Going to Osaka and Kyoto for a week where to play VF4? Help

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Air Jacky, May 9, 2002.

  1. Air Jacky

    Air Jacky Well-Known Member

    I am making a trip to japan in 2 weeks, and i am going to be in osaka for a week and i have no idea where to play VF4 at.
    So if anyone knows of a good spot to play please tell me.

    Also if anyone wants to hook up for a day and play some vf. message me or email me at boyd7@attbi.com

    i will also be in Tokyo for 2 weeks and i will be hooking up with gaijinpunch for a day of vf action. It is going to be a great time. i am planning on doing a 2 day gamecenter marathon so if anyone wants to met and play just let me know. i will only have 2 days to play VF which sucks but i am there for work and some fun so not to much time to play. but i plan on getting in as much as possible.
  2. akapan

    akapan Active Member

    I don't live in Osaka area (I 'm from Tokyo), but
    I think this is the most famous place in Osaka area.

    this is the address and web site

    name: ƒnƒCƒeƒNƒ‰ƒ“ƒhƒZƒKƒAƒrƒIƒ“
    (Hi tech land Sega Avion)

    address: ‘åÂÂã•{‘åÂÂãŽsËœQ‘¬‹æ“ïâ€Âg’†2-3-15
    (Osaka fu Osaka shi Naniwa ku Nanba cyu 2-3-15)



    in the web site, you can find a map.

    enjoy your trip!!
  3. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Akapan, I am most likely going to be visiting Tokyo July 18-23. Let's meet up!
  4. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    What Akapan said about Osaka. As for Kyoto, I really can't remember the place off the top of my head or the exact address for that matter, but it's the big game center in the downtown shopping district around Shijo-Dori and Teramachi. It's where most of the best players play, if you are planning to come I can check it out again and give you the specifics.
  5. akapan

    akapan Active Member

    HI, ice-9 !
    Nice to meet you.
    Will you also go to Tokyo? Sounds fun!
    But, really really unfortunately I will not stay in Tokyo in July.
    My vacation is between May 15th and June 30th.
    I am sure that you will have wonderful VF time in Tokyo.
    Have fun!
  6. Air Jacky

    Air Jacky Well-Known Member

    Yamcha and Akapan
    Thanks for the info. i will be checking out these gamecenters.
    Akapan like i said before i will be doing 2 days of stright VF4 action in tokyo on june 7th and 8th with gaijin punch so if you want to met at an arcade just let me know. Ilove finding different gamecenters to go to.
  7. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Argh, yeah, I just noticed that when I reread the other Japan thread. Akapan, could you do me a huge favor and give me the addresses of the famous arcades? Like Hi-tech, Daioh, Ikebukuro, etc.?

    I am a little discouraged since it was already sooo hard for me to find Kanispo each time I visit Tokyo the first time, and I've been there several times already!

    Also, what would be the best times to visit these arcades? Mo could you help me out here as well?
  8. akapan

    akapan Active Member

    Sure, here goes.

    Famous arcade in Tokyo

    Shibuya area
    A: Hi tech land Sega Shibuya
    Tokyo to Shibuya ku Shibuya 1-14-14 Shibuya Higashi guchi kaikan
    [core time]
    Weekdays 18-23.
    (note) If you would like to see Kyasao, you can also visit there in daytime.

    Shinjuku Area
    A: Shinjyuku Sport Land Cyuou ten (ÂÂgKani-SupoÂÂh)
    Shinjuku ku Shinjyuku 3-26-2 Cyuou guchi san pei center building
    [Core time]
    Friday night 18-24:30
    Note) this is a super famous weekly movement in VF scene.

    B: Shinjuku Sport Land Nishi guchi ten (ÂÂgNishi supoÂÂh)
    Toukyou to Shinjyuku ku Nishi Shinjyuku 1-12-5
    (“Œ‹ž“sÂÂVÂÂh‹æ¼ÂÂVÂÂh 1-12-5)
    [core time]
    weekday: 18-23
    weekends: 12-?

    Ikebukuro area
    A: Ikebukuro Gigo
    Toukyou to Toshima ku Higashi Ikebukuro 1-21-1
    [TEL] 03-3981-6906
    [core time]
    not sure but
    weekday: 18-23
    weekends: 12-?

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