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Harada wants you to play VF and change the future

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Jun 6, 2021.

By Myke on Jun 6, 2021 at 9:52 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    In a recent episode of Harada's bar "Come, Virtua! I've waited 11 years!", Tekken director and producer Katsuhiro Harada shares his thoughts on the recent announcement and release of Virtua Fighter x esports (Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown in the West). This episode includes English subtitles and provides some deep insights into his views on the Virtua Fighter series, the tremendous respect for the long standing rivalry with the Tekken series, and ultimately what you can do to change the future for the 3D Fighting Game genre -- play VF!

    After watching this interview, I must admit that my respect for Harada has gone up considerably. Not that I didn't respect him previously, but his honesty and humility, and the high regard he speaks about SEGA, AM2 and the Virtua Fighter series was both completely unexpected (considering they're business competitors!) and utterly refreshing!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Jun 6, 2021.

    1. TheTHCGamer
      I know crazy concept for the FGC rival developers actually support eacother. Harada even understands no matter how well a fighting game sells at the end of the day it's still a fighting game. These games will never reach the same numbers other genres do in terms of sale and community.

      If more people enjoy a 3D fighting game then chances are they might try playing another 3D fighter. So this mentality that you're only allowed to enjoy one type of fighting game only ends up hurting the genre in general. Revolutionary concept for the FGC that you can actually enjoy more then one fighting game.

      I wish more people on FGC sites like eventhubs would get that but you know eventhubs.
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    2. Virtua Kazama
      Virtua Kazama
      Oh I know what you mean. But they won't get it, which is sad.
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    3. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      Harada is one of the few good people in FGC.
      He deserve all the respect.
    4. SSfox
      Not surprising that Harada has so much respect for VF, Tekken timeline was at it the best with Tekken 3,4,5 when its the true competitor was around, Aka VF. Once VF wasn't around anymore you can see it in Tekken when they started putting some weird design choice with T6 and 7.
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    5. charleypk222
      let me put this clear first i respect but also like Harada this guy is very friendly he talk to is fan and very humble and is a very intelligent man ,

      i remember the first day vf1 come out in the arcade ,and also i remember the same for tekken both in the arcade for the last 30 year i think i know the progression of both game let me voice my opinion on video because my english is not so good ,

      tekken is a good casual game overall

      but i can not stand how the character wake up is so a mess in my opinion (all namco 3d game)

      combine with how the character have infinite floating and bouncing is just so painfull , on the top of this

      this game allowing you to do this all the stage distance and more
      and also feel a big part of the game run on auto pilot and spamming , tekken player also say the balance is a mess , idk but for me tekken make the choice to go for quantity to touch the most player possible , but the quality dont go very deep in my opinion
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    6. smbhax
      They didn't have VF to copy from any more. ^_^
    7. Shoju
      Tekken is a lot deeper than you give it credit for and you can't autopilot and spam if your trying to actually get good. I'm not keen on the huge juggles either though.
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    8. charleypk222
      i think i`m open mind , sure everygame have the option to be play at some high level , and np show me for tekken ?

      1- my first issue are not about tekken but namco from tekken to dbfz all they dlc are pay to win character . mean the balance is screw from the start , you lost the integrity of the game because a conflict of interest $$$ this is prove , so that is why i take this game with a pinch of salt , and say is a good casual game

      2- sure the game have some type of high level play but never in the same level of vf ,
      in tekken you are allow to hit a character on the floor and juggle him all stage distance to the next stage ect,,,
      idk sound auto pilot to me ?

      just my 2 cent peace
    9. Blahzie's Return
      Blahzie's Return
      I just want to say that it's somewhat obnoxious for sega to put us vf fans in a position where we have to pay - again - for vf5 just for the possibility of vf6. I'm still going to do it, but come on... how much more do we have to do? Do we need to fly over there and do all the coding for free?

      Don't get me wrong; I love vf. But for crying out loud, this waiting and supporting is getting dull.

      Sorry to be such a downer. Please carry on.
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    10. JCnextinc
      I like how he said that he can't listen to some fan's advices (to bring some VF elements) because it woulldn't be Tekken anymore .

      On the other hand we have VF becoming like Tekken or Yakuza more precisely .
      These ugly RED BUE YELLOW clouds during hit effects ruin almost 30 years of VF traditions . Still has 2 possible slots for Dural and a stupid Kiryu or baseball bat Majima guest character
      I love Yakuza games but not in VF .

