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How to get Brad or any other Fighter shirtless?

Discussion in 'Brad' started by TurkishFighter, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hi fighters!

    I've seen a video, where were Lion, Akira and other male fighters shirtless. And also there were some equipment like sword and so on. Now is my question: I'm playing with Brad the Quest mode and I think I'm ranked now as 2nd kyu (I'm not sure but I already did 52 matches). And if I get into the shop I can't find shirtless or under character customization. Also I don't know what the last sector at the shop is, which says, I already got "Kugeltableus". Sorry, that I can't translate it into English, cause I got the German version for my X-Box 360.

    Today, is the first time I'm playing this.

    Thanks in advance for answers
  2. blossy1000

    blossy1000 Well-Known Member

    Lol, I love the name of this thread! Anyway, there are lots of items that can't be bought in the shop. You get them from item matches, filling up orb discs, winning tournaments or reaching certain ranks. Same with the shirtless "items".

    "Kugeltableus" would be the orb discs I suppose, if you have one you can't by another until it's filled with orbs (which you get from item matches). Then you get an item and can buy a new orb disc.

    Hope this helps and welcome to VFDC!
  3. ultralewis

    ultralewis Well-Known Member

    Infamous Geezer
    I can`t say specifically how to get them? Most of the alternate costumes are unlocked through completing quest tournamanets and beating certain rivals.

    Someone here will probably understand it better than I do.
  4. Tiripsem

    Tiripsem Well-Known Member

    This, and welcome to VFDC!

    You need to fight other players in Quest Mode and you may unlock it when enter a match that says "Item Battle". Another way of unlocking it can be through tournaments held at different arcades in Quest Mode.

    Good Luck [​IMG]
  5. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    Shirtless option is propably an orb item, iirc.
    Ie. buy orb disk from the shop, win rewards, get it filled with orbs, profit. When its done, buy a new orb disk, as there are multiple orb items.

    ps. If you want item rewards quickly, look into what is known as "Balloon trick".
  6. I, i unlocked it by winning a championship, but I can't find it nowhere?? :S Why? I also won big sunglasses, I can find them, but if I take a look at no shirt, there's no option and nothing in the shop? Hmm. Why?
  7. Tiripsem

    Tiripsem Well-Known Member

    If you unlocked it, it should be under the upper body category, usually the last one. If not, keep trying!
  8. Tha_FeauchA

    Tha_FeauchA Yosha! Silver Supporter

    Yea, i'm sure/guessing it's the same with all characters. But for mine with Akira, the shirtless option is in a category of its own and not with all the other shirts.

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