Iaigeri (Flash Sword Kick) Execution Thread.

Discussion in 'Jacky' started by Lulu Lulu, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Lulu Lulu

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    • Okay so appearently Jacky's Flash Sword Kick is also referred to as Iaigeri by a few Players here.... but since I'm new to Virtua Fighter and since the Command Details say its "Flash Sword Kick"... thats what I'l be calling it from now on. Or FSK for Short.
    • The numbers in the Input Display are Grey and Yellow.... but since VFDC is white I'l be substuting those font colours with Blue and Red, respectively.
    • You don't need to be able to perform the Jacky's Flash Sword Kick to use him.... infact its Reccomended that you first learn how to play Jacky without it first then you can learn it and use it for Maximum Damage Combos.
    And now that we've gotten all the boring stuff out of the way.... lets get to the fun part. ;)

    Getting Started.
    In the moves list, [6_][K]:[G] is the input command for Jacky's Flash Sword Kick.... if you're having trouble performing it then you can go to Command Training and select the Flash Sword kick from the Move List and have the AI perform it for you as a demonstration. So all you need to know is you have press [G] 15~16 Frames after you press [6_][K] and you will get the Flash Sword Kick. Do it too fast and you'l get the Jacky's Kick Cancel and do it too Slow and you will get Jacky's Forward Kick.... which I'm pretty sure has absolutely no use other than to tell you that you didn't get the Flash Sword Kick. Theres also something I just recently found out called the [K][P][G] Method, depending on how you set up your controls.... you can use the [P] button in between [6_][K] and [G] inputs as way of performing a "No Timing" Flash Sword Kick.

    And honestly thats all you really need to know.... what follows might get a bit too technical for.... well anybody whos got better things to do.... so have fun Flash Sword Kicking. ;)

    Flash Sword Kick Analysis.
    So while you're viewing the AI perform the Flash Sword Kick, there will be two displays on the Left Side of the screen, the one in the corner with the Green Arcade Stick and Buttons is the Command Display. And the one above it is the Input Display, which is what we're going to be looking at.
    Its going to be pain trying to read that display because it resets everytime the AI performs it.... which it does on loop without stopping. Anyway this is what it looks like:


    The numbers in Blue (these will be grey in the actual in game Input Display window) refers to how much time has passed since the previous input (or since the the window was opened, thats what the first 6 is for.... you can ignore it). And the numbers in Red (these will be Yellow in the actual in game Input Display Window) are how long the input was actively being pressed down.

    So with that knowledge we can say that: The AI moved the Stick in the [6_] direction for 3 Frames before it pressed [K] while still holding the stick in the [6_] direction for another 3 Frames.... it then immediately let go of both [6_] and [K] and waited 13 Frames to pass before it then pressed [G] for 3 Frames.
    In the previous section you'l remember that I said that you will only get the Flash Sword Kick if you press [G] 15~16 Frames after you press [6_][K]. So why does the window say [G] was only pressed 13 Frames afterwards ? Well technically it was.... but the game doesn't require you to actually press [6_][K] for 3 frames before it will register it.... it will Register and Execute that input on the 1st Frame, regardless of how long you hold down those inputs..... so to get the actual interval between [6_][K] and [G] you must add [6_][K]'s Active Frames (3) to [G]'s Follow Up Frames (13) and all the red numbers inbetween those two if there are any.... and that will give you 16. Also in case you're wondering... it takes the Game atleast 4 Frames to register the difference between you tapping[6] and you holding [6_]. Atleast thats my theory.

    Okay that may have been very confusing to try and digest all at once..... lets use another example using one of my Flash Sword Kick inputs:


    Yeah.... look at how sloppy that is :oops:.... I'm so embarrased. LoL
    Anyway that looks nothing like the AI's execution of the Flash Sword Kick but like I said.... you only need to press [G] 15~16 Frames after [6_][K] is first registered.... so lets do the math: I pressed [6_][K] for 7 Frames and sloppily kept holding [6_] for another 3 Frames then I waited 6 Frames before hitting [G] : 7 + 3 + 6 = 16. So as you can see only the First Frame of each input is the one the game cares about.

    Lets take a look another one:

    Thats another one of my Flash Sword Kicks.... and doesn't it look pretty ? I think it does. :D
    So... you know the Drill: 7 + 8 = 15.

    So what will the [K][P][G] method look like.... well heres another one mine:


    Remember. You should add all the red numbers you get in between [6_][K] and [G] and that would be: 7 + 1 + 4 +3 = 15

    As you can see this one is 1 Frame Shorter than the AI's Flash Sword Kick and yet it still works.... so that means its not a "Just Frame" and you have a 2 Frame Window to press [G].
    Lets put that theory to the test using one of my unsuccessful Flash Sword Kick input Samples:


    So what went wrong here: 5 + 9 = 14. Yep I pressed [G] one Frame too soon and I got Jacky's Kick Cancel as a result.

    And on the other end of the spectrum:


    So what went wrong this time: 8 + 5 + 4 = 17
    I pressed [G] 1 Frame too late and I got Jacky's Lame Forward Kick as a Result.

    And I think that pretty much proves you only have a 2 Frame Window to get The Flash Sword Kick right.

    Buffering The Flash Sword Kick.
    Okay so this part is going to shed some light on why trying to do Flash Sword Kick combos is so damn Difficult....

