how much did Namco pay IGN ???

Discussion in 'General' started by NeoTokyo, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. NeoTokyo

    NeoTokyo Active Member

    how on eart does Tekken 4 gets a 9.4 score on IGN???

    I played the ps2 version of Tekken 4 and I don't understand anything how his game gets such a high rating.

    is it the gameplay? that can't be, because that is pretty bad. ofcourse it is has all these nice FMV and extra's but who cares. it is about gameplay. and on that part Tekken 4 sux a lot. also character movement is not so good too. To be sure that I didn't lost my mind I asked a friend of mine who worships Tekken. he admit that allthough he doesn't like Virtua Fighter 4. that Tekken 4 should not get that rating. he said a 7 or 8 would be alright.

    so how on earth gets Tekken 4 a 9.4 ??? even higher then Virtua Fighter 4. I am speechless. what do you guys think of this rating?
  2. Kaijima

    Kaijima Member

    Well, considering that I don't think the gameplay in Tekken 4 "sux" and I actually consider it to be the best in the series (unlike a lot of fighting game players, I don't stay stuck in the past if it's really not warranted), I think the rating is alright. They didn't rate VF4 as high because, well, in my -opinion- even though VF4 has gotten a LOT more respect than past episodes in the series, IGN still seems to have a little bit of "it's too weird, too otaku, too technical for NORMAL people!" attitude about it - so naturally they're going to rate the much more accessible Tekken a bit higher. But Tekken 4 does a lot that the series has never done - differentiating move sets and character flavor, getting rid of the Infinto-Floor (tm), and actually adding something decent for one player value to the home version (real story mode, interesting endings), even though VF4 still does beat it out for one player depth and playability (Kumite, AI training fun, god of all training modes), and so forth.

    -- Kai
  3. Murasame

    Murasame Well-Known Member

    Funny, you haven't mustered one sentence about the gameplay.
    (but don't do it now; for all I know you'll have dragged it from replies on my Tekken thread)
  4. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Lei Wulong says: "FU~REE~ZE!"

  5. cooks94

    cooks94 Well-Known Member

    well i bought virtua fighter 4 right when it came out and its great but they probably gave tekken 9.4 because of all the secret stuff you can unlock like extra charactors and modes. sure if you play kumite you can onlock a nifty pair of sunglasses or diffrent colors for the clothes but theres not as much to do if you dont want to compleatly master a charactor i love VF4 and want to master every charactor but some people (the stupid people) dont want to bother and take the time to get really good.
  6. sidneypoitier

    sidneypoitier Member

    yeah...i think its complete disgrace the bs that goes on at ign. Fucking jap import gets a higher score than VF4...which got perfect scores at gamespot and gamepro.
  7. King_Ruckus

    King_Ruckus Member

    The reviewer calls Christie Monteciero "Christina" in his review(Right there on the first page).

    That should tell you how reliable IGN is:).

    I'm a big Tekken fan, have been for YEARS, but overall I was disappointed with the T4 arcade version. The very first version had several glitches, most of which, in all fairness, were ironed out in later updates. But Namco brought most of them BACK for the Japanese home release:(.

    They are small glitches that most casual players wouldn't even know to look for, but they're very big to hardcore players.

    Christie actually freezes up if you move her around in a certain way, for anywhere from 2-4 seconds:(. Locks up. Taken out of the arcades, but still in the Japanese home version. Unbelievable.

    Steve has a mid hitting 9 frame jab, in a game dominated by jabs. Jabs are usually duckable in Tekken because they hit HIGH. This move hits MID, so it cannot be ducked. Consequently it's very hard to sidestep. Taken out of the arcades, back in the home version:(.

    The sidewalk isn't always accurate. Sometimes you get nailed when it's obvious that you shouldn't have. It's a nice innovation, but it was rushed.

    The person who reviewed T4 doesn't seem like a "hardcore" T4 player(hahaha....."Christina" /versus/images/icons/smile.gif ), so it's not really surprising that he didn't know about the stuff I've mentioned and how it effects gameplay. So his review was based on the overall experience he had with the game. At the beginning he also stated how excited he was to play, so factor that in too. Lastly, it's just HIS opinion. It's unfortunate that it'll influence a few newbies to the fighting genre, and might even push someone away from VF4 to T4 because of a measly tenth of a point , but it's still just an opinion.

    Personally, I feel I *have* put VF4 above T4 mainly because it's more balanced. I might have a bit more fun when I play a Tekken game(I find the characters more interesting, I like the storyline, some of the moves are unbelievable, but really cool to look at and pull off), but VF4 is more balanced, and honestly doesn't seem rushed as T4 obviously was.

