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    New Players List

    Jesse (Minnesota) Confirmed
    Boyd (Minnesota) Confirmed
    Mike Skupa aka Mutant (Los Angeles)
    Mo aka UKGuy (London)
    Shota Tamura (Chicago) Confirmed
    Mike aka Sumeragi (Missouri) Confirmed
    Peter (Boston) Confirmed
    Rich (Boston)
    Emil (Toronto) Confirmed
    Nicky aka ChanChai (Oregon) Confirmed
    Rodney aka Omaha Jeffery (Omaha) Confirmed
    Kruza (Detroit) Confirmed
    Josh aka Shadow Dean +1 (Maryland) Confirmed
    Jeff aka Ice-9 (North Carolina) Confirmed
    Adam aka adamYUKI aka nyKURITA (New York) Confirmed
    Nelson aka Ghetto-Shun (New York) Confirmed
    Sal aka Piccolo (New York) Confirmed
    Andy aka CrewNYC aka AstroNYC (New York) Confirmed
    Hiro aka Hero (New York) Confirmed

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