help finding Tsukamoto's face on lau trick.

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Sudden_Death, Jul 1, 2000.

  1. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    I'm in the process of writing a complete
    codes/tricks "faq" to put up later on this site.
    seeing as not all tricks are up anywhere, since
    this is a vf site it should have every single
    trick/code known. so far i beleive i have 99% of
    all tricks (a few that some you might never heard

    of). this will make it easier for people to
    respond to people asking "how you get...?" the
    answer will be a single "Go to the codes/tricks

    anyway, i'm missing 1 code. it's the one that
    replaces lau's face in the character selection
    screen (the small pic of lau) with one of the am2
    programers.. i used to know
    this for i lost the paper where i wrote it. it
    goes something like; on taka press start....then
    finally on lau press start. so, does anybody
    remember how to do this?


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  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    code list for arcade versions. compiled it from old postings.

    To access the single character (original) format press d+start after you put in
    your credit to play the old one character style.

    To cancel the end credits press and hold either start button or hold P+K+G+E.

    To view the credits during attract mode hold any start button down.

    To hear the alternative attract mode music hold both start buttons down before the scene starts.

    To turn off the BGM hold either start button as the round begins.

    To view the replay in slow-mo press the E button at the end of the round.

    To access debug mode, hold P+K+G+E before pressing start to enter the game. Works in all modes (1p/2p - ob/tb).

    Hold any button (except E) during the replay to prevent the other player from canceling the replay.

    To play as the Alphabet man, at the character selection screen, go to
    Akira, press Start, then Lion, press Start, and finally Pai and press

    To play against the Alpha man, at the character selection screen,
    execute the same process as above but instead of Lion go to Lau.
    You cannot select Alpha man in TB format.

    To access the old stages, during the stage select, press the start button.

    Getting Dural's Stage:
    When you are playing someone, hold start when choosing a stage. With a 1/16 (?) chance, the Dural stage will appear.

    Flying Trains:
    When using Jeffry in Dural's desert stage, try a toe kick of doom. If you land it a flying train will appear from the background and will fly across the horizon.

    Kiss - for Pai only.
    After defeating Akira with an excellent victory, hold d+P+G+E and she'll blow a kiss and mock one of Akira's normal taunts.

    Snow man - At Wolf's desert stage only.
    Shun must have a perfect victory.

    Easter egg - under normal mode in character select screen:
    Taka, start, Sarah, start, Lau, start, Kage, start, Akira, start

    OB only:

    Peace signs:
    Hold db+P+G+E to see Jacky and Kage give a V-sign.

    Falling basins:
    Win an excellent victory in Akira's stage with 2P (shiny) Kage and hold db+P+G+E to see a metal basin fall on his head.
  3. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    thanks for the code rich.

    hey jeff, you should put rich's arcade tricks
    under the codes & tricks sections of this site.
    I'll post a DC vf3tb tricks soon.

    2 links in the codes & tricks sections (delete
    the current ones).

    Arcade VF3/vf3tb
    dreamcast vf3tb

    just an idea..

    <font color=red>PICCOLO</font color=red>

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