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    in the USA, i can beat 99% of the vf3 opponents i face b/c they are all casual gaming wussies.

    I went to china and got my ass WHOOPED by a string of Kage, Akira, and Jeffrey players, and the opponents weren't even masters, just seasoned players that were used to playing non-scrub competitors.

    Now i'm on a mission to get deep into vf3, something i never could do b/c i didn't have a human competitor around to motivate me. I'm asking for all the vf3 nuts in here to help me pick a character to master and then learn the best tactics.

    a few notes: i can't play akira b/c my hands aren't that fast and b/c of that, i can't do Wolf's sping-guy-out-of-ring throw that takes off 100 pts of damage.

  2. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Welcome Reinhart.

    Though I'm not a "VF3 master". I am a "Sarah Master" And I recommend her to anyone wise enough learn her ways. extreme speed combined with cat like agility. Swift moves and pure aggression make her a deadly opponent and an entertaining character to perfect. A real kicking fiend especially in VF4 with her new Flamingo stance moves. Pick Sarah, pick a winner!

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  3. ghostdog

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    in the USA, i can beat 99% of the vf3 opponents i face b/c they are all casual gaming wussies.

    Which character did you use to beat people with? It seems to me that you already have a character (or characters). Develop that character or characters.

    Read a faq or two. There's at least one on this site (Rich's Kage faq, under the title <font color=orange>BEHOLD...THE GREATEST KAGE GUIDE</font color=orange>, or something like that). Look at gamefaqs.com
    Hope you keep playing in spite of the lack of competition. And welcome to VFDC.

    -<font color=white>Ghost</font color=white><font color=red>DOG</font color=red>
  4. SummAh

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  5. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    the kage guide isn't on the vfdc server any longer, and the other link in that thread may go down, as the account will soon be cancelled. however, i just submitted it to gamefaqs (waited waayyyy too long to do that), so it should be up soon. also, it'll be on vfdc when it's renovated.

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    adio ,i can understand how ppl like you perfected sarah, but i cannot understand how u can be competitive with her. Now i know that vf3 is a very balanced game, but what's stopping a player from blocking all of her attacks, then countering with standing throws?

    ghost dog, i do not use akira, sarah, lau, or aoi. I use shun, lion, jacky, kage and jeffry really. I have mastered none of them, i know a few key moves and i make use of them the best i can but the only reason i win is b/c my opponent's suck; it doesn't mean i'm a great player.

    i'm here to ask u more experienced players for help on selecting a character to develop. I want someone who is competitive but doesn't require a lot of fast hand motions (akira). I don't care if this character fights by throwing (jeffry) or cheap shots (lion).

    can anyone point me to a non-character specific faq? I thought virtuafighter.com used to have a few general faqs that taught those fancy thigns like

    "okezemu" and "korean step". Where can i find some good general faqs?

    and how to i make it so the url in my signature becomes a link?
  7. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    I would use Jacky or Wolf. Once you get the HCF (half circle forward) motion for Wolf down, he doesn't need great motor skills to play very well at all. Jacky definitely doesn't need very much hand movement to play.

    Most of the docs will be up on VFDC after renovation. I just got back to Duke and am in the process of moving my stuff in, so I'll be able to help Myke out really soon. Especially since I'm on LAN. God, 12 boxes is a shit load of crap.
  8. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    12 boxes? Hehe, all my life's possessions in college was contained in 7 /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif
  9. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    I've got 12 boxs of comics ..( each box can contain 300 plus issue of comics)
    and I haven't even begun packing yet!!!/versus/images/icons/mad.gif

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  10. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Reinheart you said:

    "adio ,i can understand how ppl like you perfected sarah, but i cannot understand how u can be competitive with her. Now i know that vf3 is a very balanced game, but what's stopping a player from blocking all of her attacks, then countering with standing throws?"

    Reinheart. This is a problem for all players, regardless of character. Yes, a lot of Sarah's moves are directed at mid range in VF3 making her routines risky. But, you have to take into account that no player with any common sense is going to be so predictable.

