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Discussion in 'Dojo' started by mutshui, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. mutshui

    mutshui New Member

    I was practicing the DLC and SPoD in trainning mode with the command information turned on. This is what the command info showed when I did the DLC:
    d/f+k+g, ff+p, B,F,P+K,F

    SPoD comes out to be like this:
    p+g+k, B,P+G, D/F, F+P

    Is this the work of mistifying buffering system I have been trying to figure it out in VF4? Or is it some fluke that it just came out that way?
  2. Papeseh

    Papeseh Member

    God, I was doing the same thing today, and noticed the same too. Previously I could do the SPoD but looking at the analysis of my button pressing I have changed the timing a technique of the way i input the commands. As I frequenty mess things up by inputting P+G before the D/F (I dont know why this happens, cos it seems like i press them together). I have found that the success of my SPoD greatly increases if I break it up into 3 small parts.

    P+K+G, back ..... d/F+P (hold it).... f+p(hold it)

    This seems to work for me, and cos there is only 3 movements, I can normally spam it out in a real fight. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    I got 48 consecutive wins with Akira in Kumite mode today, is that good?
  3. Deniz

    Deniz Well-Known Member

    Papeseh: You won't get a SPoD if the second part is dF+P; you mean dF+P+G...

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