    VF4 doesn't have endings, but that's not really important. Dural is the only unlockable character, but to really excel at the game, you have to truly make an effort to learn every character, which is more work than it is in T4, even though T4 has "more" characters. The mere fact that you can't reverse High and Mid attacks with the same parry or reverse(as is the case in Tekken games) shows how much more effort you have to put into the game. Dealing with mixups is made more challenging. You're not taking the time to find a defense against someone's "cheesy tactics", you're actually *learning* a character. It's more rewarding.

    All in all, just based on what I've heard about the Japanese home version of T4, I would have probably given it a 8.0 to 8.3. T4 is still a very fun game for fans of the series, but the tinkering that Namco did with the gameplay(which was supposed to make the game more accessible to "newbies" and for the most part succeeded) caused these glitches to appear, and the rushing of a buggy arcade game(supposedly 4 years in development.....a bullshit statement by Namco in my opinion) to console shows blatant disregard for "hardcore" fans and new players alike.

    If Namco takes the time to iron out the glitches the way they SHOULD HAVE for the Japanese version, I'll definitely pick up the US version. Without the glitches, the ranking goes up to maybe a 9 or a 9.1. I may find T4 more "fun" to play, but it's ultimately less balanced and less rewarding than VF4.

    It does not deserve a higher ranking.
  8. stompoutloud

    stompoutloud Well-Known Member

    Come on, it's just a freaking rating. Who really cares? Did the rating system of any site influence you from buying or not buying VF4? No, I think anyone who really wanted to play VF 4 or give it a shot until Tekken 4 comes out in the Ps2 will buy it. For all the others, some will rent it or see it at a store display or the arcade and say, "hey I want to go and check it out. " That's pretty much it. As for the ign people, they are not hardcore gamers per say. Meaning that they don't have time to play every game hardcore. Who does? (I emphasize the word every) So they have a job to do and they will sometimes really spend time on a game or not. That's just the way they are.
  9. CaptnWacky

    CaptnWacky New Member

    A review is nothing more than the reviewers personal opinion of the game. So one several occasions, their opinions will clash with your opinions. That doesn't mean that either is wrong, just that you like different things. It's simple. So keep playing the fighter that you prefer and let the fact that some reviewer at a website gave a different game .1 point higher to something that you felt didn't deserve it.
  10. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    Someone with a different opinion is fine, someone who gets facts wrong in a review is not. (Not specifically shadowjin's stuff here, just in general.)
  11. plan17

    plan17 Active Member

    no one is mad that his opinion differs from, well everyone else, but everyone is mad that his review is half-assed, and it's clear he has an idea what he's gonna give it from the start.
  12. Murasame

    Murasame Well-Known Member

    We care about reviews cause casual players go by them.... if one of us had a passing fancy in, say, football games, we'd probably go by some review. (oblivous to the presence of, in some other corner of the internet, a football forum, where people are yelling about ISS getting a higher score than FIFA /versus/images/icons/smile.gif ).
    People start on the 'outside' of a series... once they know what to expect from future games (or have become a hardcore fan) they don't need a review.
  13. Murasame

    Murasame Well-Known Member

    and it's clear he has an idea what he's gonna give it from the start
    I didn't notice that in Shadowjin's review but that does piss me off too...
  14. sayow

    sayow Well-Known Member

    Let's not be too hard on them

    <font color=yellow>IGN Insider checking in...

    Let's not be too hard on IGN here. In their latest edition of IGN Unplugged, the three editors -- Douglass C. Perry, David Smith and Jeremy Dunham -- unanimously voted Virtua Fighter 4 to be the better game. Jeremy Dunham orginally reviewed the game and seems to have recanted his feelings stating: </font color=yellow><font color=orange>"But there's just something about Kumite mode that forces me to go back to it almost everyday. Simulated arcade opponents and customizable characters give Sega's granddaddy slugger the slight edge." </font color=orange>

    SPINMASTER X Well-Known Member

    Namco didn't pay IGN to do reviews(look at tekken tag's review) its just that IGN sucks at reviewing fighting games. Tekken Tag was better than Tekken 4 cuz it was more balanced, less glitches and looked more refined yet Tekken 4 is full of glitches, very unbalanced and doesn't look super great but it gets a damn 9.4 while Tag gets a 7.8 or something.

    IGN could care less for gameplay, all they want is a gazillion extra modes and pretty colors.

    Hearing that Tekken 4 got a better score than Virtua Fighter 4 makes me wanna go postal, i just doesn't make sense. VF 4 is very balanced, very refined, looks very very nice and has some good extras and just the refinement alone should give it a perfect score.

    IGN sucks for fighting game reviews so just ignore them. Let them go back to mashing buttons and looking at all the pretty colors on Soul Calibur while we all go to TBzone and dl some match vids, heh.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    VF4 and Tekken 4 were reviewed by two different people on

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