help, my timing is way of. i think...

Discussion in 'Dojo' started by thunderlake, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. thunderlake

    thunderlake Member

    i've fast-tracked through almost every move in the vf4'ers movelist but i can't seem to get it right. i know every move and combo pretty well on jacky, sarah and kage by now but i can't mix the moves to create a ''fighting style'', i can't blend the moves with my fighting cause i end up rushing the opponent and doing unusefull moves that recover real shitty slow*no, i don't mean button mashing*. the trial mode hasn't been any help when it comes to timing my moves since i know what attack the data will pull of against me. do i need to know every vf'ers moves by heart and how much framedata they use so i can time my moves?.... thanks on beforehand.
  2. Dougydug

    Dougydug Well-Known Member

    Unless you have a photograhpic memory, then trying to learn all the frames is not a great idea. Practice: both in using your own moves and anticipating your opponents' moves will help your timing. Try also 'free training': put your opponent on level 5 and just play continuously. Hope this helps...
  3. ono

    ono Well-Known Member

    All i can recommend is Practice. Everybody starts out the game a bit scetchy, and the only cure is to play more. After playing about 200-300 games in kumite, you'll know when to do this combo, and when to do that, when and where they guard, when to throw, etc. It just takes practice.
  4. death_raven

    death_raven Well-Known Member

    i agree with ono a little more parctice will be good so you can distinguish which move will be very effective, so i suggest goint to free training, choose who you wanna train with and who you wanna fight, then set up the CPU setting to action at level five and all in detailed CPU settings are set to random, and you'll have a pretty tough opponent to train with so you can get better, plus if you have the patience to to do free training in these settings for around 15 - 30 minutes you'll not only get used to your character but you'll also get used to the CPU opponents pattern, this work great for me hope it does the same for you /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif
  5. thunderlake

    thunderlake Member

    oki, i'll try that and practice some more. thanx. also if you guys have any other suggestions, i'm all for it.
  6. death_raven

    death_raven Well-Known Member

    oh by the way try going to VFDC home and click the Character names under VF4 there's a lot of good stuff there.
  7. thunderlake

    thunderlake Member

    yeah, so i noticed. thnx

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