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Hiroyuki Miyazaki Interview on MyNavi News

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jul 6, 2021.

By akai on Jul 6, 2021 at 10:26 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    An interview with Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Deputy General Manager of SEGA Japan Asia Publishing Division by Manabu Okayasu from the My Navi News website. It is a fairly detailed interview that not only focuses on Japan's gaming community but also discuss Virtua Fighter in other countries.

    Please note the original article is in Japanese; however, you can get a fairly decent translation by Google on My Navi News website. Just note there could be some aspects of the article that gets lost in translations. Some of the main talking points from the article are posted here.


    - On choosing to remake VF5FS instead of a new iteration of Virtua Fighter for esports: Sega's esports division was created in 2018 and the Virtua Fighter x esports project started in September 2020.

    - Miyazaki does not rule out game balance changes if needed, but new characters and techniques are unlikely.

    - Miyazaki joked how Sega has not always done stuff that generate profits. To my understanding of the article, the Virtua Fighter x eSports project was given permission to be made as part of Sega's 60th Anniversary and not necessarily that the game will generate profit for the company.

    - Miyazaki stated that the Virtua Fighter series seem to be popular in Japan and the surrounding region, but less popular in the western countries. Thus, he was going to focus developing the game for Japan. However, more people in Europe and the United States have downloaded the game than in Japan. So they need to consider developing the game scene for both Japan and the overseas market.


    - Okayasu asked about the downloads, and Miyazaki emphasized for a second time he wants to expand Sega's esports to other countries (tournaments).

    Additional Translation
    Twitter user @gosokkyu has a thread translating a bit more from the interview:

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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jul 6, 2021.

    1. Rodnutz
      Thus, he was going to focus developing the game for Japan. However, more people in Europe and the United States have downloaded the game than in Japan. So they need to consider developing the game scene for both Japan and the overseas market.

      F*** YOU! Seriously, this irks me to know end because it's just as we suspected. This game was primarily made for the JP VF market to get into eSports. Hence, the lack of single player content that westerners often like.

      Shame... Shame.... Shame! If this incoming patch don't fix many things and they don't release the rest of the items for FREE soon, I'm sorry to say it, but this game is dead. It will be deader than what it's become over the past few weeks.
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    2. Adam Gibson
      Adam Gibson
      Is the game dead? I never have trouble finding matches and I'm still having a great time.

      At any rate, I see this as good news. Historically, and particularly when it comes to Virtua Fighter, sega has had a misconception about some of it's more japanese IPs ability to succeed in the west so a potential VF6 developed for a *worldwide* market would mean some pretty neat developments i.e. rollback netcode, western fighting styles(boxing?) !!!BIG HITSPARKS!!! and such.

      I'm like 98% sure item packs will be released like every two months, be relatively underwhelming, cost 10 bucks each and I'm definitely going to end up buying them all.
    3. Myke
      OP updated with an additional translation from twitter user @gosokkyu. Be sure to navigate through to the twitter link in order read the entire thread, which reveals some very interesting insights into the development of this latest remake!

      Also, @Rodnutz, why are you so upset at what was stated? You and I both know that, historically, the VF never had the popularity in the west so it shouldn't really come as a surprise to learn that they were going to focus on Japan. The strategy to make it available for "free" via PlayStation Plus was a clever one, a low cost way to test the market. Given how VF5US in the western markets has exceeded their expectations so far, I would say the test has been a success, to the extent that the external market is now on their radar!

      We'll just have to wait and see what they have in store for us.
    4. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      I hope they have more in store for us than just some matchmaking updates and an US official tournament.
    5. Rodnutz

      I am more upset than usual because I kind of expected too much. I never expected the game's rerelease to be revolutionary, but I hard strong hopes for improved single player content and maybe some slightly better training mode options for new players.

      In addition, beyond the first week of the games release, the online experience just seems to be getting worse with each passing day. I stopped playing rank entirely because the match making is extremely bad to the point it's frustrating. Last night I played some room matches and kept getting disconnected from the game's network for no apparent reason. Sometimes while waiting for a match and a few times during a match. At one point I was locked out and couldn't connect for about 5 minutes. Top it all off, when I finally did log back in I was greeted with a warning message for quitting and if I repeated it I would be punished. Seriously? I didn't quit. The network kicked me! Anyway, when it works, it works great! However, that patch can't get here soon enough.

