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Discussion in 'Lei' started by JoJoBiZARrE, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. JoJoBiZARrE

    JoJoBiZARrE Member

    I need help building up my skills with Lei-Fei. I think he looks really cool, but when I play him, I'm just not feeling it. I try to ingore him on the select your character screen, but something draws my attention towards him.

    Please someone give me some helpful hints on how to play Lei-Fei.

    Thank you very much.
  2. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    1- read his'll find it in the character section on the front page

    2- read the dojo, its in the documents section in the character section

    3. use the search function

    4. click on "ken" and go thru all my posting history. I reply to all LEI-FEI related threads and you find lots of Lei-Fei goodies.
  3. Mad_Beef

    Mad_Beef Member

    For starters like all chars take a good while in the training mode and learn all of his moves. To be effective with any char u must know his/her move by heart and lei fei is no exception not knowing his moves will get u in trouble more time then not because so many of his moves take u into diff stances that he has. The lei dojo is a great place to start I found lots of useful info there. Combos like f,f, K+G or F,k then d+k,pp are good and u can mix up the d+k with k or p also df p+g P+K PP is a good combo. f,b pp is a slow but powerful 2 punch combo. these are a few of the ones I use go to the dojo for more detailed info u can find it in a post on the junk board about lei
  4. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Yes.. thats specifically [TG] or tiger stance. Its more important memorising stance flow rather than relying too heavily on particular strings.

    Tiger stance works well on the CPU however its quite predictable vs experience players who know how to read Leifei's move.

    Next thing is to ask yourself why is TG stance powerful but also why it is WEAK especially at higher levels of play. Same applies to all the other stances. In the dojo I've a structured the info on how+why to ENTER and also EXITING the stances as well.

    Note the star rating as well for the moves. They are best out of 5 stars however there is one move that gets 6.

    Is a good move with fast recovery. It is also a full circular attack so you cannot dodge it. Another good note is that its a useful move to punish BOTH mid and low rising attacks. Though the vs MID rising attack is much harder to time correctly. It hops fairly instantly to avoid the low rising. Otherwise to pull this move out in the middle of a fight you need quite a lot of distance or inititive (ie gained via [DM]p, P+K). Doing this move at close range without initiative is a deathwish. "u+K" and "[EV]K" are two other ways to enter the stance and both moves have their merits.

    This is another way of entering the TG stance however, it is a high attack and it relies heavily on it being blocked before you have enough time to enter stance for enough time to sabaki. Considering the range of this kick is short and its not wise to do high attacks at short range unless you're 100% they're going to block high and that most people will resort to d+P which will duck under your kick and be MC for a throw. However it may be a circular attack.. but I'm not sure about that.. I'm uncomfortable at being up close to care because there's no real need to dodge Lei-Fei at close range when he is not in a stance..

    df+P+K, P
    Is a much better option vs CPU, vs humans it also not too bad as well. Use this move for its dodging properties and also to mix it up as well.

    Tiger stance is very predictable if you're obviously in the stance. However the key is to provoke an attack while you're in the Tiger stance.
  5. PS2_VFighter

    PS2_VFighter Member

    Hi, good to see another Lei plei'er. haha, jk.
    Anyway, im new to VF and I decided to go with lei also because of course, like with many other ppl, he looked interesting. I'm interested in Kung Fu, and the origination of it with the Shaolin Monks. And from what I'd read he was a good beginner char, so, sounded good to me.

    Well, I guess i could tell you where im at right now. Im currently 2nd dan and find my skills alright against cpu players within the dans, varying with which character they use. Right now i basically have mastered few basic moves, and make use of a few of the stances and find that to work very well. When I feel good with every move I use I will go into training and pickup a few more, in the places that I feel i need improvment, for instance, soon i will try to learn more juggling combos.

    Anyway, these are the basic things I've learned. I'll try to help you out. I'm horrible at writing guides, but oh well.

    Things to remember:
    -Stay away from mashing, i find it will just get you into stances that will get you on your ass in no time.

    -Block, block, block, its VERY important.

    -Learn moves little by little and completely master them before you try to pickup new ones. Know every move that you pull off, and which buttons get you there.