      Dust impact is super cool but these clouds are ugly as fuck .

      You want VF to be successful , just understand Harada who was always impressed with VF innovations and cutting edge technologies.
      The game will find success fo sure . Twitch Youtube E sport social medias , It's a new era.
      VF finally can be appreciate for what it is. Bring new comers by being the most impressive and realistic fighting game (that makes hommage to classic Kung Fu movies.)

      Not by having to prostitute themselves .
      Kepp VF tradition alive . Turn off these stupid clouds effects. Bring back the subtle flashes on counter hits , with saliva drops and sweat effects. Exagerated Dust on impact would have been cool enough.

      To me it's like these young dev don't understand what's the beauty of VF during the years. it's VIRTUA fighter! It should bring realistic effects and innovations. VF tradition.
      Not out dated PS1 cloud effects :(:(:(

      We need Daichi KATAGIRI and makoto OSAKI to be careful about that. Because AOKI srewed up. At least please an option to turn off the clouds. Keep the dust but get rid of the PS2 clouds with several degrees of Hit effects.

      It's like these new devs are too young, grew up with tekken and don't understand or never experienced the SHOCK each time VF came out. :eek:
      A technical showcase.
      A philosophy ,a tradition involving martial arts and realism when all other game where cartoonish goofy or just bad in comparison.

      Don't disfigure VF just make it the most beautiful game on the planet again.
      Don't save money SEGA . It's time to invest in the future.
      Harada himself agrees with us.

      SEGA , VF is not only a game. It's your History , your reputation ,your DNA , your technical showcase of your best research and development department. And also it's part of your COMMUNICATION and marketing! ICause it's your brand image.

      That's why you should invest more money in this game than a regular Yakuza game .
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    11. Shoju
      With the juggles and the walls you have to be aware of where you in the stage when you launch, where to spike them and how to splat them against the wall. For some characters that's straightforward for others quite complicated and execution heavy. You can't autopilot that. The game in general can get very deep and technical with certain characters. It also challenges your reactions in a different way to VF.

      With the DLC 2 characters were intentionally released OP which is bad practice but most of the rest were quite under powered at release. When a new character comes out though OP or not most people won't understand the match up and that character gets away with murder at launch.
    12. charleypk222
      i will try to explain you , what ruin tekken for me , from tekken 1 to 7

      1- the oki in tekken are way to much rewarding to the point this is game breaker to me
      2- in tekken after you knowdown you enemy you just rush blind for oki and all reward waiting for you with a most any risk
      3- in tekken oki allow you to bounce your enemy from the ground to juggle for after to travel him all the stage to the wall for insane combo , my issue there you take any risk too take all the reward , all you have to do is to guess right ,it all free , the time you are in oki situation you end with extreme disadvantage also end with a lot of bad wake option and the attack on wake up feel very weak because they trade and get beat very easy , this is how the game is design , is just not my type ,i just feel vf5 wake up and oki system are more balance and rewarding is not free , i play both game for 30 year and can not put tekken in the same level of gameplay of vf , tekken is also a good game but just feel vf system is more solide deep and clean , (rock paper scissors) is endless
      i hope this help you to understand . the way i feel about both game peace
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    13. SSfox
      BTW the Oki system has changed a lot in Tekken 7.

      To me what i don't like about the last Tekken games is that they added a lot of non martial characters, i loved Tekken in the first place because of representation of Martial Arts, and that's what also got me in VF with VF4 back then.

      Another thing is the shit show customization, characters have like 1 or 2 unique items, and other 100 generic stuffs that look ugly and that all characters can share, same goes to pants, hats, and t-shirts, the custumized characters can sometimes look so shitty and generic that you can barely recognize the characters sometimes, that being said they improved this aspect with T7 console compare to Arcade version, but it's still not even close to be as good as Tekken 6 or VF5.
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    14. masterpo
      I have developed a great deal more respect for Harada after watching this interview. I think I understand him as a person, and his motivations for Tekken a little better. I actually grew to like the guy during the course of this interview.:LOL:

      I heard something a little similar in a Jackie Chan interview. At one point Jackie Chan and many other martial art actors were living in the shadow of Bruce Lee, and were fighting to see who would take Bruce Lee's place. But in the end Jackie Chan realized he had to go another way.

