How many have gotten so close to 100 then lost when near it? :(

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Panther, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Panther

    Panther Member

    i decided to try sarah in kumite and realized she is a beast against the cpu, that cant handle her flamingo kicks, they fall for it alot except for vanessa, akira, aoi, etc, that will reverse it after awhile, but anyway in afew hours i took sarah from 3rd to 9th dan and a 89 game win streak to lose to a CONQUERER LEVEL AKIRA, he simply reversed almost everything i throw at him it went down to the last round to about 5percent life both of us but i had to him only on counters and guaranteed moves and throws, he would reverse anything else, but im sure i can beat him but im not about to play 89 more games tonight, so i retire sarah and her quest for 100 wins till tommorow nite or wednesday, so has anyone else gotten so close only to be stopped near the end, and how many things did you break or throw or cuss at the machine!!? LOL, i only did the cussing and smashing my fist in the ground /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  2. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    I got stopped at 48 by a stormlord Akira... At least I'm past the hero ranking now... I usually go about 15~25 in a row before doing something stupid and losing... I'm trying to find more interesting ways to cheese the CPU now... but when I'm in a pinch, PKG~throw usually saves me.
  3. Panther

    Panther Member

    Yupa i sorta remember you, did you used to be in any tourneys for Vf3 or VF2? do you know Catlord or remember someone named superdoug?
  4. Typhoon

    Typhoon Well-Known Member

    Ugh nasty flashbacks to last night. Heh.
    I was earnestly trying to gain my 100 last night. I got to about 52 and nearly lost a match due to sleep deprivation (was 6am... up all nite). Then I busted out the cheeze. Got to 77 fights and the count was 2 and 2 against a Champion Jacky. The fight was going in his favor and I was seriously tempted to pause and exit, fearing I would have wasted the whole damn night. But I stuck to my no workarounds mentality and got my momentum up at the last moment. I pressured him to the wall and scored a beautiful float. I laced his ass intot he wall until I whiffed one of my kicks due to bad wall stagger timing. He jazzed me with a quick canned 3string and I was nearly ded. So was he. I went nuts on the jabs. High, low, low, .. he was guarding like a madman and not putting himself at risk. I bolted upright and yelled out loud, sure I had him guard lcoked and throwable. As is my penchant before a throw, I slapped him upside the head with a d/f+p before the throw. Ooops... he autoparried and responded with the backfist... and it was KO! NOOOOOOO!!!
    What a pisser.
    I am now determined to get my 100 win by beating a mirror match in the future. Damn the 100wins in a row! Heh.
  5. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Shhh.... you don't want Derrick/dynamic-league to see that name... /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
    SD is a legend around these parts... like Joji Suzuki, Colin Leong
    and Mason Wood... but Mason has returned to us! /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif

    Yeah, I'm the same guy from rgva days... Doug and I used to meet up half way in Toronto to play VF2 and VF3. I don't remember a Catlord, but could that be the other wandering wise man... Motor City Jacky? Are you Doug's friend that tagged along to the Montreal and Toronto tournaments? I forgot the name... I remember Korean BBQ and talking about rock music... =)

    Yoicks... on topic to this thread, I finally eeked out a victory with 3 excellent rounds to get Sarah's anchor necklace. Beat up a 5th dan Wolf with dragon cannon~~punch~~switch kick~~kickflip~~repeat. Now I'm stuck winning all these spheres and handing them over to Mukky Akira and PK Akira... argh! Those 2 don't fall for the patterns the other kumite dumb-asses do... /versus/images/icons/frown.gif
  6. Panther

