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Discussion in 'Dojo' started by recoil25, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. recoil25

    recoil25 New Member

    Okay this question might seem really really stupid, but I am very new at this vf stuff. I am studying pai. I go to training mode and I practive the moves over and over in command, but then I fight against someone and I forget them all. I am getting my can kicked so bad. How do I learn what moves do what. Oh and what are pais stances for. They take up way to much time to execute and I always get hit. Thanks
  2. Yuki-sensei

    Yuki-sensei Well-Known Member

    try not study it so hard.... and dont force yourself.....

    the best way is often to take your time, and slowly learn things.

    i really can not help you with the stances... i am sorry..
  3. clash103

    clash103 Member

    I'm in the same boat as you pal. I just bought the game, and I keep getting rocked by my buddies. Just keep with it!
  4. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Keep it simple at first. If you watch the best players fight, you'll see that they don't use every move available either. Some moves are just too risky or there's a better move for a given situation. Forget about Pai's special stance until you become comfortable with her basic attacks.

    Check out the Pai dojo. Ice-9 outlines most of Pai's attacks and rates them on how useful he thinks each is. Check out the moves with the most stars next to them first and then move to the other attacks as you gain comfort with the "most useful" attacks.
  5. recoil25

    recoil25 New Member

    okay so for another stupid question, but where is the pai dojo?. I looked on the site and I can't see it..
  6. Bu_Jessoom

    Bu_Jessoom Well-Known Member

    Click on Pai under VF4, scroll down below her picture, and click on the Dojo's link.
  7. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Go to home, then click pai's name on the left under virtua fighter 4..

    yupa's advice is sound, you should stick to using a few key moves and learn to win with those, and then work your way up to the weird, risky moves.
    I think pai's key attacks are:

    P or PP or PPP
    d/f+P (P,P)

    The basic PPP jabs are high, safe pokes that tend to make people block.
    The f+P is a midlevel, safe poke. It's pai's fastest midlevel also, so use it beat the opponent's low punch.
    The d/f+PPP string is sort of like a low poke. It's less safe than it looks, but it's a great harrassment tool. Try d/f+P, P, f+P to catch them crouching. If they're crouching, the last f+P knocks them into the air. If they don't crouch you can do d/f+P,P... then repeat. Eventually they'll get frustrated and try to stop the constant d/f+PP harrassment. Try to predict this and catch them with d/f+P, P, f+P... or d/f+P, K.
    These moves create a basic "should I block high or low?" guessing game for the opponent. The sidekick hits mid and will stagger them if they crouch. Follow the stagger up with a standing kick... you can do d/f+K (stagger) --> K,K --> pounce.
    If they struggle and block the K,K combo... then the next time you stagger them with d/f+K, follow up by dashing in and throwing.

    d/b+K+G is like a harrassment sweep, it doesn't knock down unless it interrupts their attack, so mostly it's to scare the opponent into occasionally blocking low. Then when they start blocking low, switch back to using d/f+K.

    u/f+K,K is one of the few moves pai has that's fast, knocks down, and does decent damage. It also hits mid. But if it misses or if it's blocked, pai's dead. So use this when you're pretty sure the opponent will get hit (like you're sure they're about to crouch), and you'll knock 'em down for a nice but of damage. Don't get so fond of this move though that you forget the sidekick... the sidekick is less damage, but much safer.

    K - pai's high kick is a simple float combo starter. The typical pai combo is K --> PPP,d+K.
    (FC)f+P - pai's from crouch lifting palms attack also starts float combos, but it doesn't always knock them into the air (only if it interrupts their attack). Use it after d+P, when the enemy is more likely to try to hit you. If they like to block or dodge after your d+P, use pai's from crouch throw on them instead.

    Finally throws... f,b+PG or b,f+PG are good for a nice chunk of damage. If you can do it without problems, pai's 270 throw is great also. You can also reliably do d/f+P+G ---> u/f+K,K for the times when someone keeps escaping your other throws.
    That's it. Good luck. This advice will work on humans, but not always, and not on the computer either. Still, you should master these moves before experimenting with her flashier ones.

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