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    ok i have a very stupid problem and i hope i dont get killed fo r asking this but i was never that great at fighting games but i like VF3TB alot and wanna get good at it. this is my problem. first of all i always have some trouble doing the moves off the movelists so i try to practice in the training mode getting down the timing and stuff. btu i was wondering theres all these moves and even the simple moves you have to learn the sequences how am i supposed to get these moves off during the heat of battle?? i have enough trouble even performing the simple moves but memorizing the moves and then trying to perform them while battling seems very hard and ive had a hard time...any tips ??

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    Yep. Don't learn all the moves--just learn the ones that you really need. Concentrate on really getting the feel with them (practice them so you can pull them off whenever you want to), and once you are comfortable with your core set of moves, then try out your characters other moves.

    Start small before moving up. Don't try to learn the whole game in one go.

    What character do you use?

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    I use lion

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    Learn the moves and its properties according to these levels. Basically, set the game to the easiest setting and try to finish the whole game using just the moves in each level. After you get comfortable with the moves in the particular level, try to finish the game again (on the easiest setting) with all the moves in Levels 1 and 2 with an emphasis on practicing the moves in Level 2. Or you can practice these moves in the Training Mode. Set the CPU level to 1 (so it will attack you, but won't be difficult) and just play and play and play and play.

    The brackets () indicate what level your attacks hit at (i.e. high, middle, or low). Throws must be executed close to the opponent and when the opponent is standing and not in the middle of doing an attack.

    Level 1:
    [*]P (high)
    [*]P,P,P (all high)
    [*]f+P,P (mid, mid)
    [*]d+K,K (low, low)
    [*]P+G (throw)

    Level 2:
    [*]d/f+P,P (mid, mid)
    [*]u+P+K (mid)
    [*]d/f+K (mid)
    [*]d+P+E (low)
    [*]b+P+G (throw)
    [*]f,f+P+G (throw)

    These should occupy you for some time. Don't get discouraged, and practice. Soon you'll be able to access all these moves on the fly. /images/icons/wink.gif Remember that we were all once like you at one time, but look at where we are now; stuff like this is basic to us.

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    if you're having trouble with a particular motion, such as lion's half circle back in his f>b+P+G throw, try practicing with another character that has the same motion for a different move. for example, to practice your half circles, choose lau and then keep trying b>f+K+G (b>f+K+G is a high cresent kick, just like K+G, except it's faster and lau screams when he does it--so you can tell). this way you can practice the half circle motion without having to be within throw range to see if you got it right (and lau is generally a good character to practice with because most of his move require very clean joystick motions and button taps).
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    one more thing:

    this may sound pedantic, but remember not to *hold* the stick in the directions indicated, but to *tap* it at the same time you tap the buttons. ie, f,f+P+G means *tap* forward twice and press P and G together on the second tap. only if you see a direction in capital letters are you supposed to hold the stick in that diection. for example, d,U+P (high pounce) means *tap* down, press P and *hold* up together (the P can be a tap).

    in general as you play, let the stick return to neutral between moves. if you're practicing lion's d/f+P, tap diagonally down forward and then let the stick return to neutral before you try another seperate d/f+P. (tapping G between separate moves is also a good habit to get into). if you *hold* d/f, lion will crouch after the d/f+P, and when you press P again you will get a creeping low punch, not the mid jab.


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