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Discussion in 'Dojo' started by Tao_Of_Tom, May 27, 2002.

  1. Tao_Of_Tom

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    Hay, I am in need of some serious help, I started playing VF4 in the arcade for the first time a week ago and with Jacky, Sarah, Wolf, Kage and Lion. With any of these guy's I can get to the 12th stage which means i fight Akira, but for the love of god, I can't do sh*t that would beet him,mainly coz every time I attack He counters, and now as a result of this I have become totaly obsessed and realise that i am creating my own sadomasochistic path of self destruction. so if there are any Humanitareans out there who could help me please do. Thank you
  2. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    Heh, I have the same kind of trouble against Akira A.I.'s when I play the PS2 version of VF4. I get alot of my damage against computer controlled Akira's from evade attacks. Waiting for Akira to make the move, then evade attacking.
    I also can usually get a few attacks by keeping distance from Akira and waiting for the AI to initiate a string of attacks. If you're far enough away, do a u+k+g (with kage at least) and you'll do his Cannonball Dive. This will interrupt most attacks and deal a bit of damage. Then retreat.

    The problem with fighting the A.I.s is that they're vulnerable to certain types of attacks that don't tend to work often against human opponents /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. kungfusmurf

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    Start playing Akira & you can better understand his fighting approach. Better yet become one of us, Akira geeks. Ya ya baby ya ya.
  4. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    haha... the mighty akira kicks arse once again...

    actually, if you put the game difficulty on very hard, i have more trouble with vanessa than akira for some reason.. 0_o
    anyhow, my best stratergy with akira is using a counter-evade throw stratergy, it actually works if he does'nt start throw canceling..

    with wolf, i have him quite easily, and get a low throw ready while he tech rolls.

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