    Panther Member

    LOL! well you are close, im not motor city Jacky, he moved to Cali years ago however I did go with Doug to one of the VERY BIG Toronto tourneys its was between 60-80 people i think and i was the only black guy there the rest was 70 percent asian and 29 percent white, and to cause QUITE the upset i came in SECOND PLACE! i lost to some guy named only "JOE" most of the players in the tourney didnt even speak english, they just BOWED! LOL, but my name is Dion, it was on the VF dojo forum and a few others when i placed that high, Doug and Motor City Jacky was my sparring partners so i got real good real quick back then, i have not pllayed VF3 in about 3 years and thats about the last time i have seen SD, now that im outta retirement now that VF4 has came out i need to reach DOUG, if you know his last name or where i can get a hold of him pm it to me, i have to get some super comp practice for this tourney coming in IOWA in less than 2 weeks, maybe i met you at that tourney and dont remember that was almost 5 years ago,

    by the way, i know EXACTLY what u mean about sarah she is breezing thru the kumite way faster than my pai or shun is, and i got a triple perfect several times and i didnt get a special item for it? and it was high level matches too, i have lots of necklaces whats special about the one you have so i can see if i have that one too, i have 3 spheres now too all different colors...
  7. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member


    just on a strange item-related note, did you know that certain items are unlocked by getting hit with Sarah's 3/4 throw in flamingo (gattling beat whatever)? Saw this in a magazine that listed all the requirements, thought you'd be interested.

  8. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    I knew you weren't MC Jacky... you would have used the code word! =)

    But I did confuse you with another guy that had tagged along with Doug before--white guy with blond hair, many piercings, that also used Sarah. Doug's last name is Cole IIRC. He's sited as a reference in Joji's VF2 Akira FAQ. It might be there too. We don't know where he's at either... "JOE" is the legendary Jo Shun. He's in mainland China now... we miss him too...

    I've only done a triple excelent once, and I got a treasure chest. When I checked, the new item was the anchor necklace. Pretty cool design, as it's a fish and anchor in one. I prefer the butterfly choker tho... and I have to wear the bunny ears if my neice is in the house... =)

    I've gotten up to 6 spheres at one time, but I keep running into PK Akira and Mukky Akira... they will each gain a full set from me at this rate... /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif also Ph34r Me Aoi has a couple of my spheres, but I can win them back from her... blue haired bitch.

    I think if you collect all 7 spheres you might get blue streaked hair... not sure...
  9. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    I didn't know that... I don't think a kumite Sarah has done that to me yet... maybe I'll set that up in a vs. match to see what happens...

    Anyone else notice getting something after Sarah did the flamingo 270 throw to them?
  10. Panther

    Panther Member

    LOL, nope didnt know the code word, the guy you are talking about is FRANKIE he came with us, i Had the better Pai he had the better sarah, but we were basically equally matched,

    RIGHT, Jo SHUN, cause i was told i was beaten only by some well known legend China, gave him a good match too but his Jacky was too much for me back then, but still to come in second place among so much foreign top notch comp is still my shining achievement in the VF 3 days, i hope to take it up a notch in VF4 now that im outta retirement, , and thanks for Dougs last name i might be able to find him another way i know of the store he buys his games from i going to go up there and look at the preorder list for his tele number! /versus/images/icons/smile.gif im sure he wont mind, we used to love going at it in VF him Frankie and MC jacky was my only real comp in that game, by the way during the time i posted last and you replied, i JUST got all 7 SPHERES!!!!! FINALLY at 4:30am i wasnt gonna stop till i got it, i got 6, then LEI FEI (forgot which rank, something over king) took one of them for me, (That bastard and his stance switching moves that seem to inashi moves when he does them) then i fought about 11 more matches not losing anymore then got back to him only for him to take ANOTHER FUCKIN SPHERE!! then it seem like the comp realized he was my hardest fight and threw about 3 or 4 lei's back to back at me, but i got one sphere back from jacky, then finally got back to his bald ass and beat the hell out of him no rounds cause i was determined to get that last sphere, so after i won, all the spheres disappeared then starting appearing at the bottom of the screen one by one real fast in a row and then the chest popped up between them then the orbs starting merging into the chest, (PRETTY COOL I MIGHT ADD)

