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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Dec 29, 1999.

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    I am considering picking up vf3...My question is are there 2 different versions of the game? A while back next gen. magazine gave the Japanese import 5 stars and recently they gave the U.S version 4 stars. Also reading the reviews posted at the Japanese version got the higher rating over the U.S version...What gives? Arent Imports identical to the U.S or is the import vf3 the better one?
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    You know, there are other resources at this site too, not just the message board.

    The short answer is, the US version is better. I don't know why the same magazine rated the US version lower, did they give a reason why? Maybe they expected much more, and were disappointed. Screw them.

    The long answer can be found in Astro City, here

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    Sorry If this post has already been covered. As you can see Im new to vf scene. I love fighting games and I use to play sf2 and the mk's back in the day. Now Im thinkin about movin on to vf because I heard it requires strategy and not luck. Anyways thanks for the help.
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    I think the reason that the Japanese version was 5 stars was that it was pre-Soul Calibur software then. Since the US version came afterwards, they downgraded it because the "graphics looked dated" or something stupid like that.

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