    The first thing you should probably learn is some stances you should use. So that you know them, and you can get into them on purpose. I suggest that at first you just use a few.

    (these are different names from what ive seen used, but this is what ive seen them called in the vf4 manual)
    -Normal stance
    Some good basic moves, and when to use them.

    f, f, p - great for beginning of match, its quick and it pushes opponent back a ways
    b, p, p - very powerful midpunches, will knock opponent down
    uf, r2 - really the only juggle starter i use for now, its very easy to pull off
    r1, r1, r1 - (same as r1, p, p but easier) use for juggles, or when you see an opportunity, a very easy and damaging move

    -Dokuritsu shiki - up L2
    Very useful against stupid cpu players, this stance reverses all level punches for some damage. This works differently with different opponents. The bryants, with all their kicks, usually avoid this, but it works very well against akira and lau.

    You can just sit in this stance and wait for a punch (very risky), or you can also know some good quick attacks to use when it looks like the opponent is coming at you with something other than a punch. Try the following basic attacks, they work well for me.

    r2 - strong high kick, works often, i think it staggers them
    k, k - mid double kick, can also go with a single
    d, k - strong low kick
    Sometimes i start with the low and if i catch them i will go back and forth between low and mid, then finish with a double.

    -Hai shiki - down L2
    Well, this is an easy stance to get into and has some useful attacks from it.

    r1 - hold down button to charge for lots of damage, this moves opponent back a ways whether blocked or not, great for ringouts, only use from slight distance or youll be countered
    r2 - powerful high kick attack, be careful you're airborne so use from slight distance or be juggled

    Throws do a lot of damage and are easy. Use them whenever you have an opportunity, but be careful not to be attacked when going in for one. Throw an opponent when they are still or blocking. Know atleast 2 so they are mixed up and won't be reversed easily.

    L1 - the simplest
    f, f, L1 - another
    Basically use any you please, the above 2 are easy and do good damage.

    -Down attacks
    Always take the opportunity to do damage to a helpless downed opponent. Although be careful for ones who rise quickly, and rising attacks.

    u, p - takes longer (may miss early riser), does more damage
    df, k - can do quicker, must be closer
    Basically try the first one first, and if it works once, it will work almost every time on the same opponent. Or if it doesnt work at first, use the 2nd until later when the opponent may be slowed.

    Something very easy to add to your arsenal of moves. This helps a lot when blocking a long string of attacks, or when close to a ringout to turn the tables. Time it right.

    tap away w/ up or down, then hit L2 - quick midpunch, ends in dokuritsu, ready to reverse retaliation punch
    tap away w/ up or down, then hit L2, p - double, ends in normal stance, ready to block if expecting kick instead of punch

    Well, this was VERY basic, and I'm not sure it is what you were looking for, but I hope it helps you out some. In addition to this, use training mode to pickup new moves and build upon your skills. It does wonders.
  6. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Can you use b,db, d, df, f, uf, u, ub , P, K, G, P+K, P+K+G, P+G notation.

    Joypad notation could mean anything. Also refer to the stance notation as well.

    moves done from within the 4 stances
    [TG]d+K, K
    [EV]P+K, P, P


    df+P+K, P [TG] (exits into tiger stance, if that is required for emphasis)
  7. PS2_VFighter

    PS2_VFighter Member

    Good point, sorry about that. Well I used the default shoulder designations.
    R1 - P+K
    R2 - K+G
    L1 - P+G
    L2 - P+K+G

    About stances, I noted the stances as I know them named, as in the VF4 manual. But I think :
    Dokuritsu = [IN]
    Hai Shiki = [TG]
    I'm not sure though.

    Anyway, Ken you seem to be an expert on Lei. Seeing how I play now, can you give me some advice on more moves I should incorporate into my play? The ones that would be the most helpful. Some simple juggle combos or something. Right now when I pop the opponent up with (uf, K+G), I usually just followup w/ (P+K, P, P). What attacks could I get in while theyre airborne that would cause the most damage.

