I need the arcade stick, anyone know where I can still get one.

Discussion in 'Console' started by kungfusmurf, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. kungfusmurf

    kungfusmurf Well-Known Member

    as far as I know they are pretty much sold out everywhere, I would really appreciate your help guys, thanks.
  2. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    You'll probably have to settle on the T4 stick now...
    unless you find someone selling the VF4 stick used.
  3. Djimbe

    Djimbe Member

    No one is going to give theirs up until its BEAT , ad there are FAR better sticks out there , for the exact same price

    I tried all of the smaller "arcade sticks" (and I use this term VEEEERY looseley) , as between me and my freinds we have purchased them all , as we are all adults with jobs , so have tended to pack-rat them instead of having to return them to get new gear . And on other games I could get by with the lesser "pro" level sticks like the Hori Tekken one and whatnot (which have the EXACT same price as the base model MAS Prostick by the by), but as the timing , speed , and subtletey of this game is MUCH more evident , I was stuck at around 5th dan no matter what I did , and I found that even though I KNEW what to do next , making my hands do it perfectly each time was next to impossible , as my thumbs are nearly always touching more than one part of the controls at a time , on both sides .

    A freind had A MAS Systems Prostick , and I tried it , and I absoloutley loved it . It also brought into question all the ppl who call things like the shadowblade and the ascii ARCADE joysticks . They are JOYSTICKS , but ARCADE they are NOT . The Prostick weighs FOUR KILOS (10 lbs , I think) and therefore DOES NOT MOVE !!!! and is EXACTLY the joystick you get in the arcade , with EXACTLY the buttons you get in the arcade . In addition , because of the area of the surface of the base your hand is never "half on and off" , so you don't have to focus on holding your arm up , and not lifting the thing in the air . The size of the base makes sure that your ONLY movement consideration is with the stick itself , NEVER the platform . Also , due to its weight , it is not hard on your wrist due to having to hold the base still while fighting . Hell , I think you'ld have to bloody KICK the thing to move it . So I bought one . It cost me $150 U.S. , with my personal customizations . And if you consider that the base price is $95 U.S. {which is less than 3 memory cards or dualshock 2's) , not to mention that we are waiting patiently for Tekken 4 and Soul calibur 2 to come out on the PS2 , I think its WELL worth it . Although I have not yet asked , I am pretty sure that you could ship your stick back to MAS Systems and have them add a system to it at a later date , for the aditional $35 that it would have been initially , as they seem pretty cool and VERY flexible .

    There are , however , some other companies out there that make TRUE "arcade" joysticks , but MAS was the only one I could find that made a SINGLE controller . Here are some references :




    Theese are the ones I think are the best out there that I have personally tried out . All of them are pricey . All of them are worth it .
  4. Shepardos

    Shepardos New Member


    I have buy my 2 VF4 Sitcks by www.jpgames.com! They have on stock but I think you have to hurry up! I hope I will like the sticks! Bye...

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