good strategy with Lau against PS2 CPU fighters

Discussion in 'Console' started by NeoTokyo, Mar 21, 2002.

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    I have discovered some very nice combo with Lau that works most of the time against the PS2 CPU. specially against the CPU fighters on higher ranks like emperor etc. it does a damage of 70% till 80%

    when you start. just press d/f + p then pp wait a split second then b/u + k for the backflip kick. whenever your opponents is hit or not. wait 1 splitsecond before he makes his attack then press b + g + k for the reverse crescent ( sidestep roundhouse kick ) when you have done this kick you are standing with your back against your fallen oppenent. wait till he gets up and when he starts attacking press the k button for a sweep. now when you have hit your opponent he falls on the ground again. now make a fast stepbackwards by pressing b,b fast wait till he gets up and when he attacks you again do the Reverse Crescent again. and after wards the sweep.

    this combo has worked extremly well for me and so far I am Fist King with Lau. 327 wins and 20 losses. and undefeated for 123 matches so far.

    this combo works the best against the light heavy - heavy opponents like the wrestlers and Jacky , Akira, Pai, Sarah, Lei.only be carefull against Shun and Lion. they are small and most of the time you kick over their heads.

    I hope this combo is usefull for you and please excuse me now but I have to play further. I have to get the Emperor rating :)

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