    Thanks for any help.
  8. ken

    ken Well-Known Member


    Lei's staple move for guaranteed damage. Its probably one of the best mid-attacking moves in the game. Looking at some of its properties you need to note:

    Good points
    -causes a FLOP
    -hops low attacks

    -throw counterable ONLY, so this is not necessarily a weakness
    -you may SUPER float if interuppted.

    Following up with "P+K, P, P" is not the best damage, and its really poor vs heavyweights Jacky, Akira and onwards. The third punch can be TR and you are vulnerable.

    uf+K+G - d+P - uf+K+G - df+K
    -the above is guaranteed vs all classes
    -the second "uf+K+G" will cause a slam and the opponent cannot TR

    Even "uf+K+G, ff+K [IN]" is a good damage option.

    Alternatively depending on your opponents understanding of TR you may want to forfeit the little damage and let them TR so you can have another guaranteed guess at them. Encouraging the opponent to TR is good if you understand their options.

    Another important note is Throw Escaping. If you get into the habit of inputing throw escapes after this move then you're well on your way of becoming a formidable player.

    So at advanced levels you have to control when the opponent TR. Among many other things. IE:

    1-Punch limitation: Auto Reversal [IN] and qcf+P+K
    4-Advantage Play
    5-Stance Faking and Intimidation
    6-Linear and Circular attack provocation
    7-Anti-Rising Attack strategies
    8- Standard Mid, Low, Throw flowcharts
  9. Ealsen

    Ealsen Well-Known Member

    -the second "uf+K+G" will cause a slam and the opponent cannot TR

    I've seen cpu TR-ing after 2nd uf+K+G to avoid df+K.
    Even in one of Daioh movie clips, Wolf managed to escape the last uf+K+G and mid reverse the expected last df+K(middle kick).
  10. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Lei-Fei : Advantage Play

    Advantage Play:

    Advantage Play is a term a prominent Japanese Mag used to describe Lei-Fei (Arcadia).

    Advantage Play are moves that gives Lei initiative or advantage especially when it is blocked.

    Although Lei-Fei has several moves that give him an advantage if they are blocked "[DM]P, P+K" is by far among the best if not the best in the game.

    If you consult the frame charts that accompanies the movelist on this site you'll find that Lei has several moves that give him an advantage when blocked. These are the core set of moves that your gameplay should focus around.

    "[DM]P, P+K"

    -High Punch and a Mid Non-reversible punch.
    -Both punches are linear
    -Great advantage if the move is blocked. You can force a wide open guessing game with all options available to you.

    IMO its essential that a Lei-Fei player be able to freely access moves within [IN] and [DM] stance based moves at any instant. So you should be able to instantly input moves such as:
    [DM]P, P+K

    More about your options after the "[DM]P, P+K" is blocked or you successfully hit. As you have a FREE guess or attack, considering the opponent's defensive options they are:

    -dash back
    -dodge and attack
    -dodge and throw

    f, f+P
    :vs stand and duck
    :lose vs dodge

    :vs stand and dodge+throw

    :vs duck, dash back and all retaliation
    :you can charge this up and go for Head Crumble or guard break.
    :you'll lose vs dodge, if you're blocked you may be thrown

    f, f+K+G
    :vs medium speed retaliation, all low attacks, all dodge
    :forces a [TG] guessing game, where you have advantage
    :you'll lose vs a fast jab retaliation and may float

    df, df+P
    :if you connect with a MC you can throw
    :lose vs dodge

    [DM]P, P+K
    :vs stand, high/mid retaliation
    :lose to dodge, low attacks ie d+P
    :good to frustrate opponents who hold their ground

    :vs all punch retalation
    :this will work vs certain dodge attacks that are punch based

    So.. yeah "[DM]P, P+K" rocks.

    Other moves that give good inititiave are:

    [EV]P, K
    [EV]P+K, P

    Note that the above inititiave is used to make the most of your stance flow. So stance mastery is important.
  11. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. the heavies are very wierd.

