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Discussion in 'General' started by Modelah, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Blitzball Champ

    Blitzball Champ Well-Known Member

    Blitzball Champ
    Don't let that stuff bother you @Modelah! You fought well and you got your wins in fair and square. I am not one to talk smack as this is a game that I enjoy playing anyone, good or bad. No I am not an elite player yet, but hope to improve as I keep playing. Junk talk like that in the images is sometimes what makes it harder for newer players to get into the game only to be crapped on by veteran players because they may get destroyed in some matches by a better player or a beginner player. Stuff like that is going to happen on any given day. I guess some people also can use it as motivation to come back stronger. I just think it is ridiculous that people out there blast insults like that just because someone lost or didn't play well.
  2. IcKY99

    IcKY99 Well-Known Member

    he is not an ape because he is African American, its because he mashes his fight stick with the ferocity and skill a ape would have.

    if anything apes can do better vane combos
  3. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    He mashes that fight stick like an ape on a 50 cal.
  4. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    I've never gotten rage mail from VF (most people I ever played online were IRL friends who I would see often), but I do have a story of rage yelling playing against a guy offline.

    This was like, week 2 of the game's release, I'd never played VF 'competitively' (basically only ever grew up playing AI and against friends) but I had enough understanding of the game's basics to do okay.
    I played a guy who came from SFIV who got hilariously mad.
    I was using Wolf and alternating between his 44+P+G catch throw, and his 4,6+P shoulder charge, and this guy had no clue what to do against it.

    "Argh, FUCK! What a Bullshit fucking character! I fucking dodged that shit, FUCK!"
    Me: "Oh, that's a catch throw, you can't dodge throws but you can-"
    "I Fucking KNOW! Oh what the fuck, how much fucking RANGE does that shit have! JESUS!"

    Then I hit him with a Burning Hammer;
    "What the FUCK! How much fucking damage does that do!? Goddamn that's BULLSHIT! So He's Zangief? Basically this guy is Zangief..."

    After the game he was actually really polite and apologised saying he got caught up in the moment. I then heard him talking to another guy
    "...so I was playing Wolf, he has some BULLSHIT option select move where he can throw you if you're blocking, or it can be a shoulder charge..."
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  5. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    LOL. Edited the title to include 'Rage'.
  6. ShinyBrentford

    ShinyBrentford Well-Known Member

    I miss the Bad games thread. This should be a bad games thread thing.
  7. oneida

    oneida Long Arm of the Lau Silver Supporter

    the new option select from sega

    now with more bullshit
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  8. Dhaval Katbamna

    Dhaval Katbamna Well-Known Member Content Manager Jean

    I got one yesterday, but it wasn't really hate mail as much as it was discouraged mail. So I was playing this Goh who seemed like he picked up the game a few months ago. A casual player, no frames or things like that. I used my jean to make it a little more fair. We actually had like 1 close game, and on the last round of that game, i used the wall setup 4k,p charge k into wall combo for 130 damage or whatever. And he sent me a message saying "the last round had to be as annoying as possible didn't it?" plus some other words. I sent an apology saying that i didn't mean to come off as annoying and that we are both trying to have fun. So then he sent back that "there's no point playing the game if i keep getting hit with the same set up every time for 60% damage" Then I told him to go to VFDC if he is looking to level up or learn combos. Long story short, I dont like people to rage on my behalf, so i like to make them happy again. :)
  9. PoisonKid13

    PoisonKid13 Well-Known Member

    For some off reason I can't take a picture and send it here because reasons. (Sorry, I'll get to it eventually)

    -I'll put them in quotations. These are all from DOA and COD by the way-

    Enemy 1: "I hope you die in a concentration camp furnace you black f*ck"
    +Me: The Jewish were the ones who were killed in the concentration camps during WWII, not the blacks. History lesson of the day.

    Enemy 2: "You f*cking ape monkey"
    +Me: An ape-monkey? If you believe in evolution, are we not all "ape-monkeys"?

    Enemy 3: "I hope you have a crappy Christmas. (Got it on Christmas, since deleted)
    +Me: Too late for that...

    Enemy 4: "I will rip your soul from your goddamn body"
    +Me: At least take me out to dinner first. ;)

    Enemy 5: Gay Slut B*tch
    +Me: LOL! They call me 'Triple Threat'

    I'll try to get pictures, because I saved these messages for comedic value. :D
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  10. Ellis

    Ellis Well-Known Member

    You are battling the way Guybrush Threepwood would!
    Respect for that, aswell as a few laughs, good stuff PoisonKid! :)

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  11. PoisonKid13

    PoisonKid13 Well-Known Member

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  12. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

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  13. Unicorn

    Unicorn Well-Known Masher Content Manager Wolf Bronze Supporter

    unicorn cz
    Where is that funny part? You ARE lag abuser. Even offline. ESPECIALLY offline. Have enough evidence of it from Prague meeting :p
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  14. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    @MadeManG74 LOL! Was this someone I know? Care to name names? :)
  15. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    Haha, I don't actually remember his name, but he's notoriously angry at YSB. I think he was the same guy who hated Goh because he didn't practice 'real' Judo or something.
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  16. Manjoume

    Manjoume Well-Known Member

    Best one.
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  17. Arjay

    Arjay Well-Known Member

    Ring Outs always get me the best hate mail. Especially when my opponent has a huge life lead.

    One time though, I was at the local gaming bar using Jeffry and I got some hate mail from a player using Eileen. After I sidestepped some of his attacks, I got a nice wall combo that won me the match. I don't know if English was a second language to him, or if he was really upset and couldn't concentrate to type, but I got this paragraph long grammatical disaster revolving around low punch and the unfairness of "fat black ape evade Chinese small girl".

    Man, I wish I had taken a picture of it. Some of the bar patrons did see the message and got a laugh out of it, though.
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  18. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    That could've been petelecofederal. If so, you're lucky he didn't talk smack bout your mum, sister or non-Brazilian women in general.
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