[Hydra] VF4 in Florida, what a wonderful thing!

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by UnCauzi, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    Good day gentleman,

    I would say that after such a successful congregation of Floridas finest VF4 players, due in part to a wonderful post by Ghost Dogg, I'd like to ask again. Any other Florida players out there? We have such a freindly, motivated atmosphere here in the sunshine state there has to be some other tip sipping chaps just waiting to show their talent!

    We have accounted for upwards of 9 individuals in Orlando where I'm from alone and we have just a smashing good time playing this wonderful game Sega has created. I'm proud to say that we represent just about every character here and play at very different levels, some are lower (punching) and some are higher, but there's definately a bit of variety. We all play for fun here, however, there are those who definately seek advanced competition. If you like playing a quiet game, we can oblige! Loud? Not a problem! Maybe you're a doody talker? Well you've come to the right place, we are just full to bursting with so much shit, that shittalking is never out of season. We've even extended our oral bowel movements to the world wide web; however, this feature has temporarily been disabled due to problems with the service provider. Apparently we've been taking up to much space.

    So if you're game and in town, or from out of town be sure to contact any of our local hosts. Enk!ndu, akira2001, Gaishou, Iron_Monkey Fist, Blonde One, The Dude, or myself UnCauzi for more information. So what are you waiting for?!?

    P.S. February 24th will feature a VF4 tournament during OD: The Revival at Rockys Replay with a 10 dollar entry fee, triple elimination. Winner take all.

    Tournament Press- There will be a VF4 tournament at Flippers in Miami, sometime in April, featuring a 100 dollar base prize, more to be continued.

    FL VF community- UnCauzi, Enk!ndu, and The Human Raquet, possibly slated to represent Florida VF4 during March Madness in Philadelphia.
  2. gaishou

    gaishou Well-Known Member

    hear ye hear ye, uncauzi speaks the truth!!! /versus/images/icons/smile.gif good games today btw. i am actually enjoying playing wolf of all people. were you yelling "i suck dick" when on DDR?? /versus/images/icons/smile.gif today was actually very fun. i enjoyed playing everyone, even enk. good games once more.
  3. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    Yeah man, that was a LOT of playing. Haven't done that in quite some time. Really I shouldn't have played that much since I'm kind of low on dough but it was real cool. I think the variety we saw today made it pretty fun too. Definately a classic VF day. IMF and The_Dude showed up later in the day, (I stopped by again after catching a movie) but I didn't have any real blow to spend on them and well, I didn't want to ruin an otherwise kick ass day at playing VF /versus/images/icons/wink.gif No bitching, sighs, or wayward glances, just VF action.

    Gaishou you must play me in HF next time we're both up there and get some CvS2 work in there too. You're cool peeps.

    Enkindu what can I say, I can't fuck with Wolf with Sarah. Definately showing promise with him (and kicking my ass huhu) Playing your Wolf is allowing me to practice throw escapes though, which is pretty kick ass. Way to fulfilling when I actually manage it. I'd almost rather throw escape twice in a round that actually win the round huhuhu. Well....almost huhuhuhu.

    That be it pilgrims, until next time. Did akira2001 fall off a cliff?
  4. gaishou

    gaishou Well-Known Member

    if you didnt get my pm, what do you mean by HF??
  5. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    Street fighter Hyper Fighter- It's in the ultracade machine, ol school shit. I was having crazy fun with it later today.
  6. gaishou

    gaishou Well-Known Member

    ahhhh yes, the ultracade machine. i've been waiting for someone actually wanting to play that thing. i am definitely game. i'm going to try for tomorrow nite also.
  7. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    After like 8 if I show got some work to do before hand.
  8. imf

    imf Well-Known Member

    Hey, you guys seem to know about the pm feature. Why don't you try it out?

    This is what happened to the last thread.
  9. akira2001

    akira2001 Well-Known Member


    I am still around. Just been working alot, trying to get some extra hours and trying to hit the gym also. I will be up there a couple days this week as there are many things I want to try out with Akira and Lau (possibly some Wolf, Jacky and Lion). I have been dying to get up there-I WANT TO PLAY!!

    Anyway, sorry I've not been around but, I will pm everyone to find out when anyone can make it up there. Is midday still good for you Unc?

    BTW, did I hear Enk is playing Wolf? Is everyone taking on a new character? Damn cool! Can't wait to see your Wolf Enk!!

    Later, amigos!!
  10. Enkindu

    Enkindu Well-Known Member

    <font color=white>Hey guys! Yesterday (or was it the day before) was really close to the most fun I've ever had playing VF4, with the exception that the first, most fun I've ever had playing VF4, was against a bunch of scrubby newbies when I got 54 wins with Kage. I really learned alot, playing against gaishou's Sarah yesterday (or was it the day before). That leg grab from her flamingo stance is something I still haven't figured out a way around though. I think that by sticking out a kick that uses the front leg is a way around it, but come on I never stick a random leg out so it will probably take some more practice against it to figure it out totally. Good games gaishou, I believe now that Sarah isn't as bad as I thought she was. I guess I just needed to see her in the hands of an expert. Good games.