    -It may be due to timing (too slow)?
    -Or maybe wolf was crouching when the first uf+K+G connected?
    -MC or mC?
  12. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Re: Lei-Fei : Advantage Play


    another obvious option is:

    G or Stance Dancing/Faking
    :This is to provoke a dodge attack or force them to hesitate. Obviously defensively the best options are either to sit and block or to dodge. More often dodging is the best choice. So dashing forward and guarding or [DM]G or [IN]G is a good option to provoke or intimidate.
    -again 12/13 of the dodge attacks in the game are throw counterable. Lion's (u)+P+K+G is not throw counterable but you can reverse it with [IN] stance or qcf+P+K (insert evil laugh chuckle). Off the top of my head Kage, Lion and Lau fall into this category.
    -you cannot dodge a throw either
    -so attacking is not always the best solution

    On a vs CPU note:
    - the CPU is unpredictable. Advantage Play is valid vs Humans and to a more limited extent the CPU. This is because the CPU's reaction will be of a more random nature. The CPU cannot be intimidated or provoked so the true power of [DM]P, P+K cannot be realised unless you play vs some human competition.
  13. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Re: Lei-Fei : About the Dojo: Select Moves

    <a target="_blank" href=> Select Moves of the Lei Fei Dojo</a>

    If you read this section of the DOJO, you can see that for every situation Lei-Fei has a response.

    What I feel is important in anyone's gameplay is that you understand the outcome of every battle is due to the decision that you made. You need to be able to identify your mistakes. For example:
    -"I would've won if the other guy didn't d+P me all the time"
    -"Damn, I was in the wrong stance!"
    -"Ooooh, if only I waited in [IN] stance I would've got him"
    -"This guys kicks are really strong, what should I do?"
    -"That cheap Kage player keeps ringing me out with his b+P+G throw. I'd beat him anytime if he didn't do it...grrrr"
    -"If only I knew how to throw escape after doing uf+K+G or df+P,P"
    -"I can hit him?!?!?! He dodges all my moves?!?!?!"
    -"Damn, I suck!.. Maybe I should practice a bit more?"
  14. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Sifu speaks!

    On analysis of your gameplay I would make the following amendments:

    <blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr>

    f, f, p - great for beginning of match, its quick and it pushes opponent back a ways


    Yes if that is your goal to push away opponent thats great, but I think "df, df+P" is much better. Considering that both are mid and linear and non-counterable MP. However "df, df,PP" is guaranteed if the first hits. Also if "df,df+P" is a MC you can throw.

    <blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr>

    b, p, p - very powerful midpunches, will knock opponent down

    This move is not as great as you make it out to be. Short range, slow execution and general vulnerability makes it very hard to connect and use. It does generate a stomach crumble on MC. On a Stomach Crumble, "P+K, P, P" is guaranteed

    <blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr>

    r1, r1, r1or "P+K, P, P" - (same as r1, p, p but easier) use for juggles, or when you see an opportunity, a very easy and damaging move

    This move is not that great anywhere outside of a float combo. Its only major application is the second punch and maybe the third.
    -The first punch is a Knee and will float. Inititiave is lost if you're blocked
    -the second is mid and will stomach crumble on MC, you maintain some initiative if you're blocked. You can dodge any retaliation
    -the third punch is mid and will stomach crumble on MC, you can get thrown if you're blocked.

    Don't forget that most opponents will be looking at dodging Lei-Fei as well. Its great for combos but only the first and second attacks are worthwhile.

    <blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr>

    Dokuritsu shiki - up L2 , or "u+P+K+G [IN]"

    Yes this is a great move. Its great for intimidation and provocation. Don't forget that you have all options available: ie

    [IN]d+K - [DM]K - d+PKG - [DM]P, P+K - uf+K+G - df+K

    [IN]K+G - uf+K+G - PP - [IN]K+G

    -Reverse all punches
    -Your main weakness is vs dodge. You can block(exit stance) and punish or stay in stance vs Kage, Lion, Lau, Jeff's dodge attacks.
    -If they dodge and throw, a delayed attack will hit them.

    The MID and LOW options are the core of Lei's attacks and combo. However the first attacks induce a stagger and the rest of the combo MAY BE avoided if they struggle. If this is the case the opponent should be able to wipe the floor with you can, so nothing I say here will really help.

    However, bearing the above in mind.. any good opponent will respect Lei-Fei's power when he's in [IN] stance. So you need to be dynamic and out-think your opponent. Again this is irrelevant vs the CPU.

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