Good guides on using lau??

Discussion in 'Lau' started by Zappy, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. Zappy

    Zappy New Member

    Can anyone point me to any good guides on using Lau?? Or if anythng any basic tips for using him, like the best moves to use for beginners???
  2. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Beginner lau stuff:

    First, try the PS2 training mode if you haven't yet. Go to trial training and choose lau. You'll learn tons of useful stuff.

    If you're lazy, here are some useful moves for lau.

    1. d/f+P+K - a big, risky attack, but if it hits, the opponent is always knocked high into the air for an easy combo. The one to use is d/f+P,P,P, d+K. That's three punches and a sweep, but you use d/f+P to start the combo because d/f+P hits a little lower to the ground.

    2. b,b+P -->d+PPPd+K. Quickly enter all the commands. If you enter b,b+P, wait, then d+P... you get a slow version of the combo. If you enter b,b+P then immediately press d+P, Lau will spin 360 degrees in one smooth motion while chopping at the opponent. This combo is useful because if the first b,b+P hits, everything else will too. Total damage is around 35-40%.

    3. f+P,P ... this is good for slaying dumb computer opponents. Vs. humans it's not horribly risky if they block the second punch, but if they duck the second punch, you'll be in trouble. The f+P by itself is a great move because if the opponent is crouching, it will hit them and stagger them. Then the second punch will always hit. Or you can do just f+P, and the opponent will reflexively try to guard. You can then throw them.

    4. d/f+PPP - if you do all three punches, lau's vulnerable, but poking with the first punch or two is pretty safe. This move doesn't look like much, but it will hit standing or crouching opponents for a decent little chunk of damage. If they block low I think the first punch does no damage, only the last two.

    5. D/F+P,P,P,P -- this is different from the above, this is what you see when lau is crouching and you hold d/f while pressing punch. This is called the upknife. Just doing one upknife, then a punch is very safe. If you do an upknife, then PPP... you just hit them four times for a nice wad of damage (maybe 20% of their life). It's riskier to throw out all four punches though, so stop at upkn-P and by the time you finish the P part, you can tell if the rest of the combo will hit or not. Finally, from time to time the upknife will interrupt a big attack of theirs and knock them into the air. It's easy to then do ---> D/F+P, P, P, P, d+K. IE end the combo in PPPsweep.

    6. D/F+P, D/F+P+K -- the second part only hits if the first part (the upknife)
    A: interrupts the opponent's attack or throw attempt ... or
    B: hits the opponent while they are recovering from a missed attack.
    Otherwise the second part can be blocked. Anyway, if both attacks hit, the opponent is knocked into the air for an easy combo. Again, d/f+PPPd+K is good.

    Throws: Lau's got really good throws. If you can do it, the coolest one is b,d+P+G. The opponent stumbles. Then you can enter b,f+P (standing palm) and they will hit the floor hard. Finally you can combo them while their legs are still kicking up into the air with stuff like ---> P, b+P, P .... or d/f+P,P,P,d+K. Make up some combos to use here. The combos after b,d+P+G are almost guaranteed.

    The next best throw is d/f, d/f+P+G because it does huge damage.
    Then b,f+P+G is good, and you can almost always land a d/f+K stomp afterwards for good damage.

    Good luck.

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