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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Chanchai, Nov 17, 1999.

  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    To everyone on the board here:
    What do you think of the trend of VF soundtracks? Do you like it? Or is it a style you think would better suit another game?
    Anyways, I honestly do like all of the soundtracks, but personally, I think I would really like a more multi-culturally classical soundtrack for VF4. I can imagine Akira's stage having a more Taiko Drum sounding feel which would start out a bit slow and progress to fast, or just have nice strong beats moderately through. I like the style of Aoi's stage as it is, but I can imagine something that would really draw you into her atmosphere. Wolf could be somewhat tribal and a bit something else. Lion's stage could have classical pieces associated with his region. Shun could get a mix of classical chinese opera with a bit of a twist to suit his drunken style (though it wouldn't have to sound like a drunken opera singer hehehe). You get the picture. As for the modern type of music we hear with current VF, maybe we could blend it with some type of funk for Sarah and some Rock (as if Rock wasn't in it already) for Jacky.
    Anyways, that's just what I envision and I just wanted to know what you guys think. What you all personally think the ideal mood setting VF music could be in VF4. Or if it should just stay the way it is with synthesized mix tracks. It's all good and everyone has their own personal tastes. Music might be a subtle element in games like VF3tb, but it can definitely be a great mood setter!
  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Actually, what I would like to see is a sort of music option or simple sequence to choose between the vintage VF music and the styles I mentioned above. Except maybe it was up to the challenger to make this decision... I mean, the VF3 music is nice adrenaline pumping music with jungle beats and such, but well, I already discussed it in the last post...
    Anyways, I know VF4 is not gonna be a jukebox, but this was just an idea. I don't mean to make it sound like I want VF4 to be like Soul Edge/Blade music-wise... but I guess I did like that soundtrack, but what I'm imagining is something a bit different than that. Anyway, that's my rant topic of the day unless another one pops up. Back to studying Financial Accounting and doing lots of programming...
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wow, VF4 soundtracks...perhaps they could be improved to the standard of those in VF2. VF2's were excellent but VF3 had just a bit to much funk in it. Hey, I prefer Pai's VF2 track to the VF3 track anyday! Perhaps the tunes could be less midi - ish if you know what I mean. Oh yes, one more thing - in VF3, Jacky's and Sarah's track no longer have a similar theme to it. There used to be some inter-relation in the tunes...
  4. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Chanchai, I think you have an excellent idea and echo much of the sentiment here.

    There is a lot of upbeat, up tempo music from Chinese operas, and they would fit perfectly well for Lau.

    I've seen a few Taiko drum performances, and they were exhilarating!! Definitely a GREAT candidate for an Akira stage, although there is always a danger it might be a bit too similar to Jeffry's current stage. As long as Sega goes all the way and make the Taiko drums strong and powerful--and does not try to make it sound more mainstream--it should be awesome.

    As for Jacky and Sarah, I've always seen Jacky as a little bit more "hard" in terms of music, whereas Sarah is more sophisticated and sleek (rave sounds good for her!).

    ice-9 | Sennin
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    country music, or perhaps some britney spears ripoff would suit sarah well, especially if they continue as they have in all the VF series and have a "white trash" sarah..

    didn't suzuki say somewhere recently that he did all he could with the VF series, and that TB is the final version?
  6. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Wow, can't believe that didn't pop into my mind... Rave would actually suit very well for Sarah. I can even see her in a very urban stage (hasn't she usually been) this time outdoors with street lights and some interesting background. The Rave music would do well with that (of course it could put some people into a trance and they would blame they're gameplay on it hehehehe).
    I thought I heard a similar thing from Yu Suzuki, but it does seem that there will be a VF4 eventually in the near future. I trust Sega and all, and if Yu Suzuki will be a part of VF4 well, I'll be ultimately happy. One issue that might pop up though is that I love the Evade button system so much now that if it were to change I think I would go to shock.... I hope that if VF4 does come about, I really hope that the evade system either stays the same or like usual with VF, it stays but somehow manages improvements.
    What kind of music do you picture with Taka? Any takers on that? More Taiko? Maybe Japanese Opera (uh oh.... I can hear the Japanese guy wailing already....)... I'd like to hear some ideas out there.
    Another alternative for Sarah might be hip-hop, something beat oriented for the gritty street sound. I'm thinking a sort of old school sound though. But Rave would work and actually seems to work well with the flow of a fighting game, particularly VF.
    Another slight change in topic, if music were to take a change in pace in VF, does anyone think it would affect the gameplay? I mean, do you think if really heavy and noticeable beats might instinctually cause one to be more aggressive if the music's tempo does so? Do you think sometimes we try to similate our game enough to a Kung Fu game where we're practically taking the Capoeira route and flowing with the music to guide our attacks? Or is that something people could get around with but if they wanted to, could add style to the match and purposefully fight with the music?

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