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Hey guys.

Discussion in 'General' started by Akira Yukii, Aug 16, 2001.

  1. Akira Yukii

    Akira Yukii Active Member

    I joined this board about several days ago and already two complete ass clowns have posted full threads ON ME in the Virtua Fighter board section!

    Tell me, threading spammers. Am I also on your underwear? Do you have the tee shirts of me? Heh'.

    Anyways, I'm here to say "Hi" to everyone here. What. Is. Up?
    Anyone I got on a bad foot with, relax! I actually enjoyed the discussion, despite
    the uneccessary comments on my personal life!

    Hope to discuss a bitchload with you all.

    "In fighting games, it's always better to fight defensively. This allows taking advantage of jump ins with a nice fulfilling uppercut special."
  2. Akira Yukii

    Akira Yukii Active Member


    Right. Well it's been a little while after posting this thread, but now I have more.
    Some of you really need to fuckin' LIGHTEN UP.

    I cam here to express some opinions, and learn. Not be deemed a bunch of pathetic
    cubicle net names and have e-mail titled "you fucking jackass" all the time.

    Three words, to take seriously if you're any smart.
    TAKE. A. PILL.

    I've been tolerant. But hammer's can only be held up so long before they need to be laid down. Now's the time.


    "Every gamer developes a FEEL for the fighters they play. It's probably the only non optional aspect."

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