    only problem is i got about 4 or 5 items during that streak so when i saved and went to check i dont know which item was the 7 orb item?!!? i had the anchor necklace, a heart necklace a star necklace and i think something called zipper earings, secret choker , new sunglasses, one or two of those were already there, i dont know which one was the 7 sphere one though, i think it was one of the necklaces though, either the heart, 7 ball necklace or something like that, i dont know but i have lots of items now, about over 24 i think, someone can confirm which necklace it was when they get 7, im going to try to get 7 again to see what else i can get or if its only a one time deal....
  11. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    Speaking of Jo Shun, has anybody heard from him since he went to China?
  12. bfnh

    bfnh Member


    i remember the names yupa and superdoug from the rgva days, i was more of a reader back then and hadn't adopted the "bfnh" moniker yet.
    did most of my posting on rgva & under one of many dead aliases.

    anyway...longest streak is 49, not even close to 100, and i was tired and pissed cuz i couldn't get out of the subjugator rankings. i get tired of matches somewhere around the 30 victory mark. i normally just play until my person ranks up or until i get a new unknown item and i will quit out to check my treasure.

    how did i lose? well, it was against jacky, and i dropped one of the rounds by trying wolf's u/f+k+g for a ringout, landed it, he floated, i slid out and touched the ground first. i'm pretty sure my spirit was broken after that as i dropped the contest 3-1 in jacky's favor. i felt like such a loser and stopped playing for the rest of the day.
  13. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    YES! Now I know who you are! I was thinking of Frankie. That's right. =)
    Good luck finding Doug. If you do, let him know about us here and about virtuaproject. He's got a lot of old friends that'd like to catch up or at least say "hi." Tell him that #vfhome is still alive and kicking too...

    Plasma is in HK now and sent us an email letting us know a little about Jo, but nothing really specific. He's still playing VF though, that's for sure. I've heard stories from someone else that a few players fear/dislike playing him because of his "safe" style of play. But that's when VF4 was really new... I'm sure Jo has progressed beyond that now like he did with VF2/3.

    Congrats on getting all the spheres. I keep going back and forth between 2 and 5 spheres as I lose and win vs. the same group of such-n-such-lord fighters and high kings. I've taken 2 spheres from Dural, but my nemesis are still the tan and black Akira's, Mukky and PK. PK King had 4 of my spheres at one point... ass wipe. Heh, at one point this morning, I kept on fighting a bunch of ranking matches, about 4 out of 7 matches in a row. They were all demotion matches for the CPU opponent. I'm stuck at Demonlord at the moment.

    Hmm... I have all of the items you've mentioned except for the heart necklace. That's probably the 7 sphere item for Sarah. I got the anchor necklace after I won a match against Wolf with 3 perfect rounds. I got the matching anchor earings from Muscles Sarah. It could be the 7 ball necklace, but I think that's something you can steal from a low dan or even a kyu level CPU opponent. I'll have to chk my inventory... I either already have the 7 ball necklace or I'm confusing it with the greenleaf(?) necklace. I've seen purple star earings that go with the star necklace, but only when my neice was playing... I've don't think I've ever faced that particular Sarah in my own kumite play.

    Oh, and I won the bunny ears from a high king Sarah, but I then lost them to a 7 dan Sarah later on... sux, and she still has one of my spheres... I will have my vengence and reclaim what is MINE!!~!~ =)
  14. Panther

    Panther Member

    Good , Glad you remember me now:) hope you all have some big tourneys i can go to over there this spring or summer, I will find Doug somehow and let him know what you said, by the way When i reached either champion on conqueror, i had atleast 4-7 ranking matches straight TOO!! and they were ALL demotions for me if i LOSE! whats up with that shit! they all wanted me back down to the next level, but i won them all, heheh, wonder why i have gotten all the spheres and have a 94% ratio of wins but have not fought DURAL yet, and thanks for clearing up how i got that anchor necklace, i got a triple perfect too and got a gift for it but didnt know what it is, i normally just play straight thru till i lose or have to leave the house so when i check to see what gifts i have in edit mode its always several and i dont know from which matches /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    i have gave VF4 a rest for about 2 days its been a day since i got the spheres and i will return to VF4 tommorow, cause i have been playing it straight for almost 9 days many hours on end, and even taking paid sick days from work to stay home, now thats just SAD! so im on break till tommorow to progress more /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  15. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member


