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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by ~SasukeTheGreat~, Nov 26, 2001.

  1. ~SasukeTheGreat~

    ~SasukeTheGreat~ New Member

    whats up,

    Have anyone of you played Giant Gram 2 (or All Japan Prowrestling 2) for the DC?

    The game is by Sega and features 3 VF characters { Kage, Jeffry, and Wolf}
    This game feels exactly how I would envision a VF wrestling game would feel like.....

    Kage, Wolf and Jeffry have most if not all of their moves and/or combos......and done w/ many of the same button presses

    each fighter has a coolass entrance w/ their VF music and they wear outfits from VF1, 2 and a there VF3tb costumes are selectable (but secret)

    and cuz it is a wrestling game........they've added alot more moves for the fighters because of the different situations there in......and special Burning Spirit combinations

    Yall gotta check that game out.....it rocks......especially for the fact u can finally have a "real" team battle with them....ala tag-team matches and specific tag team moves for each character

    Its much cooler playing as Wolf in this game....only for the fact that putting a wrestler in a fighting game....can't compete w/ that same wrestler in a wrestling game.......Its like playing as Wolf as he was meant to be played

    The first Giant Gram was for Saturn......I suggest getting that too.....its called All Japan f/ Virtua
    aight Peace
  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well... I wouldn't expect you to know this was discussed before, so I won't hammer the "use the search feature to find stuff on Giant Gram" message to you... (though you will find it in the search). But...

    Though VF characters are involved, you can play it safe and put Giant Gram posts on the General Forum and indicate in the title that you are referring to Giant Gram. That's just a pointer.... Despite having VF characters, it's not at all a VF game, though I personally do like the series.

    To answer your questions in regards to me, I haven't played Giant Gram 2, but I did like All Japan Pro Wrestling on the Sega Saturn. I believe quite a few others have played GG2 however, and there was some good discussion on it about a year (or more) ago. If it's anything like the original, then I'd probably enjoy playing it/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

  3. ~SasukeTheGreat~

    ~SasukeTheGreat~ New Member

    aight thanks for the tip.....I wasn't real sure of where to post it myself......yeh i should have checked the Search...but i just assumed no-one's played it cuz most fighter fans..despise rasslin games

    well I've never played the Saturn version (I'm looking to buy it if u ever see it) but i can say if u have a DC..then buy Giant Gram 2 or 3

    I bought both from some backups site for like $6 each......GG3 doesn't have the VF guys though...just one "real" rassler based on Wolf

    I agree the GG series is definately not VF....but in the same vein.....they are very alike


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