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    FINALLY VF4 HAS COME TO OMAHA NEBRASKA!!!! man i cant believe it... yesterday
    was a damn good day. I picked up brand new PLAYSTATION 2 and DEVIL MAY CRY all
    for $175 bucks... I walked into our arcade to play capcom vs. snk 2 when one
    of my friend leaned over and said why arent you playing virtua fighter 4. I'm
    thinking to myself like o.k ill play when i see it. so he points me in the
    direction where it was and i couldnt believe it. I looked over and there was
    jason, troy, lonelyfighter, and a whole lot of (DONT LAUGH) TEKKEN PLAYERS....
    ROFL... I had walked right past them on the way in... anyways i went over and
    checked it out then i played... man all i got to say about vf4 is....DAMN I
    SUCK ;P i was getting spanked... too much new shit and i kept reaching for the
    E button hehehe.... but thats alright, once i adjusted to the no evade button..
    it was on... man i had fun... ill post more later man i gotta get back to the
    arcade. its gonna be a long day of gaming bliss.

    I wiiinnnnnn!!

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