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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by adamYUKI, May 5, 2002.

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    Hi everyone, I needed to ask some help from the board to get the resources we need to produce the VF4 frolic DVD.

    We are planning to have the best match for each person each day that they are at the VF4 frolic put on the DVD plus all the footage from the tournament with charts and graphics. So this is where we really need some help from you guys.

    The things we need are:

    Opening Music and credits music, GE, tragic, can you guys help on this?? We dont know much about rock music or something that would fit well.

    Transitions music, can be a music loop with words or without words, to show during changes from one person to the next plus music for the charts for the tournament. Again GE, Tragic can you guys help?

    Tournament Flow Chart, once all the people arrive by saturday can someone help us put together the tournament flow chart? FeiaxQ?

    Main Background and people background, two still images one for the main menu selection, (i.e. play, select chapters, options with the words VF4 frolic and the date somewhere)
    and people background, persons name shows up on the background like when showing Shou's replays it will say Shou Sama somewhere on the screen.

    Images should be in 640x480.

    The VCD/DVD should have about 30-50 replays, each person gets to show what they think is their best match of the day each day they are at the gathering. Plus all the tournament footage. And a bonus is that the VCD/DVD will have all the original EMS files. Can you guys help out with our project? We'll send you out copies of the VCD/DVD when its done too and of course you guys can use all the files as a template for all future VCD/DVD projects.

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