How does everyone customize their Jacky?

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Foondogg, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. Foondogg

    Foondogg Well-Known Member

    Just wondering what everyone's Jacky looks like.
    Mine wears the outfit #9 or 10 (i dont remember). Its the one with the white undershirt and solid black pants and vest. I keep his default shoes, cuz i wish i could change the color of the shoes he wears. I have him wear the Wing Head Emblem, and he wears the blue sunglasses. Although i DO have the red bandanna, i wear the blue one because it matches my color scheme better. heheh after all this when i play him in Kumite mode, my boy Jack looks like a regular thug.
  2. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    My AI, Scrubby J, uses whatever items/costume he acquired the last time /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Oanray_Kur

    Oanray_Kur New Member

    I have color coordinate 3
    Blue sunglasses
    The gold pendant thingy
    And brown boots
  4. i have the blue bandana, silveredge pendant, b & w high tops, white pants, tank top, blue turtle neck, blue stripe down pants for 1p

    for 2p: red bandana/a hairstyle, fire emblem on back, black sunglasses, default colored pants and jacket, red sleeves and undershirt

    thats about it
  5. zoomercide

    zoomercide Member

    I was what rank do you get the DEEP GREEN tank top for Jacky (1st player color). I really want it!!!
  6. BoxANT

    BoxANT New Member

    2nd player outfit. DEFAULT PANTS!
    Iron Horse emblem, silver pendent, deep red arms, yellow collar, the black shades... and hats r for wusses gotta let the hair breath... oh and the black T

    character: Jacky
    name: Ant
    rank: Hero
    %win: 81
  7. stanj

    stanj Member

    black pants, black tank top, cobalt turtleneck, silveredge pendant, sunglasses, and brown boots.
  8. death_raven

    death_raven Well-Known Member

    my 1st player is wearing red pants and tank top with white turtle neck and pants line, with the red bandana, golden crest pendant, and rimless sunglasses

    my 2nd player color has everything in black, with the firesoul emblem, golden crest pendant, brown wig, and brown sunglasses its pretty trippy

    rank : conqueror
    wins/losses : 576/155
    win % : 78%
  9. Kali

    Kali Well-Known Member

    1st player outfit:

    Glasses: Rimless Sunglasses
    Neck: Rollerhead Pendant
    Shoes: High-tops (B&W)
    Head: Short Hair (Brown)

    Tank top: White
    Turtleneck: Matte black
    Pants: Black
    Pants (line): White
    - - - - -
    2P outfit:

    Glasses: Sunglasses
    Neck: Gold Crest Pendant
    Back print: VictoryWing Emblem
    Head: Long Hair (Red)

    T-shirt (inner): Light blue
    Outer arm: Deep green
    Collar: Deep green
    Pants: Default

    rank: High King
    wins/losses: 816/140
    ratio: 85%
  10. tzgorr1

    tzgorr1 Well-Known Member

    I dressed my Jacky in an all white outfit. He's just pure white, even his necklace is.
  11. Kousotsu

    Kousotsu Well-Known Member

    Character Name: Rock Howard
    1p Outfit
    Turtle Neck: Muttle Black
    Tank Top: Red
    Pants: Black
    Line: Red
    Boots: Defualt
    Head: Red Bandana

    2p Outfit
    Under Shirt: White
    Sleaves: Grey
    Pants: Blue
    Head: Dark Blue Glasses

    Where time is but a loop, A lose stitch in the universal cloth, A streamer might seize apon a chance, A fatal slip, And plunge the fate of planets into Chaos.
    Quoted By Mobeus (Soul Reaver)
  12. OakAthleticsRule

    OakAthleticsRule New Member

    Where'd you get the Brown Sunglasses? I've been lookin forever.

    Oh yea, does anyone know how to get Jacky's cap?
  13. Slayer

    Slayer Well-Known Member

    You get the cap from Lead foot.<font color="aqua"> You need your 2nd player outfit. </font color><font color="red"> He is at 1st kyu. </font color>
  14. Aoimaster

    Aoimaster Well-Known Member

    Someone finally asked this question? I dress him so he looks super sayian, with his normal blonde hair, those orange sunglasses, the orange pants with blue stipes, orange shirt, and that dark blue undershirt....KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAA, beat the crap out of goku!!!!!!! /versus/images/icons/blush.gif
  15. Slayer

    Slayer Well-Known Member

    Dark Jacky
    1P 9th cord.
    2P 9th cord.
    Blue sunglasses
    High tops green
    Gold crest necklace
    Red Bandanna
    Fire soul emblem
    gold crest necklace
    Blue badanna
    Blue Sunglasses
    Well thats mine!

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