Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Chanchai, Nov 23, 1999.

  1. Chanchai

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    Has anyone noticed any REAL glitches in VF3tb for the DC? I'm talking about major glitches. Maybe even to the extent of some of the glitch moves in TTT. However, I assume there's not really any of those besides some of the changes noted in ice's list of changes. However, I have noticed a glitch that exists in the Saturn VF2 as well as VF3tb on the DC. I have noticed that sometimes on Shun's own level, when he is defeated, at the end of the replay, sometimes he'll instantly pop back up from the fallen position. Anyone know why this happens? I've seen it in both 2 and 3 in the console versions. Does it happen in the arcade? This usually happens in single player when I defeat Shun with Jacky.
    Anyways, are there any other glitches of note? Or just some engine tweaks like the 6 hit float max (if I understand it correctly at least).

  2. Nutlog

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    The only glitch I can really think of in the gameplay is that Aoi will turn her back if you try to reverse a G-cancelled kick. Has happened more than once, and it's truly irritating. Rodney has used this occasionally, by accident, when I try to TTE and my reversal of his G-canceled kick turns me around and his splash mountain becomes a backbreaker.
  3. Guest

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    ::The only glitch I can really think of in the gameplay is that Aoi will turn her back if you try to reverse a G-cancelled kick.::
    Nutlog: Thanks for the info. Is this US DC or Japanese DC or both?
  4. Guest

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    not a major glitch at all, but if you look at kage's leading leg during the animation of his ub+K+G kickflip, there's an error in the animation. his leg kind of skips. it's hard to describe; best to see for youself in birds eye view. this bug exists in the arcade version.
  5. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Hey cool - someone else has noticed this as well!

    I dunno, but like 2 years ago, Kbcat, Godeater and myself discovered this weirdism in the arcade. we posted on RGVA that it's a VF3 equivalent to a reversal jam. No one cared at the time - but we thought it was cool! Glad to see that it hasn't changed in the DC VF3tb version!


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