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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Darkmarius, Dec 8, 2001.

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    Hi there ya'll! Just played my first game of VF4 yesterday. After the disappointment in Tekken 4, guess I had to come crawling back to VF.My endless arguments with my Tekken Fanatic friend begins again...bout who's more sexy Nina or Sarah, Pai or Aoi....nway, Im reviewin' my notes on VF and I just cant comprehend the many abbreviations like TA, KD, Akiras moves aside from SPoD,DLC...Do you guys know of anywhere on the net I can find a general FAQ for VF4? Or decent movelist of the characters? Do you guys have a VirtuaBible of some sort? Tnx! oh, and Long live VirtuaFighters!
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    There's a nice VF3 abbreviations guide on Gamefaqs.

    KD is a new term for VF4, meaning "kuzure down", an effect (usually triggered on MC) that causes the other guy to slowly fall face downward, allowing free hits. (For example, Akira's SDE allows a free DLC on an MC hit, because it causes a KD animation.) Lion has a few *normal hit* KD moves :)
  3. Yupa

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    GLC had his abbreviations guide removed from :meh:

    Click on the graphic in my sig to go to the virtuaproject movelists.

    TA == turn away or turn around depending on the context

    KD is literally an abbreviation for kazure down, but we're also using krumple or crumple down here as well. They're all the same thing. Check out Ice-9's Jeff guide which you can get to from the VFDC home page for definitions of the 3 main types of KD. We haven't gotten around to adding the explanations of the stagger column yet at virtuaproject... within the next week though... =)

    Which Akira abbreviations do you need help with?

    Oops, I thought Ice put definitions in his step 1 guide but I can't find them now by skimming thru the document. Go here <a target="_blank" href=></a> for the latest discussion on KD and read Myke's reply to Llanfair.

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