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    mann!! i just dont understand the logic in akira's knee, please explain HOW to do it (not just the motion)

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  3. BK__

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    Re: more

    please reply soon!!
  4. gribbly

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    do you mean in VF2, 3 or 4?

    2 or 3 it's K+G, but you can only press G for one frame. These means you have to sort of brush the G button as you press the K button. It's not hard to get, but it's tricky to do reliably under pressure.

    I haven't played VF4 yet so I don't know about that...
  5. CreeD

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    Re: more

    The question was answered dude! But if you missed it or want a little more -

    You press K+G and let go of G as quickly as possible (but you still must keep pressing K for a little longer). In other words, if you were to press both K+G for exactly 1/60th of a second, you won't get it, but if you press K+G, let go of G within 1/60th of a second, and keep holding K, then it will work.
    The trick people have when trying it is to A: holding down on the stick can help, since that makes you do a low kick instead of a goofy high kick. B: using your first two fingers, sorta scrape your pointer finger across G while you press and hold kick.

    It's a lot of work for a move that isn't all that wonderful =)

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  6. BK__

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    Re: more

    thanks alot, i mean, i've been playing the virtuafighter series for years now and i just didnt get it!! (stupid motion!!) i mean, it's not as if akira has any f+k motions, why not just pull it off with that like everyone else!!

    (i used to pull it off by fluke while pulling trying a dragon lance combo, and to think i am an akira specialist!)(*sigh*)

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  7. CreeD

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    Re: more

    Part of the reason that it's not the same as everyone else's is that akira was supposed to be played differently from the other characters, even since VF1. That's why he didn't get the pppk or upknife or normal knee or powerful pounce.
    The other reason is that akira has very strong float combos once you get the opponent in the air. He would be a little too strong if he had an easy move to float the enemy that didn't require him to be crouching. (his D,f+P+K is easy, but you have to risk ducking to use it, and ducking usually takes a little time, even if you use modified shoulder rams).

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  8. BK__

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    Re: more

    yeah, i see what you mean, and i am already starting to get the hang of akira's knee thanks to you guys

    he's been my favorite since the beggining

    if you want to launch your opponent quick and easy, you either ....
    (a) use d+p+g to get them out of a block and then tap f,f,k to launch them high.

    (b)if you feel insercure about crouching to launch them, use d/f, p+k,
    this will either stun them for a second so you can easily tap f+p+K
    (you are already crouching)

    or.. the first hit will get a critical launching them any way, them you can tap punch, and straight after, dragon lance combo

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