      All in all, what I want more than anything at this point is more transparency for the western market moving forward. A good place to start would be to provide the western VF community with a timeline in regards to fixes and in game content. The lack of information and promotions for the western market is disappointing. Unlike all the things and kumite promotions they are doing for the Asian market. I understand that that is their focus at the moment, but what are their plans for us? If they appreciate our support so much then give us something. Like I said, a timeline for fixes, content update or how they will address the eSports scene here would be a great to start.
    6. OniwabanCL
      "on the prospects of balance changes, new characters, moves, etc: if there's anything egregiously unbalanced from a competitive standpoint it'll be corrected, but adding new characters, moves, etc would require a lot of work and isn't something he can really comment on atm"

      That's an interesting point, maybe the team are discussing about new moves and characters. And yes, it's difficult in terms of balance add new content, but its a possibility. for now, I just want the team could fix some old animations, I think it'll be helpful to attract more new players (for example Lion has beautiful animations but some throws and moves are really outdated and its seems so weird with the overall animations, it take you away from the game)
    7. Rodnutz
      FIX JACKY'S BROKEN WALL GAME! Why we gotta lose 80 to 160 points of damage because of multiple super safe moves that can cause wall staggers at the slightest touch.
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    8. SDS_Overfiend1
      Stop crying weak ass. What Denkai does to you don’t apply to Jacky overall cause you keep falling for his slop. Akira hits harder than him and has gb for every situation plus better wall damage. Stop playing timid free your goddamn mind after 15 years of this shit and recognize ABARE IS STILL A DEFENSIVE OPTION. Shame on your for this thinking this game was anything more than a Shinier FS.
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    9. Rodnutz
      I understand y'all Jacky players must stick together! Beat it noob!
    10. SDS_Overfiend1
      Fuck you Rodney... 20 years in your still getting served. Stop crying and step your shit up Weak ass.
    11. Rodnutz
      Clearly “ noob “ was not sarcasm enough lol. Aight man you made your point. I’ll abare 150% more near walls and stop talking badly about your broken character.
    12. masterpo
      Agreed, at the minimum they could give us a roadmap.:meh: Now, if they don't know what they're planning to do in 2021 for the western market, that's another story. But if they have specific plans why not share them with the western market. What do they have to lose if they share, or what are they gaining by not sharing:cautious: Actually they could be losing players, because ppl who have played VF5US feel like its just too bare bones to keep playing.

      And why couldn't they have just made a complete port of VF5FS and gave us the single player content from that game? From what I understand its already been done, and can be unlocked or hacked in one of the Yakuza games:confused:

      I've already stopped playing VF5US and have gone back to VF5FS where I have more content. If Sega doesn't release at least one significant single player mode for VF5US, I'll move it off my main menu, leave it on secondary storage, play it holidays here and there and call it day. The hit sparks are already a big enough blemish on the game to make me shelve it. If VF5US ends up with no single player content, and does not add an option to turn hit sparks off, I'll put VF5US on my list as the worst VF ever produced:notworthy: an outlier, and anomaly to be noted but not really played. :(

      Exactly, not to mention the fact that about 80% of the rooms are locked or private. And if you go into the rooms that are not locked or private and you have any named rank beyond Defender there is a reasonable chance you'll get kicked before you play a match.

      If the VF5US is really just an online mode targeted primarily at the Japanese e-sports market then I'll move on..... There are definitely new (modern) fighting games coming out that have single player content and are not focused on the Japanese e-sports market...

    13. SDS_Overfiend1
      apologies… I’m typing on my Andriod and when I said weak ass I had laughter emoji’s that didn’t show up just like my last post when I said “Fuck You Rodney” . It’s looks like I was going to another place with which I wasn’t. My bad. Oddly enough I’m feel Akira is broken in the hands of a veteran when I know he is not. Don’t abare on my behalf. Just don’t rule it out as a form of defense. That was my intent to you.
    14. Myke
      If @masterpo posts a trailer to the SIFU game one more time...
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    15. Rodnutz
      We good man! You know me, I don't such words to heart. I was just amused that you missed my sarcasm.

      Anyway, indeed I do need to abare more and with bigger moves. Actually, I abare a lot, but it's often with 2p or other super safe moves. With the exception of body checks, throwing out random knees and Yohos like the people's champion Akira Smurf has never really been my thing. And like the old dog I am, it's very hard for me to change 20-25 years of bad habits.

      Lastly, no matter what you say suckah, your character is still ASS and will always be ass in my book.
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    16. Tha_FeauchA
      Speaking of Jacky. I've been trying to learn him these last couple of weeks. That boy is BAD, lol. And hella slick, too. It's fun messing around with him.
    17. Tricky
      Watching top tier character players complain about each others characters is music to my ears. Nerf em both sega
      Rodnutz likes this.
    18. SSfox
      Jacky watched too many times Bruce Lee movies, you can't nerf him.
    19. kungfusmurf
      << People's Chump NOT champ OK!

      Wo wo wo, WTH why are you dragging me into this? What because I'm also old, grumpy, overly sensitive, stubborn, picky & blind? Oh wait that last part.. I'll do less knees now.

      @Shang is so right, w/o the HATE. VF is beyond dead outside of JP OK.

      Lastly all this is not @Tricky's fault OK, just saying.
      Last edited: Jul 11, 2021
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