    Even the best players lack snap reactions to counter moves all the time. Don't neglect a character because they lack counters (though Sarah gets one in VF4) as their offensive traits tend to be above average example. Lion, Jacky and Lau.

    Speaking of counters, If an Akira, Aoi, Pai or Wolf player is counter happy then throw them. You can't block and counter at the same time. Don't rely on combos too much, mix up your attacks with pokes and un-orthodox methods. Try to play with intelligence and finesse so you can't be second guessed easily. Virtua Fighter caters to and rewards such tactics.

    The only way you're going to get thrown especially with Sarah is if you stand still. She's one of the fastest characters in the game (I would say third behind Pai and Lion), her various unique kicks (Overhead edge kick, Hopping spin kick, Dragon cannon) give her plenty range and high priority. Also she's the only character to have the Moonsult flip which can get her out of any tight situation as well as getting her behind the opponent for an attack of your choice. Don't forget her Neckbreaker catch throw which can get the toughest of veterans if used wisely.

    By the way. If you understand that I can *perfect* Sarah and, you know VF3 is a very balanced game. Then it stands to reason that I can be competitive with her.

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    Guest Guest

    good lord that's not what i meant lol

    adio, i meant counters, not reversals (of course i know that nobody is some robot who can reverse all of sarah's kicks)

    yes i know that vf3 rewards skill and tactics bla bla i've played for years. BUt i'm asking you: how can i be unpredictable with a seemingly predicatable chararcter (sarah)? Elbows? That 2 legged sweep? Knees? 3 punches? What is it? Do you use the turn around kick?

    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

    By the way. If you understand that I can *perfect* Sarah and, you know VF3 is a very balanced game. Then it stands to reason that I can be competitive with her.


    Well i said that with the thought in the back of my head that Pai and Sarah were at the bottom of the pack. They both seem too predictable and i'm asking how you can make either of them unpredictable.

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  12. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    <A target="_blank" HREF=http://world.std.com/~opus/vf3tb_kage_guide_(rsw).txt>http://world.std.com/~opus/vf3tb_kage_guide_(rsw).txt</A>

    for the kage guide...will be on gamefaqs soon.

    "What we got here is a failure to communicate..."
  13. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Some spur of the moment tips:

    -Force a guessing game between general options (generally between quick low and mid attacks--a guessing game among mid/high attacks is only asking for a high block so don't think too much of the moves as much as the properties).

    -Be a bastard and set your opponent up to fuck up. An example would be to backdash if your opponent is about to do a low range move. However, I have somehow seen people make this into their weakness by relying on it too much. It's best to work on you general guessing game skills and push your opponent around. At least imo.

    With the way that I play Sarah, she has a lot of evil options. If you want to play it safe, you can piss your opponent off with d+K+E and elbow. d+K+E is a nice little tick move that is fast enough to interrupt so many attacks and eventually get your opponent thinking low. When your opponent starts to finally worry about getting interrupted by that little shinkick, they're usually forced to try to low block or low reversal or even try to make you whiff it. In the case that they try to low block or low reversal, you get your free elbow right there and many other options.

    From range, d+K+G can be a nice low attack option for little effect. Double sidekick can be a decent option from range as well. However, these attacks don't reward a lot, but just manage to chip bits of life away. But your concern here seems to be safety.

    Eventually, get over your fear of being blocked then countered and what not (it shouldn't be too big of a worry with Sarah unless you go for her low sweep and crescent all the time for whatever reason). Experience should guide you to a nice if not at least decent flow game.

    There's a lot that can be written on Sarah and it is my experience that she can be pretty fun to toy around with when you get to know her full arsenal. Regarding Sarah specifically, sometimes I want my opponents to block certain attacks of hers, her turn-around punch or turn-around kick included (there are some fun options from there).

    Don't worry too much about the predictability of your moveset as much as the predictability of your low or mid attacks. At least not now. Sarah may be predictable, but she can be a real bitch when she gets it right. Play her a good amount, get a feel for yourself and your opponent, and maybe you can get it right a lot and really be a pain.

  14. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    ...I give up. You're clearly trifling Sarah from a lack of facing anyone who can use her properly in the "3 years" you've been playing the game. Bottom of the pack....Bollocks.