    Now that Jo is in shanghai...the word from his is that the shanghai boys are 'very strong' VFers fear of boredom if I ever find my ass on shanghai~ /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  16. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    I had a similar experience while I was demonlord... read the ranking guide and you'll see that any "lord" based opponent will give you a -1 point if you lose, but only the exact same level opponents will give you a +1 point. It does suck, but just keep winning and it solves the problem... =)

    I've fought Dural about 6 times now, and taken 2 spheres from her. I don't normally play for more than an hour or two at a time... I think I first fought her when I was subjugator class... I lost the first time, and she was back again 3 matches later. Weird that you haven't seen her yet. I'm at 81% win rate now, but I was in the 70's for most of my dan level fights.

    I finally got my first set of spheres too... met Kyasao (white Kage) for the first time and he had the white ball I needed. My 2 player Sarah now has the heart necklace on. I still need to reclaim the bunny ears tho... =)

    Kumite mode is like crack... It's hard to stop when you need to fight only one more same ranked opponent, or only need a couple of more spheres to complete a set... I actually look forward to playing high level Jeff's and Akira's now as they react differently to my set-ups and force me to think and change my tactics some.
  17. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    I'm glad Jo's having fun then.... he's like most of us... the tougher the challenge, the more enjoyment to be gained.
  18. Genie47

    Genie47 Well-Known Member

    High level Akiras are monsters. Like to do the low backfist for setup. Good thing there some slow wind-up animation to it so a good mid-level attacks stuffs them in the air. Jeffs are different altogether. The alternate between single and double Starfleet hammers and throws. Like to do the low kicks too.

    But Kyasao Kage (white) is quite crazy. All those Jumonji rolls and stuff. Kinda keeps you on your toes. But if he does it far away, a DC is good. But did I tell you he rolls away /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  19. tragic

    tragic Well-Known Member


    After playing like... 1000000000000000 games of Kumite with Sarah, I finally reached High King. Ok, so it was about 700-800 or so. Anyway, here's what my vs-cpu style evolved into.

    Start of round, d/b+k, d/f+p,k, u+k. f+k+g (opponent almost always tries to throw), d+p, then throw of your choice.

    Usually I throw with b,f+p+g, then dash back once, u/b+k+g their rising attack, another combo. If you use b,f+p+g too much, they will start to escape, soon as they do, quickly d+p again, and b+p+g (or f,d/b+p+g).

    This works on like, 99% of everyone in Kumite. Against those Akiras, start with same setup, sometimes the d/b+k wont MC at the opening, so just d/b+k, f+p,k. Same f+k+g, d+p, b,f+p+g throw setup. Then u+k Akiras low rising attack (he always goes low), b+k, u+k. If you can't get your pattern going, f+p, sidestep to his outside, sidethrow. Works very well.

    Against Jacky's and Sarahs, same setup, dashback after b,f+p+g throw, d/b+k their rising donkey kick.

    Everyone else is pretty much standard.

    One pattern that also works 99% of the time (once per match), is interrupt their attack with p,d+k, then quickly do another p,d+k, then either d/f+p,k, or f+p,k (the elbow knee works a bit less often). This sequence works on every opponent one time per match. I dunno why hehe.

    I hit 121 wins when I finally gave up. Fought Slicer (Sarah) and was going easy on her, and she beat me, stole my bunny ears LOL!. So I played again and got up to about 15 before I saw her again and took them back.

    Lemme know if any of ya' have any questions.


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