In Singapore April 14-16

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by ice-9, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Yup, I'll be back for just a few days. Who wants a butt whipping?!
  2. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    I'm game man. PMed my contact number to you already. Look me up, but we can only meet up at night, since I only get outta camp then. Danny and the rest should be able to entertain you in the afternoon. But first things first, can we NOT play at Bugis ? The hole in my wallet seems to be getting a whole lot bigger. /versus/images/icons/frown.gif

    Oh, out of interest, is anyone watching Patlabor 3 the movie for the film festival ?
  3. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member


    I can play with you too. Hey have you been playing all these while? Which city are u in?
  4. Genie47

    Genie47 Well-Known Member

    Patlabor 3 is in the film fest? when?
  5. danny13

    danny13 Well-Known Member

    Time to play hard again. Will be free all afternoons while you are here except weekends. Just wondering, where do you get all the $$ to travel around so much? Japan seems so far away.........
  6. alucard

    alucard Well-Known Member

    So you wanna get your butt whipped by me again huh? /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif Should be able to meet up then...
  7. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Danny, Rulakir, Alan, Andrew, thanks guys, looking forward to some good games. I'm in Durham NC the land of no-VF-whatsoever, so I maybe a little rusty.

    P.S. Are we playing arcade or PS2?
  8. danny13

    danny13 Well-Known Member

    Both of course.
  9. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    21st of April. Man, if only I could take the whole month off, and if only I had enough $$$ to pour into the films they're showing. Some really awfully good stuff. Sigh.... /versus/images/icons/frown.gif

    Oh yeah, could the local players pass me their ICQ numbers via PM if they have any ? That way, I can just check with anyone who's online if they'd be passing by the arcade instead of posting here and just waiting forever for replies, and being in a dilemma to make the trip down or not.... Thanks.
  10. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

    i check forum the whole day in office. too boring.

    Anyway... I want to go for the film but can't find anyone to go so ................!
  11. 22222

    22222 Active Member

    yah i also wanan join in..need to rack up exp wif gd players like danny and company hahahaaa :>
  12. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    is there a website for the film schedule? I am quite interested in Japanese films
  13. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

  14. feii

    feii Well-Known Member

    wee~ im in too~
    long time no play wif u ppl also.
    let u ppl thrash moi.
  15. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

    ermm... since ice9 is coming. is someone going to organize a gathering? or go arcades?
  16. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    Probably wait till he comes or something, then we organize an impromptu one ? Most likely, we'll meet up at Bugis, then from there move to maybe Parklane or elsewhere ? Suggestions ?
  17. SG-Lion

    SG-Lion Well-Known Member

    Fine with me... just let me know... /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

  18. Freud

    Freud Well-Known Member

    after danny13 post on bugis 3-round , 60 secs setting, i guess we'll be at Bugis for good.
    with the babes, location and the game rates.Whats else can be better? =)
  19. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    Whats else can be better? =)

    Erm.... Tons of babes who can play VF ? /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif I wondered what happened to the sisters.... *ponders*
  20. Freud

    Freud Well-Known Member

    and i'll be uf+P+G using Lion all day long..

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