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Homestay Akira's Virtua Education

Discussion in 'Dojo' started by Myke, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. shadowmaster

    shadowmaster Well-Known Member

    There isn't any need to hate on each other it doesn't matter who is right or wrong really. We really need to get back on topic, this negativity isn't needed here
  2. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    U are correct shadowmaster. Let's stay on topic, My main point is in line with Master Homestay's recommendations. You get strong by correcting your mistakes, focusing on and improving one issue at a time. Learning what you did wrong during a loss and what you did right. Studying your replays, looking for your weak points, noticing your opponents strong points and weak points during the replay.

    When I've loss and really didn't know what hit me, and I managed to save the replay, I'll go back review it, I often write down the move sequences between me and my opponent and then review what my possibilities were at each turn, and how come I didn't take the winning possibilities if there were any.

    Take one issue at a time. Do analysis of your mistakes and losses, puts you on the road to being strong.

    BTW haters, I've loss a match or two to some VFDC players. And the players I play against daily and weekly are in the college circuit(USA Ohio, USA PA, USA Michigan) some of them are on VFDC and choose not to say anything [​IMG] Anonymity is a power idea right? Again people pleez think b4 you post [​IMG]
  3. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    Tengu, First of all,., The thing about deep in Japanese forest had me laughing so hard I was in tears [​IMG] Really [​IMG] I am a big fan of the Ninja, I laughed my ass off when I read that yesterday. I appreciate the sense of humor.

    But on the real, I am very serious about my losing. Here's why,no one, I mean no one picks up a fighting game as deep as virtua fighter, Tekken, or SC and has complete mastery of it from the start. Sure at the beginning you may win a few matches and lose a few (all depending on who your initial competition is)

    But ultimately if you play enough people you will meet somebody who you can't beat, no matter how hard you try. You may find yourself wondering why, what does the other person have that you don't, what skills, what timing, is it just they are faster? Do they know something about the game you don't, or is their character somehow faster or stronger than yours?

    I first had to take this medicine back in the days of Tekken 2, I could stomp my brothers, and a few friends that would stop by my place, so I thought I was the $#@! Until I got served at a arcade by a girl who was my age!!! She totally destroyed me. Prior to that, I thought I could not be beat. I brought out my best Lei Wulong and she served me again and again with Paul Phoenix. And she was kind of chubby, not really that fast, I couldn't understand how she beat me over and over.

    From that time until now, I have been fascinated by my own mistakes, bad habits, stupid assumptions, and short comings. Asking myself why did I prefer to do a string of moves that everybody knows is unsafe. Why would I press offense when my opponent was clearly baiting me with simple counter attacks.

    I found out I developed bad habits, by playing the same old people all the time, by playing against the computer, by playing for style instead of victory. I found out that I couldn't win in a 2 round match, or 4 round match, I needed it to be 3 or 5. I found out I was dependant on hearing the sound
    of the game. If someone came in during a match and they were playing loud music, or talking to loud, I'd get my arse kicked.

    But one, by one, just like Master Homestay's advice, I worked each aspect of my game, starting with my mistakes, bad habits, short comings, stupid assumptions. Until I could beat most opponents. But there was always someone who I could not beat and who would reveal an entirely new set of weaknesses on my part.

    So I decided around the time of VF4 to be a student of loss, always looking for some one to show me a new set of my weaknesses, so I would have something to improve on. Eventually, I begin to study not only my own mistakes and weaknesses but the mistakes and weaknesses of my opponents.

    Now, studying loss is what makes the game fun for me. The following statement is going to sound Zen but I don't know how else to put it. I now spend my time during the game figuring out how I can use my opponents weaknesses to control my own weaknesses. I am very serious about this. No jokes here.

    Think about it, everybody can win. Find a few cheap move sequences, take advantage of lag, use a few mind games, even depend on luck every now and then. But deep down everyone knows
    they'll eventually lose.

    But to be able to control loss, now that's power. To only lose when, where, and how you choose, that takes absolute mastery of yourself, your opponent, and the game.

    A man that has mastered his loss is a man that can anticipate and control his mistakes, bad decisions, reflexes, and erroneous assumptions. Such man does not need to win, because the victory is in self control.

    Nope, Tengu I'm not kidding about losing. Not at all [​IMG]
  4. sanjuroAKIRA

    sanjuroAKIRA Well-Known Member

    I read this article nearly every time I come to vfdc now. Beautiful, inspiring stuff.

    Time to go climb some stairs.
  5. SDS_Overfiend1

    SDS_Overfiend1 Well-Known Member

    Really? I guess i'm trying to master the win. I Hate losing period.
  6. TheWorstPlayer

    TheWorstPlayer Well-Known Member


    I just wanted to write his name to see how many
    paragraphs he can come up with.
  7. ShinyBrentford

    ShinyBrentford Well-Known Member

    ha! ha! ha! We still love yeah. Get on the xbox and play us po.
  8. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    Truth be told, I don't do Xbox [​IMG] I know the ppl who have it, r happy with it, but I'm a playstation person from PS1. And the new Sony Home virtual world is so advanced and future looking, I don't think that I could evr switch. Even when my PSN exclusivity contract expires.

    Maybe someday they'll come up with Tech that will allow PSN players to play XBL players. N the mean time assume that if we played, I would lose [​IMG]

    BLACKSTAR You'll find him on the grind Staff Member Media Manager Content Manager Sarah

    ah yes, this post still has some helpful advice. glad I went back to read it :D
  10. Kamais_Ookin

    Kamais_Ookin Well-Known Troll

    Kamais Ookin
    Where's the other chapters?

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