    Right. If you want effective techniques, take note.

    Her Chop: df P will beat most moves, it's her best poke. Or Elbow Chop: f.P df P.

    Elbow Knee: f P,K is guaranteed if the elbow connects. Regardless of what you think, elbow is her prime move and knee, her key float.

    Only use one Side Kick: df K as a poke or, Illusion Kicks: df KK as part of a combo, say PP, f P, df KK.

    Never do the third kick, Mirage Kick: df KKK unless you got an opponent near a wall or RO.

    D P into f KK: Low Punch to Jumping Double Knee: D,f KK

    ff K: Dashing Knee has a long range.

    f,K G: Forward Hopping Spink Kick has longer range.

    Dragon Cannon: db K can be followed with anything.

    Side Hook Kick: db,K G, follow to either Overhead edge kick: b,K G (speed) or Heel Seed: ub,K G (power).

    K, P, ub,K: Kick Punch Kickflip. Use if the kick is an MC.

    The only way not to be predictable is to learn the full movelist for a character, mix up your moves and use some bloody INITIATIVE.


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  15. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Easiest character to learn..

    Newbie -

    The easiest character both to learn and to kick ass with in most VF games is Jacky. Sarah is also easy to learn, but I'm sad to say she doesn't win as easily.
    Since it sounds like you're looking for some specific tricks to use, here's a pretty basic way to play jacky:

    1. Jacky's elbow-spinkick is one of the best and easiest combos in the game. The command is f+P, then kick. If it hits and knock the opponent down, press u+P for a pounce. The elbow, kick, and pounce combine for about 45% damage. So two of these will leave an opponent almost dead.
    A good trick against people who like to block and then throw you: Use just the elbow part (f+P) and wait to see if it hits the enemy. If it does, you can see this and quickly tap kick to finish the combo. If it doesn't, try to guess what the opponent will do. If you think they will try to throw you, you can press kick anyway and nail them when they run in. If you think they will try an attack, pressing guard will usually block most counterattacks (because the elbow recovers fast).

    2. Low kicks. Jacky's low kick is your friend. Press d/b+K to get one kick, press kick again for a second one. In some versions of VF3 the double low kicks are really fast and safe to use, in other versions the second low kick comes out pretty slow and can be punished. No matter what version you're playing, listen carefully when you stick out a low kick. If it hits the opponent while they're attacking, you'll hear a louder hit sound. As soon as you hear this sound, try for a throw. If you're just starting and your opponent doesn't know any better, you can easily just press P+G over and over after your low kick connects. The throw will come out. If they escape this throw or you want to try something more damaging, you can try either f,b+P+G or d/f, d/f+P+G. The trick to this is the timing (try the throw right before Jacky would have stood up again), and remember it won't work every time low kick hits, just the times it interrupts your enemy's attack.
    One common trick is to try one low kick, and if it doesn't cause the loud booming hit noise, wait a split second, then stick out the second one when the opponent tries to rush in and punish you. The second one might interrupt their attack for the free throw.

    3. Punches/Low punch - Every time you press punch, you want to make your opponent get scared about a possible guessing game. The basic guessing game is to throw a punch and then either A: Dash forward and throw or B: do the elbow-heelkick combo. A: will win if your opponent
    -tries to dash forwards or backwards

    B: will work if your opponent

    -tries an attack (most of the time the elbow is faster than your opponent's attacks, unless they try to punch you back with a fast basic punch.
    -tries a low attack
    -blocks low

    Now, if the opponent keeps punching back every time you press punch, and neither A: nor B: works, try doing P,G, then d/b+K (that's a punch followed by a basic low kick) ... the low kick will stuff any attacks that the elbow-heelkick doesn't.

    4. The punch-sweep combo.

    Jacky doesn't have a low attack that knocks down every time, but this is pretty close, and it ties into that guessing game I mentioned earlier. If you press P,G,d/b+K you get a punch then a low kick. If you want some guaranteed easy damage then try pressing P, then just press d+K. P,d+K is a combo the game designers put in there which makes Jacky do a punch, then a fast sweep. The sweep knocks down, and you can often land an u+P pounce afterwards.