      • Bruce Lee -- Virtua Fighter
      • Jackie Chan -- Tekken

      If you watch and listen to the interview with Harada closely, he says at some point that he realized that instead of imitating VF he had to take Tekken in another direction. Jacky Chan has sold far more movies and made more money than Bruce Lee, but Bruce Lee is more respected as the father of a certain brand of martial art movie. Interestingly Jackie Chan decided to add comedy and over the top stunts as part of his identity. Of course Bruce Lee's movies did not have much comedy or over the top stunts. (Bruce Lee/Virtua Fighter) & (Jacky Chan/Tekken)

      Harada realized that adding elements from VF would take away from Tekken's identity
      Sega should realize that adding elements from Tekken will take away VF's identity

      VF has always been known for introducing some new FG innovation with each new release. Sega/AM2 have always lead the way. Sega/AM2 have several opportunities to innovate with VF5US and VF6. Sega/AM2/RGG could provide innovations for

      • Online Lobbies (Announcer features, snapshots, replays, slow-mo, camera views etc)
      • VS offline Mode ( Profiles using wireless, bluetooth, or the cloud, (tournament brackets)
      • New block, evade, and slip animations, etc
      • Enhanced Dojo/Training Mode that analyzes player's performance and gives player feedback and statistics kind-a like VF4 did but better.
      • VF.NET, VF.TV tie ins to Online modes
      • More hit and impact realism, stumbles, staggers, blunt impact trauma
      • Final match vs Dural should be advertise the World Fighting Tournament
      • Advanced adaptable, scaleable, trainable AI for Single player and Training
      If AM2/RGG adds these kinds of innovations to VF this would give Harada new targets to aim at, a new nemesis to pursue. A new hill to conquer.

      VF5US and VF6 has the opportunity to lead the way for FG once again. I hope this opportunity is not squandered by pandering to the Tekken, Guilty Gear, SF pyrotechnic loving audience:(
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    15. gido
      That was a great post and analogy on Bruce/Jackie Chan, spot on.

      Now just add a few new characters, a story/ending of some sort through Arcade mode, loads of easter eggs that pay homage to Sega history and you got yourself a VF6! oh and don't forget rollback :rolleyes:;), Not worried about the customizations as they are still updating the game so that's a good sign..

      NGL, as I play VFUS more and more lately, its starting to really grow on me. The graphics were good at the time for FS, but this enhancement made the experience just more richer and I'm enjoying the shit outta this new looking gameplay. Some characters *ehem* Sarah- needs a bit more work in the face and some stages have a weird lighting effect on the characters though its all fine. The only other problem is that it still plays like VF5FS (because it "ultimately" is) :LOL: Don't hate me.. Once VF6 starts rolling around I'm pretty sure they'd enhanced the experience even further by adding those suggestions you mention. Oh with the slow-mos, I'd wouldn't want them to just add it as Tekken did but to add them during the replays instead. VF's been the only fighter to still keep in-game replays which is a good thing. Might as well add something to it.
    16. smbhax
      But both Bruce and Jackie are in Tekken! ^_ ^

      EDIT: You know, I only just now learned that Seiichi Ishii was a designer on both VF1 and Tekken1 and 2. (And The Bouncer but we won't speak of that.)
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    17. smbhax
      I wonder if the VF dev team, maybe specifically Yu Suzuki, felt strongly about *not* giving VF a story. I mean, they named it "Virtua," like you're sort of virtualizing *yourself* into the game in the form of these funky avatars. So then doing something like Kumite / Quest instead makes sense: it isn't the character "Akira" fighting "Jacky," it's your Akira virtual avatar fighting a virtual arcade player virtualized into their Jacky avatar; the "story" is you playing the game.

      And/or they just wanted to keep it arcade pure.

      Anyway I just got to thinking about it after seeing all the people asking for a story mode in the feedback thread. There's a new director now, so who knows, maybe he'll have a different philosophy about it. Clearly, console success seems to require giving players a story.
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    18. RawrCookie
      Of course he would say that as appreciation or support, they all must do this actually, cause if it ain't for Virtua Fighter existence, we wouldn't see their 3d fighting games or careers lol

      I love Tekken series though :)
    19. Shoju
      Yu Suzuki was involved up to VF4 and the game did have a story up to then. It kind of fell away in VF5. VF3 actually had an ending compilation and VF4 had character details in the game manual (remember those). There were official winners as well. Lau won VF1, Akira VF2, and Kage VF3. I remember someone mentioning those character choices were based on major tournament winners but I don't know if that's true or not.
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