I made a martial arts audio drama

Discussion in 'General' started by Dragonps, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. Dragonps

    Dragonps Well-Known Member

    Hope it's ok to post this here.

    So during lockdown I made a martial arts audio drama with my friends recording lines and sending them to me. There are two versions of the drama one on soundcloud HERE

    And a Youtube version with background pictures HERE

    Just want to quickly point out that no one is making any money from this project just something fun to do during the lockdown.

    The story follows a retired professional fighter who wants to live a simple life with his girlfriend and run his dojo's. However his morality and endurance are pushed to their limits when a ruthless corporation will stop at nothing to secure his contract for a tournament.

    Please feel free to rip it apart :ROTFL: I know the acting is not the greatest but I literally threw myself around the back garden on concrete and around the house to get some of the effects :oops:
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  2. ICHIBANin10000

    ICHIBANin10000 Well-Known Member

    Cool. It's good that you are thinking outside if the box. You have all the tools available to make content, with the right amount of imagination. Don't listen to other people knocking your creations when they aren't doing anything creative.

    My little brother is lucky there was no youtube when I was a teenager. My martial Arts drama would be a series of videos with him getting drop kicked.
  3. Dragonps

    Dragonps Well-Known Member

    I'm happy with it, I know it's a little rough but I accept that. I'm surprised with the views so quickly but happy too. I'm just waiting on people other than my friends to give their honest opinion.

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