    5. One last move that you might find handy is the double sidekicks. The command is d/f+K,K. If the first sidekick hits the opponent, it usually was because they were crouching or attacking, and in that case the second sidekick will often hit for a guaranteed knockdown. Follow with u+P for more damage. The only reason you'd use this move instead of the elbow-heelkick move is because it has more range (and maybe a little more damage). It's very risky so don't bother with it if your opponent keeps punishing you when you use it.

    Finally, some tips for playing in general: If the opponent gets up with a rising kick, try countering the attack. High rising kicks can be countered with any throw when blocked. Low ones can often be countered with f+P,K.

    If the opponent is dodging your attacks a lot, rush in and throw. The easiest throw for surprise throws is f,b+P+G. P, d+K is a less risky way to try to hit dodgers, as the sweep cannot be dodged (usually).

    Try to figure out which attacks the opponent uses and how they can be countered. Some moves can be thrown when blocked. f+P is a good safe counterattack if you're not sure (again, remember that if the elbow hits, you can try the rest of the combo for easy damage). If the attack your opponent uses is so safe that not even a quick P will hit them, try responding by doing a punch and then either the throw, elbow heelkick combo, or low kick. The idea is to get them so scared that they see that punch and immediately react by trying to block. Once you've got them doing that, you've already won (because when you make them block, you may or may not hurt them, but they definitely can't hurt you).

    -Try to keep away from the flashy attacks. The kickflip (u/b+K) is a great showoff move but it's very risky. You can get just as much damage by trying for the elbow-heelkick combo instead. The same rule applies to the P+K beatknuckle combos. They look cooler, but the elbow is just as fast and safer to use.

    Okay, I think that's it for now. Believe it or not, good jacky players use the exact same attacks as a lot of beginner players, with the exception of the risky double sidekicks. Jacky's basic attacks and combos are really strong, especially compared to most other characters.

    Good luck.

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  16. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    sorry, but i've been wanting to SCREAAAAM this for a while now...

    in vf3 she is a mid-low/low tier character. nearly every single important move of hers is horribly counterable, many do little damage and/or don't knock down, and most have totally unexceptional priority. she has a fast punch but the range is crap. her throws SUCK, her pounces SUCK, her floats SUCK. she has to be as mechanical as jacky if she wants to win (or, alternatively, the player hope that he can get away with PPu+P and d+K+E "trickery" for at least a little while); if a player tries to have fun with her (as yupa and clem try/tried), they'll usually get reamed.

    she gets my vote for most boring character in vf3. she was great in vf2 but sega sucked all the life out of her in vf3.

    "What we got here is a failure to communicate..."
  17. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas Well-Known Member

    Well, what about 4, then? What's your take on Sarah now?

    I agree that she has her weaknesses in VF3, but she's got a lot of weapons and some speed to boot. She's always been among my favorite fighters.

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  18. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    If you want to win with Sarah at a very high level, you must know what the guaranteed counters are. Especially the ones involving her double rising knee, d+P+K,K, and so on. And you have to have a great moonsault and okizeme game. Also, don't underestimate her d+K,K.

    Moves like d/f+K+G (unless for okizeme), illusion kicks and even her elbow-knee are mostly for beginners and intermediate Sarah players and are hardly used by top tier Sarah players.

    The last time I was in Japan, and admittedly that was a long time ago, the one player I had the most trouble against was Muscles Sarah. I was more frustrated playing against him than against others like Se-Girl, Chibita, etc. Maybe it's just me, but he's a great model for what Sarah is truly capable of.
  19. uk_kid

    uk_kid Well-Known Member

    she gets my vote for most boring character in vf3. she was great in vf2 but sega sucked all the life out of her in vf3.

    I've been saying this for quite a while now. Glad someone (as experienced as yourself) agrees with me. In VF2 Sarah was my secondary character (behind Kage), but now she does seem rather dull.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    why do you guys say that sarah's pounce sucks? IT used to be one of the better pounces in the game, certainly better than kage's, akira's, and lion's

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