    Uncauzi, that bitch Aoi can't counter throws! Haha! I wish someone who played as good a Wolf as I was around. I need to practice throw escapes too. Although I doubt I could predict ponytail guy's throws. I never seen him do the same throw twice in a row. It was fun playing Wolf against you though. I just picked him up two days ago and my win loss ratio is in positive favor. Not that casual wins matter, but learning him I thought I would have had to get creamed the first couple of days, but like in most of the other characters they still play much like they did in VF2 which is to my advantage. The evil single f,d/f,d,b/d,b+p hyper buffer into, d/f,d/f+d+p still works if the single spinning elbow is blocked, and d/f+p is too good too, although you've predicted that when I hit you with d/f+p that a low throw is about to come out, even still I will always go for a low throw, or maybe a dramatic pause to catch you doing el statue of liberty. or something. He has 4 low throws but you can escape two of them with the same motion. Try to figure out which one I'll do! "Oh shit, he went high with a catch throw instead!" Haha. It's always been a pleasure playing you Unc, as I learn alot to improve my game from it, and you're a tricky mofo to boot. I can't wait til the next time we play.

    Akira2001 dude, where've ya been? We've got to practice sir! In a couple of weeks our characters need to be in tip top order if we're going to represent in the tournament. No time to take off! We must practice! Not those scrubby characters Jacky and Lion either. If you pick thm, I'm going to throw them out of the ring with all my might! </font color=white>
  11. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    Hehe nice, anyway IMF if they want to close this thread let them. They probably won't until it gets to big, no big deal, just make a new one. Takes just about as much effort to close it as to open it. The last one just took up a lot of space, and if it kept going considering how the posts go on this thing we'd be on the only post on the 1st page. Do you always bitch? I think we should nickname you "queen bee."

    Enk, Akira, Gaishou, rock on bros, we'll get some more gaming going. Enk did you decide on if march madness was definately in your future yet?
  12. Enkindu

    Enkindu Well-Known Member

    Oh it is definately going to happen. Brandon is going with me too. Samurai Showdown II tournament is on Friday night. If I have enough time I may compete in that.
  13. gaishou

    gaishou Well-Known Member

    wtf??? samurai showdown??? are you serious?? i haven't played that game since fun machine!!!! is there one even in orlando? i may need to just get out more...../versus/images/icons/smile.gif oh jubei and wan-fu........snk games never really got popular here, or so i think.

    oh yea, where can i get info on march madness, just a little curious....
  14. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    Gaishou shit if you go I'm definately going, we'll have a little florida entourage (sp?). Hellz yeah, vf4 represent! Cheap tix to, think total would be around 120 somethin if I'm right.
  15. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    Shit what would be tight is we all could stop by NyC if we all went, just to get a little hardknock vf goin.
  16. Enkindu

    Enkindu Well-Known Member

    I was sort of expecting the NyC peeps to be there.
  17. gaishou

    gaishou Well-Known Member

    ha can you say tax return?? /versus/images/icons/smile.gif will be nice if i can go. need detailz tho.
  18. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I personally doubt the NY players would go to Pittsburgh. But you can bug them to go (do it privately though)/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    Maybe VF4 will become an exception, but in the little time I've traveled to play VF, VF players only went to events that were run by a community of VFers that were active online. In North America anyways. A lot of them tend to not go to the really general tournaments that occur all the time in which there is no central game or theme. I've thought about going to Pittsburgh since I feel one can stimulate interest in a game at these events, but it's quite an investment of time for me.

  19. Enkindu

    Enkindu Well-Known Member

    Well if they don't go, it'll be that much easier for me to win. I'm sure there are more non-internet VFers out there than you think. If you're able I suggest you go. You could win an X-box or PS2 as those were the prizes for first at the last Philly tourney. That one was sponcered by Xodus though. Kinda makes it worth the time don't it?
  20. UnCauzi

    UnCauzi Well-Known Member

    Ahem March Madness is in Philadelphia, but you're right VFers generally don't travel anywhere. Primarily I'd say it's because of the huge gap of skill levels in the community and the lack of any real incentive or prize. I do hear that Omaha Jeff will be attending, who is a NY player though; but from Omaha? Who knows, if I show I will look forward to getting my ass handed to me.

    But I have noticed that VF tends to be more of a social event for the VF online community than an actual measure to the masses. Aka proving that your that damn good to more than just the people yknow of online.

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