    Lets take a look at what a Flash Sword Kick looks like mid combo using uhm.... lets say: [6][K][5][6_][K]:[G][5][6_][K]:[G][5][4][K][+][G] on Dural (Rapid). (Now I wasn't able to fit that entire string of commands in to the Input Display so I had to creatively perform the combo in pieces and then glue them together)
    ........26[6_] (estimated guess)
    ........4..[6_].........[G] (FSK1)
    ........4..[6_].........[G] (FSK2)
    ........6..[4] (estimated guess)

    So lets calculate the Interval for FSK1 :7 + 11 + 4 = 22..... hmmm peculiar o_O. Okay so what about FSK2: 8 + 12 + 4 = 24.... :eek: Theres definitely something wrong here.... how do you get succesfull Flash Sword Kicks beyond the 15~16 Interval...... by magic ?

    Okay let me explain whats happening here.... You can't buffer the entire Flash Sword Kick Command ([6_][K]:[G]) in the recovery Frames of any move.... if you try to do that then Jacky is going to perform his Kick Cancel every time. But what you can do is is Buffer Jacky's Forward Kick ([6_][K]) and then time your [G] input to cancel into the Flash Sword Kick 15~16 Frames after the Initial Animation of Jacky's Forward Kick..... Basicly you buffer the Forward Kick and then press [G] at the Apex of the Forward Kick to get Jacky to retract his Foot faster.

    So you can also use this Data to estimate how early I buffered Jacky's Forward Kick.... so using the example above: FSK1's Interval is 22.... subtract 16 from that and that will tell you how early I buffered it from [6][K] (22 - 16) and that means I pressed (Buffered) [6_][K] 6 Frames before Jacky recovered from his [6][K]. and for FSK2: 24 -16 = 8 so that means I buffered [6_][K] 8 Frames before FSK1 recovered.

    Now I actually don't use the Buffering Method, its just way too difficult for me .... my Flash Sword Kick interval is always 15~16 Frames even in combos and I do this by "Linking" The Flash Sword Kick instead of Buffering it.... so if you know the Flash Sword Kick only by timing then what you want to do after a move like [6][K] is wait For Jacky's foot to to return all the way back to the floor before you attempt your Flash Sword Kick input.... it will take Practice but you can get favourable results like this without complicating how you keep the timing of the Flash Sword Kick in your mind.

    I think that would look like This in the Input Display:

    0.....9..[6]....[K] (High Angle Kick)
    ........7[6_]....[K] (Beginning of FSK)
    6......4.............[G] (Apex of FSK)

    So if you can do that then congratulations..... you're a Iaigeri Master. And you can expect your congratulatory Cookie in the Mail. ;)

    And thats all I know about The Flash Sword Kick.... I would like to send a shout out to @Combolammas @Kruza , @oneida and @BLACKSTAR for being unknowing particpants in helping put this thread together..... you guys are awesome. (y)

    You can discuss input methods and post any of your inputs from the input display below and if you can think of anything significant then message me or leave a reply here and I'l put it in the guide.

    "YEAAAAAAAAAH" !!!! LoL... I'm sorry.... I couldn't help myself.
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  2. SDS_Overfiend1

    SDS_Overfiend1 Well-Known Member

    Nice write up.. The real name is "Iaigiri" "Art of Cutting"

    Iaigiri (Eastern Sun) - Diablo Wiki
    Jan 1, 2010 - Finishing move. Attack that is not interuptible and improves attack and defense rating. 2 hand weapons, knives and knuckles only. 5/4 weapon ...

    Pro tip - It's all in your head.. Its rhythm...
  3. Lulu Lulu

    Lulu Lulu Well-Known Member

    In DoA some people do it on Visual or Audible Reaction because its one frame slower (and possibly more lenient).... its one of the sections that needs to be added in the thread....

    I personally use the timing method... which means I can't buffer it during juggles.... I have to link it..... which is the other section that needs to be added to the thread.....

    And man I would be filled with joy if I could get some Media for the Iaigiri. Video, Images, Gifs... whatever it takes to make this as comprehensive as possible.
  4. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Just a bit on the name iaigeri, it comes from japanese words 'iai', a sword technique of attacking swiftly from the sheath, and 'geri' which simply means kick. So the English name 'flash sword kick' is pretty accurate in terms of translation.

    Iaigeri first made an appearance in VF2 with both Akira and Jacky having hit-detection on the guard-cancelled standing kicks. It was then removed in VF3, but made a return in VF4 with Jacky, accessible only during his Slide Shuffle.
  5. Lulu Lulu

    Lulu Lulu Well-Known Member

    LoL.... that explains all those weird Katana pictures I see when I google it.
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  6. Lulu Lulu

    Lulu Lulu Well-Known Member

    And I think thats everything.
    Also if anybody can get me an Image of the Input Display then please give me the link.... I need it for reference and for clarity.

    I'd also appreciate any Media regarding performing Jacky's Flash Sword Kick be it video, gif's, pictures.... anything you can think of.
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    @SDS_Overfiend1. Pretty much, I mean the only real explaination that I tell people is to see how long it takes for his leg to fully extend and just see how that looks without G cancel. Then at the middle arch of his kick is when you essentially hit G for iageri. However it is a technique better to practice on your own than to teach to others.
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  8. SDS_Overfiend1

    SDS_Overfiend1 Well-Known Member

    I was joking using the Diablo wiki but it was funny.. This is just one of those move that people will use different timing mechanisms to successfully do it.
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  9. Lulu Lulu

    Lulu Lulu Well-Known Member

    Aren't you glad theres a tool that shows you exactly how you do it.... :) its kinda like an "Input Selfie" lol.
  10. SDS_Overfiend1

    SDS_Overfiend1 Well-Known Member

    I didn't use it much but it's cool.. I'm glad the feature is there.. You can view replays with that feature on to see how other players execute it
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  11. Lulu Lulu

    Lulu Lulu Well-Known Member

    WoW thats even better.
    Every game should have it..... even Chess. LoL.:ROTFL:
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