notices) will not be tolerated. If this happens two times, you will be removed from the Circuit for the season.

    3. Game specific rules - unless noted otherwise for the individual event - all matches will be 3 out of 5 rounds, 45 second timer, and 221 health. Stage is set to random and players cannot switch to a different character during each event or team match.

    4. Unexpected problems during a match - Unexpected problems in a match includes a player that got disconnected, need to change controller configuration, or the controller malfunctions in the middle of the match. The other player is given the choice to take that round automatically or to replay that specific round. After making the decision, the players will resume the match to the appropriate round that they were fighting in.

    In matches where it is unclear who caused the problem, the match will be replayed at the round in which the issue occur.

    5. Finally, these events are being organized out of good will and to support the VF community. Any participants that intentionally disrupt or undermine these events will not be tolerated.


    Guidelines to Optimize Internet Connection
    With online play there is always a certain amount of uncertainty related to internet connection. To make the events as enjoyable as possible, we hope everyone will take as much steps as possible to optimize their internet connection. Some of the most important steps one can take to optimize their internet connection are listed below.
    1. Preferably, you will have a wired broadband connection.
    2. If using wireless is the only option: distance between router, number of walls between system and router, wireless interference (microwaves, cell phones) will affect the connection.
    3. During events, make sure no one is uploading/downloading data in the background of the console or other computers in the home network.
    5. Reset router.
    6. If all else fails, check with Internet Service Provider to troubleshoot or upgrade.
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